A month later...

Well, it's been exactly a month since I posted last, whoops.  Wish I had a better excuse than I've been too lazy to get on our slow computer, but alas...  A lot has gone down in the last month, so this will be a hodgepodge of stuff. 

Harper is doing so much better!  She is sleeping through the night (with the help of a noisy air purifier to drown out the trains that blare their horns throughout the night).  She is talking a little more, she says: mama, dada, dog, duck, abba (abbey), ooh, ohh, and mmm.  Not a bad little vocabulary.  And she is walking everywhere, sometimes running, and can go up stairs (she thinks she can go down, but she is mistaken).  She's currently working on a couple molars, so her disposition is less than pleasant at times, but generally speaking she is our wonderful, cute, awesome little dolly. 

A friend of mine is getting married in August, and so we had a nice little night on the town with some gals from college--we had celebration part 1 in Vegas, so this wasn't quite a crazy--i.e. no Chippendales, le sigh.  We partied in downtown Omaha, she participated in embarassing tasks to earn bingos at each bar, and was a trooper into the night, especially since it was rather hot and crowded everywhere we went.  It was fun to see everyone and can't wait for her big day August 13th!

Speaking of friends, we said goodbye to some good ones the other night: Harry, Hermione, Ron and the rest of the Hogwarts gang...So good but so sad, so bittersweet!  A couple of my friends and I waited at midnight when the final book came out, so it seemed fitting that we do the same for the final movie.  We bought our tickets at least a month in advance, and then we waited...and waited...and waited until the day was here.  Some of us reread the book, we all made new shirts, and we were off.  It wasn't until we were downtown that I realized I stupidly forgot the tickets.  Damn!  So, we decided to check with the theater before sending Erich back home.  As it turned out, forgetting those tickets was fate.  The theater was doing a marathon, and we were able to buy a ticket for $10 to get us into the first half of the last movie, and then stay in that private auditorium for part 2, in 3D.  Um, yes please.  While we didn't want to see it in 3D, we didn't want to stand outside even more.  So, we took some pictures with our friends, and then enjoyed the movie.  It was really good, followed the book, and I was pleased with the outcome.  No spoilers here, and I wish my nephews would stop asking me if Harry dies; read the damn book!  Here's a pic of me and muggle baby. 

Amanda, Hlogs and Sus at the movie
X amount of years ago at the book release!

Kind of got out of order here, as I missed the 4th of July.  I hated it this year, I was Grinchier than I am at Christmas.  Between the heat and the noise of the fireworks, then the barking dog and awoken baby, I was done with the holiday before it began.  We spent Sunday evening with friends at a bbq, which I left early with Harper. Monday we headed to York for some pool time (which Harper wasn't much of a fan of) and some delicious food.  Harper rediscovered her love of knox blox (jello jigglers).  She was jello wasted that weekend; she even hit on another baby, she was totally that girl lol.  We decided to head home even though we knew our neighborhood would be putting on their huge show.  We showed up smack dab in the middle of it, and after waiting about 10 minutes, we decided we needed to get Harper to bed and check on Abbey.  It was a long night, with the show going on until at least 11:30, with residual stuff past midnight; when the 4th falls on a weekday, we should automatically get the next day off!  It was a very long holiday, to say the least. I guess one could say I'm getting old, if they were so inclined to get punched.

My computer just locked up when I was trying to upload photos, so I'm going to take a hint and go to bed!
Hanging with Uncle Mike

Playing with Aunt Lindsay's hair

Her first Old Navy shirt!

With Dad and Gpa at the pool

Mowing the lawn for Dad

Climbing up the slide by herself

Watering the pool

Picking apples

Slumber party!

Mardi Gras!  She loves to wear beads.

Husker hat from Gpa Duane

With Great Gma Jerry

With Gpa Duane

Playing Peek