15 Weeks Down, 25 To Go...

We had our 15 week appt yesterday, and everything is looking good. My weight stayed the same, so as long as I don't lose any she is fine with that. The baby's heartbeat was 160 bpm, to which the doctor commented that the baby was excited; at our last appt it was 185, so go figure. I told her it was because Christmas was on it's way, who isn't either excited or agitated, both things to raise your heart rate.

Thanksgiving came and left Erich with a miserable cold I am struggling to avoid. It's a nice hacking cough, so as long as I keep chugging the OJ and using the hand sanitizer like crazy, I think I may actually avoid it.

Tomorrow is a day I have been looking forward to since, oh, maybe August when I bought the tickets. Some girlfriends and I are going to see Avenue Q at the Lied. It's this great musical that stars puppets; dirty puppets that sing about porn and masturbation and how it sucks to be them. Very uplifting stuff! But, it's an awesome show, so we are all very excited to see it. We're doing dinner and then the show. It will be hard to get through today and tomorrow!

I cannot believe it's already December! December! As I drove into work today, "Mother Goose was pecking her gander" as my grandma would have said...meaning it's snowing those light little flakes you can hardly see. This is a running joke for my family, since the first time she said it to me I looked outside expecting to see some geese. Ha ha, I like jokes at my expense. Ah, good times.

We are busy almost every weekend in December, as I'm sure is everyone else. I just hope to get my shopping done within the next few weeks and then not have to do anything last minute...which is always my game plan and always fails. I will succeed this year, I can feel it!

I've been getting these horrible headaches which I chalked up to a sinus infection, so yesterday I mentioned it to the doctor. She said my shoulders and neck were really tight, so all I needed was a good massage. Ah, any excuse for some pampering. As luck would have it, Target had a great deal on a Shiatsu heated neck massager...Gift from above, and the best $25 I've spent in a looong time. I relaxed with my neck massager, dog sleeping on my lap, and Edward and Bella being whiny on the tv. Good afternoon for me!

Well, probably the last post before Xmas, so have a good one. Hope Santa is nice to everyone and stay healthy!!!


Good Bye First Trimester!

I can't believe that I will be 12 weeks prego next week, it has gone by so fast. It's hellped that I haven't have any sickness, which I am very grateful for. I've kind of have the opposite; I am hungry but nothing sounds appetizing, so as a result I've lost weight. I got a nice little lecture from my dr last week, so I've been trying to eat more, and I think after this weekend, I have to have put on at least 10 pounds! Friday night we had Applebees where we polished off mozzarella sticks, I had a steak and potatoes and veggies, all so tasty! Then today we had Hu Hot for lunch, and just had McDonalds for dinner. I didn't say it was healthy, but it was definitely fattening!
I seem to be getting my energy back, there for a while all I wanted to do was sleep. I could still sleep all day, but today I noticed I wanted to do some chores, so I guess that's an improvement. I've also had some lower back pain, which seems to be worse when I sit, which makes work interesting since I do sit most of the day. Maybe I should bring in an exercise ball and use that instead. Get lots of use out of that.
I've been teasing Erich that I'm going to only pick Harry Potter names for the baby. I told him that if we end up with twin boys I'm naming them Sirius and Regulus; how awesome would that be? I also like Bellatrix for a girl, which he also dislikes. I told him it wasn't like her middle name would be LeStrange or anything! He's no fun. Maybe he's punishing me for vetoing Luke & Leia :)


My ego is prego

Yup, it's official! I am about 9 weeks prego! We found out at the end of August, and have slowly been telling people as we go. I've been feeling good, no morning sickness. I am always tired and hungry, but nothing sound appetizing. Well, except for turkey sandwiches slathered with mayo and tomatoes. Yum.

We've had two appointments, one for my initial test, and another where they took all my blood for testing (well, it felt like it was all my blood anyway). They also found that my heart murmur had gotten worse, so I had an echo done last week. Everything was normal, so we're thankful for that. The tech even tried to find the little fella, but no luck that day.

I also found out I'm Rh Negative, which means that my antibodies will most likely attack the baby's red blood cells upon birth, so I have some shots in the bum to look forward to.

Both of our family's are very excited, and have already started collecting items for baby KIP (I stole this from the Gonzales', Kant In Progress). I'll admit I already had a few items holed away, so it was time to bring those out of their hiding place :)

We go back to the doctornext week and will hopefully get to hear the heartbeat, and get all our other test results back. We're looking forward to a safe and fun pregnancy.

We're due sometime between May 25th and 31st, but with Erich being so tall, the doctor figures I'll likely go earlier. But who knows?!

We're excited and ready for what comes our way these next 7 months!


September is here!

Well, it's practically here. Where did August go? Where did the summer weather go? I don't care, it's Fall weather here in Nebraska and I hope it's going to stay well into November. Ahh, September, it's my favorite month...and not just because it's my birthday month 29 on the 9th, it's kind of a golden birthday-9/9/09, so that means extra gifts, right? Right.

We are very busy this month. This weekend is the first Husker game of the season, so my mom and I are getting out of dodge to visit my sister (I am displeased to learn that my brother in law is renting the game, I can't escape it!). We're going to a pirate festival, and a carnival, and to this awesome little kitchen store in downtown Independence. So excited for family fun. My nephew told me I can sleep in his bed, but only if I wear underwear...um, deal? Erich has many options that weekend, we have an engagement party in York, going to the game, watching the game...who knows how crazy he'll get while I'm gone?!

The following weekend is another doubler...Erich's uncle is having a birthday party at a bar that I have been told I must experience in person, but our friends the Gonzales' are having a husker party the same day in Omaha...decisions, decisions....I've left it up to Erich because I can do that.

The next weekend is one of my close friend's bdays, International Talk Like A Pirate Day, a husker game, and a housewarming/birthday party for another friend in Omaha. Talk about busy. We're definitely doing the housewarming, and am hoping to meet the other friend for coffee at the market in the am. And I can talk like a pirate no matter where I am! Just need to find a pirate themed dish to take to the tailgate!

The weekend of the 26th is up in the air, but if all goes according to plan we'll be cheering Abbey on at the Weinerdog Races in Grand Island! If anything, I want to go and check it out, I think it sounds hilarious, and the videos I've seen on youtube back that theory up.

We also have stuff in between the weekends. The 11th is our friend Justin's 31st birthday, and we are having a "31 is the new 21" party down town, which will include a Kris Lager Band viewing at the Bourbon Theatre. We'll be in attendance there again on the 29th to see Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. I am very excited for that show, I love them!

I'm already tired and the month hasn't even begun!


Second Change

Erich, my mom and I went and saw HP again last night (thank you $5 movie club). And, I would like to say that I am glad we gave it a second chance. Going into it with zero expectations really did help, and we were able to focus on what was happening, as opposed to what wasn't. Still annoyed by the teen angst, but who isn't?
Busy busy month thus far. Last weekend I helped out at the Farmers Market Saturday am, then had great ambitions of doing some garage sales, but instead went home and finished my delicious cheesecake dip.

Yum! I enjoyed it with some friends at a dinner party in Omaha. Yummy foods and drinks and a rousing game of Apples to Apples. It was zanny! Woke up bright and early to come back to Lincoln to clean house in preparation for my niece's 10th birthday party. It was hard to stay chipper with the on and off rain, but somehow it cleared up in time. We played pin the kiss on the Jonas Brother, broke a pinata and ate delicious cupcakes made by my pal Amanda. Seriously, if you have an event you need delicious treats for, check her out.

The rest of this week was spent partially at work and with family-my sister, my cousin and their kids were in town, so we had fun catching up. It was a long work week though, and am glad to see the weekend is practically here. I have plans to finally catch up on True Blood, finish Good Omens by Neil Gaiman, and visit with some friends in town. Good times!


A busy weekend

This past weekend was pretty chaotic, but fun. My sister and BIL went on a river canoeing trip (we couldn't get the time off work, but we're game for next year) so we offered to watch their three kids for the weekend. Cole is 16, Hailey is 9 going on 16 and Ethan is 6 and Uncle Erich is his favorite person. Ever.

Erich picked the kids up on Friday and we got the HyVee Chinese Family Deal, it was a heck of a deal. Four entrees, two pints of rice, 4 crab rangoons and 4 eggrolls all for $13! Thats sheer robbery I tell ya, and their chinese isn't half bad. Erich had a bbq with some friends that night, so I played games with Hailey and Ethan--a monopoly based game I bought that centers around pirates and has activities to earn booty, very fun but a little complicated and was missing pieces! I also got my full of Teen Disney. I couldn't tell you the difference between Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato, but they are both cute in their respective shows. Especially the one in Wizards of Waverly Place, but I also like that show because it has vampires and wizards, hells yeah! Cole had stayed up until about 5am the night before, so he fell asleep around 7 and woke up when Erich got home around 1030, so of course he was wired all night again. Ah, to be 16 again...Oh wait, no, nononononono.

Saturday we had big plans--The Farmers Market to get some cupcakes from Amanda, and some veggies. Once we got there I realized Erich's mom had given me a ton of cucumbers and beans, I had bought taters and tomatoes at the store, my mom has peppers coming out of her ears, and a nice neighbor gave us a bag of sweet corn, so I actually didn't need veggies. Oh well, the market is fun regardless. We had lots of delicious treats instead. Then we got home, and headed to the park with our picnic lunch, tennis rackets, and dog in tow.

Let me preface the rest of the story with this little tidbit about Abbey: she loves loves loves tennis balls. After reading the Dog Whisperers website, I am convinced she is obsessed with them. OK, cue story... We decided after lunch to teach the kids to play tennis, but we got there and realized they had taken the net down from the court. So, we figured we can take turns hitting the balls around, doing some basic skill stuff. I figured since it was fenced in, I would take Abbey off her leash and let her chase the rogue balls. She went nuts, and was exhausted after chasing them for at least 30 minutes. Everyone is pooped and sunburnt-oops- so we decide to walk back home. Abbey is really lagging at this point, which I chalk up to the fact that she was going crazy with the balls. Then I notice that she isn't even carrying her ball anymore--her staple for most outings. So, I decide to pick her up and carry her home. Erich and the boys were ahead of me and Hailey, so he waited back and took Abbey. It was here in the handoff we realized that she had worn the skin off the pads of her feet to the point that they were shredded. It was so bad. No wonder the poor dog couldn't walk. We tried some neosporin on them, but she licked it off. So I went with a high dose of doggie aspirin and she was pretty sleepy the rest of the weekend. She is doing way better now, but I keep finding dried pieces of dog skin all over, it's nasty.

That night my mom came over for dinner, and we had a pretty low key of watching TV and putting together Legos. Sunday we ran some errands, got some $5 Footlongs, and vegged. Erich and I tried to do some cleaning but it was really pointless since the kids were still there. (I've been cleaning ever since here and there). It was a good time, but by that second day I think Erich was done being fun Uncle Erich and turned into crankypants McGee ;) I think everyone had actually. Erich made the comment that if we can handle three kids, a baby will be a breeze. Yeah, except these kids sleep through the night...then again, a baby doesn't immediately tease their sister or be a sullen teen or get offended at everything...


Mario Kart, Wedding Cake and a trip to Omaha

Erich & I celebrated our one year anniversary on Sunday. We had a pretty low-key anniversary weekend, compared to what we planned on. I ruined everything by getting sick on Friday, so our plans to go to Omaha Saturday night for dinner and drinks sort of went out the window. Saturday we spent mostly at home, I went to some garage sales with my mom so Erich could sleep in with Abbey. I got home and we then headed out to use our new Sam's Club membership. I swear the jar of cheese balls followed us everywhere, but never quite made it into the cart. That night we watched Gran Torrino, and then I gave Erich his anniversary present early--Mario Kart. Everywhere we have gone he's wanted to buy it, and I've had to convince him each time not to since I had it hidden at home. So, we stayed up way too late playing that. Sunday we went to York for some church, and picked up our leftover wedding cake from Erich's parents. We had so many compliaments on this cake, and both of us didn't really get any, other than our staged first bites. It was pretty tasty, even if it was a year old and not packaged very well :) We both had Monday off so we slept in a little and then headed to Omaha for a zoo trip. We figured it would be pretty slow since it was free admission all weekend. We we're way off. By 10 it was packed; maybe this is the norm for a Monday morning, but I doubt it. We had a good time nonetheless, the animals were pretty sleepy though. Except for the golden headed tamarin who got up close and personal during a picture; they were jumping behind my head and Erich is just laughing. I'm pretty sure I'm eyeing that little guy in the picture. The rain also held off until we left, which was nice. We then went to NFM to look for lamps--funny thing about our house: no overhead lighting in most of the rooms, so we have come to buy lamps whenever they're a good deal. We found a set of 4 that will work, so we were happy with that. All in all, good times. My sister is in town this week, and then we're watching her kids this coming weekend while her and the BIL are going to MO for a canoeing trip. I get the feeling it will be a Mario Kart and delivery pizza weekend. I was planning on Star City Shores, lets hope the weather cooperates.


July, Harry Potter and some randoms

It's hard to believe that this time last year I was checking RSVPs and worrying about spray tans and if my sister's bridesmaid dress would ever arrive?! We've had a very good first year of marriage, if I say so myself. I credit the fact that we lived together first, which really opened my eyes to how messy and gross boys can be :) Luckily, I'm not much better, so we get along great. We're planning a little mini trip to Omaha for our actual anniversary--friends, drinking, the zoo, some good food. Then we're going to Vegas this fall; I've never been so I'm really looking forward to that trip.

Back in January or February, it seemed like July would never get here. So many things going on, mainly I was excited because the latest Harry Potter movie was pushed from November 08 to July 09. I saw this movie today, and...

It left Erich and I feeling underwhelmed. I wanted to cry at the end; not just because Dumbledore died (which was sad) but because the ending was miserable. No big fight! Just the death eaters running off towards Hagrid's hut, set it on fire, then got away. There was some talking between Snape and Harry (enough for Snape to say he's the Half-Blood Prince) and then cut to the typical scene of the three characters reflecting on the past year and what's to come. WTF?! They left so many things out of this book, which is always my complaint, but this time you f-ed up. No Bill and Fleur; Tonks and Lupin are already a couple (which leads me to believe it will be their wedding that holds up the gang before they go a horcrux hunting); it was full of teenage angst, and the gal playing Lavender was pretty good, but still. The pensieve scenes were lacking, you only see two memories, but as Erich says, where the ring comes from doesn't play a part in the next movie, but still, I wanted to see the family Gaunt! As you can tell, I am still irritated. Going to the movie we were so excited, talking about how we'd probably end up seeing it three times. I will go see it once more with my mom, and that is that. Of course, I'm sure if you never read the book, it was great, but from a HP book fan, this was not great. I would rank this as one of my least favorite movies.

OK, enough of that! We've had a good month so far; we had a nice 4th, played wiffle ball and blew up a ham, then enjoyed our neighborhood's semi professional show. Abbey hates fireworks, and they went on until almost midnight. Last weekend we were in Gretna on Friday for a 30th bday party; got to see some of Erich's college friends and drink. Then Saturday back to Omaha for the OFest, a music and food and drinking extravaganza. We got to visit with friends and drink beers, and I almost got Erich to try sushi! Also, if you ever get the change to try a Bloody Mary Martini, take a pass. It was like spaghetti sauce with pepper. Ugh...

This weekend we were supposed to go see Barenaked Ladies at Rib Fest, but we'll be out of town the following weekend, and so we figured Abbey might enjoy us being home a weekend or two. She's not spoiled! So, I figure we'll catch the Farmers Market and be homebodies. Sounds like a good plan to me!


What the heck's a woombie?

So, today's post is dedicated to the freaky baby items I've found online (we are not expecting, but are expecting to be expecting sometime this year, so I wanted to check out the market on baby stuff). I'm not saying this stuff isn't useful, it may very well be the best item there is, but I think they're weird. And so, in no particular order...

*Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator: it's a doctor invented and doctor recommended snot sucker. An electric snot sucker. With built in filters. My question is, who is changing said filters? Not me, thank you. Then again, with the manual ones I bet you have to empty them somehow. Eww. Also, this doesn't actually go into their nose, it sucks it all out from the base of the nostril--that sounds like fun. Oh, and did I mention the suction is coming from your mouth?

* Zaky--the tag line? It's like leaving a part of you with your baby. Yeah, if you have big creepy muppet hands maybe. I think the picture says enough about this item.

*Pee Pee Bottle: it looks like a sipee cup, but really it's for those tight moments we all have--it's good for adults as well as children. It's designed to replace toliet seat covers! Come on!

*Poop Scoop Bags: hey, it good for your dog and your kid. It suggests that you monitor your children's BMs so that they can go without a diaper, and you can just "catch" their mess as it happens. Uh huh, I bet every mom out there keeps a poo journal. Get real.

*Thudguard Helmet: It's a helmet meant to be used while your child is learning to walk. They're different colors, but they all have ears. And they all make your kid look like a douche. Unless your kid has to wear a helmet, or is riding their bike, don't make them wear a helmet.

* Pee Pee Teepee: it's for the sprinkling wee-wee. Really? It's a little tent so you don't get peed on. I've changed many, many boy diapers in my life, and I've never been peed on so many times that I felt I needed a tent to stop the spray.

*The Woombie: it's like a swaddler, except it's a stretchy material that zips up to the baby's chin. It lets them stretch, unlike being swaddled. However, it just looks weird. I've heard from friends how great it is, but I just don't know if I could look my kid in the eyes if I did that to them.

OK, that's all for now. Enjoy!


I never said I was a great correspondant....

..but almost four months between posts is ridiculous! I have no good excuse other than sheer laziness...that and I hate the way blogger posts photos, and it usually irritates me enough to delete my post anyway. So I will try to be better! I'll give some updates of what's kept me so busy, but I have no idea when they happen--I can't even remember what I did last week...

Furniture shopping...Erich and I were under some strange impression that we had this wonderful discount at NFM for furniture through Home Real Estate, so we scoured that store at least four times looking for bookshelves,living room sets, entertainment centers, tvs, deep freezes, kitchen tables, hutches...you name it, we looked at it. And we could not find anything we liked, and by the end of the visit everything had merged into one big lump of data; my photos and notes taken throughout the trip looked like another language. And almost every trip ended in us bickering and leaving upset that we couldn't agree on anything. So, upon our last trip there, we found a table we liked. After speaking with a salesperson we found that the deal would be equal to free delivery, which they were already offering...Le sigh. So, we left. On the plus side, that night we got to meet Ava Rose Stubbe, and had earlier had dinner with the Wollens, so at least the trip wasn't a complete bust ;) A couple weeks later we decided to check out the furniture store in York; Erich had worked there in college and so the owner loves him. And his family. And lo and behold, we found a couch and chair and a half that we loved. It was like, bright lights shining, cherobs singing, look here! look here! We were very excited that day, especially since they do free delivery, and had everything been available, they were willing to let Erich take the delivery truck back to York (silly people!). We are very happy with the couch and chair. The couch is more than long enough for Erich to stretch out on, and the chair is a great place to find Abbey and I reading or napping. The one problem with the furniture, which why anyone would think of this before is really beyond me, is that they are on round globes of wood, so they are elevated about 2-3 inches from the ground...just enough room to constantly lose your tennis ball and then whine about it. Abbey was so creative she came up with a new whine just for the occasion. Very, very frustrating. We were lucky the set came with so many throw pillows, they make a great barrier along the bottom of the couch.

OK, even though posting those two pictures of the couch and chair thoroughly irritated me, I am going to power through!

The Cutting down of the tree: When we moved in, the first thing our next door neighbor told us (or rather, Erich's brother & parents) was that technically, his fence didn't encompass his yard, so about a foot on our side was his. OK, he waited to tell us this until Erich was pouring cement for fence posts (luckily we just needed one for our gate). So, in return for "letting" us use his side and put in a post on his side, he asked Erich to cut down a tree that was too close to his fence (and of course, on our side). We had talked about removing it anyway, so it didn't seem like that big a deal. So, today was the big day. Some friends came by around 9, and the first limb came down fairly easy. The rest of the tree wasn't. In the end they had ropes tied around the trunk, which Erich handled the chainsaw--for the first time. It was both comical and scary at the same time, especially when he was getting dangerously close to his legs, but couldn't hear anyone yelling at him until he shut it off. But, down the tree went. They chopped the wood, bundled the branches and had the yard clear within a hour. The neighbor guy was supervising throughout this. Some of his more awesome moments was when he saw the guys using a 6 foot ladder, and about 30 minutes later asked if his extension ladder would work better. Huh? You think? And then he stood by and watch the event from about 30 feet away. I guess while the guys were chopping the bigger stuff, he was throwing the smaller--I mean, twig sized stuff--back over into our yard. Did I mention he's rather anal about his yard? On the plus side, no one was hurt, and we have one tree down. I really hope this doesn't mean more are coming down. Erich is determined to get rid of our crab apple and black walnut trees. I saw leave 'em alone! From what I can tell, the birds are already pissed from the tree that's missing; they keep circling the ground around it. Poor little guys...

True Blood: OK, this is one thing that has taken up a lot of my time. True Blood is a series on HBO that stemmed from a series of books by Charlaine Stackhouse. I started reading the books in January, before I knew there was a series. So, my sister and I have pretty much been crazy readers and finished the series of 8 books, and are now waiting on the 9th one to either go into paperback or become available at the library--I am currently in 60th place for a book. So, about halfway through the series I found out there was this show on HBO. A friend of mine was telling me about it, and she just thought it was great. My sister watched a couple episodes, and just couldn't get into it--too much differs from the book. So, ever since then I've been waiting for the series to come out on dvd so I could check it out. I saw about half an episode at my sister's, so I was interested to say the least. I got the dvds last Tuesday, and had finished them by Friday--it was only 12 episodes, not a huge feat. I thought they were great; it was very HBO, a lot of sex--I believe there was maybe 3 episodes where they weren't sexing it up. So, the premise of the show is well, complicated. You can read Barnes and Nobles description of the dvd here, so combine that with sex, sex, and more sex.

Well, I think that's good for a while. It's certainly not everything, I still need to talk about our housewarming, Erich's 30th, outsourcing at work, many fun topics to cover in the future!


My Goal for 2009...a little late

So, most people who know me know I love books. I think they're pretty much the best thing ever. I look forward to the library's annual book sale more than my birthday or Christmas. Which is great, I mean, books are an awesome thing. My problem (and keep reading, as it is a problem) is that I can't pass up a good deal on a book (or many books). I see that new cover and the synopsis always sounds so great, or maybe it's a classic I always wanted to read, or an author someone has recommended, whatever the case, I have to have it. It's a miracle to make it out of a book store in under an hour, and an even bigger miracle to leave without making a purchase.

So, to my point...the other night I decided to go through all my books--the one's I have unpacked and organized onto shelves--and realized that I have 133 books that I have purchased (or been given or borrowed) and never read. 133! That's ridiculous. So, my goal for 2009 is to read these books. Obviously not all of them, but try and get a dent in that number, as I doubt the purchasing will cease, what with a summer full of garage sales to look forward to, and of course the library sale in October. So, I'll be posting my progress on the blog. Here's the rundown for February. I made Erich choose 5 books from the list:

1. Lord of the Rings--the book actually has all three books in one, so I am just reading the first one, and the title escapes me.
2. The Kite Runner
3. It. I have tried and tried to read this book and it scares the bejezus out of me. But I will conquer this book and that damn Pennywise!
4. Breakfast at Tiffany's. Ahhh, my Truman Capote kick. I have several of his little gems to read
5. Eat, Pray, Love. This was one I started before the move and was enjoying it, so it should be a quick finish. I hope.

I started LOTR on Thursday (as I was in the middle of a really good book and wanted to finish it first). I think this is a rather lofty goal as two of the books are at least 300 pages, and February is a short month. But, I am confident I'll get at least 4 knocked out. So, off to read!


Where did January go?

Here's Abbey maxing and relaxing in her winter sweater. It's a shock that she wasn't eating it.

Seriously, it's almost February people! Work has been hectic, so maybe that's why it felt like it sped by. Not that I'm complaining, I'm ready for this winter weather to hit the road. I have Wednesday afternoons off, and usually I have somewhere to go; today I am to home waiting for the refigerator repair guy. I tried to clean my bathrooms and the nozzle came off the bleach based cleaner and totally soaked/ruined my pants. Score one for the dirty bathrooms. Now my house is clean, but it smells like the local swimming pool locker room. Yum.

Baby fever is upon us again; this time last year almost all of Erich's college friends were expecting (well, their wives were). Now it's a new year and a new group of babies are due. Does this give me baby fever? Yes, of course it does. If it were up to me, we'd be expecting right along with them. But there's that whole money thing and job security. Responsibilities I believe they're called :)

Speaking of job security, Erich and I appear to be fine through 2009; his company has frozen all pay increases and are trying to be more green. My company has decreased the percentage for pay increases, and are trying to decrease expenses by 15-20%. My suggestion is that the people who work in IL don't need to fly out to NE, and vice versa--we have a phone system and net meetings people. We are actually required to attend a meeting today--the subject is very secretive, so I'm on pins and needles...not really. The way I look at it is that I like my job, but if I were let go, it would open some doors to try new things I otherwise wouldn't because of my job security.

The doorbell is ringing, and I'm about to go pay some guy $75 to tell me there's nothing wrong. I bet you $5.


Back from break...

Apparently I decided to take a month off; we haven't been overly busy, but our time at home has been spent either painting, cleaning or watching our dvrd shows :) I'll give a recap of what's gone on since November...
Christmas came way too fast. I spent the days leading up to it cleaning and baking, both things totally out of my nature. I made my first ever homemade sugar cookies, and they were awesome. I also made some sweet gingerbread peeps, there are some photos posted below. We also had our first long-term house guests--my sister and her three kids, well four if you count their lab--stayed here for about a week. It was nice to get to spend the time with them, since we never see them as they live in KC. Yay for visitors. Boo for dogs who pee on the floor (ours included). We also had another humping incident, although this time it involved Abbey (our miniature dachshund) humping Brady (my sister's lab). Our dog was horny over Christmas, and it was funny.
We celebrated the new year with a few friends, a sweet group rendition of Every Rose Has It's Thorn, and some pink champagne. We're crazy.
I started the new year with a trip to Antioch, IL to surprise my cousin for her 40th birthday. It was my sister's first flight ever, and I think she did pretty well. It was fun to see everyone, and especially fun to see my cousin's face when she realized how many people had flown in just for her. Her husband is very sneaky.
Work for me is busy and for Erich it's slow. But, at least we're gainfully employed; while I get frustrated from time to time, I'm grateful to have that paycheck!
The house is pretty much done! No more painting! Although, when we pulled out the fridge we found significant water damage, but hopefully the warranty will cover it. And hopefully they will fix it soon because I'm sick of my fridge being in the middle of the kitchen! We figure a few more pieces of art and some furniture, and we're ready for some partying. We'll keep you in the loop.