I've been working from home yesterday and today, and I am missing human interraction.  Yesterday it was to test our disaster recovery system (basically make sure tripling our remote users wouldn't cause problems with the system).  I got a call around 2:30 to pick Harper up as she was running a fever.  Got her home, gave her sometylenol, and she was fine.  Temp went down.  Then she slept like crap last night, up ever hour or so, and woke up with a slight fever again.  At first I chalked it up to teething, but daycare sent home information about RSV, so now I'm worried about that.  Erich is with her this morning while I work until noon, then we'll switch.  So far she just seems cranky and tired, but no coughing and lower fever, so that's a good sign.

We got hit with about 5 inches of snow yesterday :(  I was really hoping this weather was over.  Maybe this will be the last snow!  A girl can dream...or go to Vegas in a week, I guess that works too.  I'm excited and nervous about it.  If Harper is still in this moody state, I'm going to have a hard time leaving her. Who am I kidding, I'm going to have a hard time leaving her regardless.  This may be the first time I've actually dreaded going on vacation.  Let's hope I can get an attitude adjustment before next Friday.  I took Thursday off to spend with Harper, so hopefully that helps. 

Abbey keeps wandering from room to room today, utterly confused as to why her normally quiet house is full of people.  She'll go to her bed, then be roused by me typing or one of Harper's toys.  You just can't please this dog.  Usually she tries to go to work with me, and while I'm perfectly find with that, I think others would tire of the barking and face licking. 

A friend of mine is due with her first baby any day, and will be induced next week if nothing happens before then.  It really makes me miss being pregnant.  Yeah, the pokes and prods and blood draws sucked, so did the special diet and constant urge to pee. And of course, the labor sucked.  And even though after the horrible labor I turned to Erich and said next time we're adopting, I'd totally do it again.  I loved being pregnant.  I'm not saying this to hint at anything, because Harper is more than enough for us right now.  Just saying...Good Luck Ballou Family!  Can't wait to meet your awesome baby :)

OK, am going to try again to get some February pictures up. Most are on facebook now, so you can also check them out there.



Started up and only got a few before it broke again...better luck tomorrow? 
Harper's skirt...and new favorite thing to do--pull out magazines.

Watching Hailey play, "So Big!"

Trying on her easter costume; I think she was trying to flip me off.

Thug life bitches.

Abbey's Valentines shirt!  Ready to represent at PJ's!

More to come...

30 by 31

The title of this post is my new goal: lose 30 pounds by my 31st birthday, which is September 9.  At the beginning of the year, I knew I needed to get started on this baby weight.  Just because you don't "gain" while you're pregnant, doesn't mean you get to slack off afterwards...for like 9 months.  Erich and I have both recently felt like big lumps, so a change is in order.  We're going to work out more, eat out less, and actually pay attention to what we're eating...meaning when we're both too tired to cook, we don't rely on chicken patties and fries.  I'm not quite sure Erich is sold on that yet, and it is only day 2 of this.  I've done pretty well, and worked out both days, stuck to my calorie goal (coming in slightly underneath even with Chipotle for dinner and a piece of chocolate this afternoon), and despite being woke up around 430/5 nearly every day the past week or so, am feeling pretty good.  I'll keep you posted with our progress.

Erich and I exchanged our ever so romantic Valentines Day gifts the night before, since it fell on a Monday.  I got him the Crossroads Festival soundtrack and a Joe Bonamassa cd; he got me the perfume I've been asking for for three years.  He sprayed it on me and it gave me a headache all night.  We've since discussed the importance of portion control when it comes to perfume.  Harper got a purple sock monkey.  She has a sock monkey-in-the box (like a jack in the box) that she loves, and is always trying to pull the monkey out.  She's not too sure about this one just yet, but Abbey has stolen it several times already, so it must be a winner.  Harper also got her first Valentine from a boy at daycare.  I think Erich is ready to lock her in her room :) 

In her heart leggings on Valentines morning

Thanks for the Valentine Aunt Heather!

Romantic dinner...

My sister and niece and nephews were in town this weekend.  We haven't seen them since Christmas, so Harper had a lot of catching up to do :)  She showed off all her new tricks, and I'm not sure was ever put down.  I keep trying to convince my sister to move back, I'd totally pay her what I pay my daycare, plus we'd have babysitters at our demand.  Come on, move back!  Amanda and I both have job prospects for you :)  I also worked at the cupcake shop this weekend; I think I prefer it when the Office Manager stays home and keeps his nose out of my business.  LOL.  Just kidding...  We ended the weekend with a trip to York for King Richard's birthday.  They had just gotten back from Cabo the night before, and we're more chipper than most would have been after a week long vacation.  We had a nice lunch and Harper got to try on her new hat and purse.  I only have a picture of the hat though.

We're going to be fairly busy the next several weekends.  This weekend Harper & I are headed to York to shower my future sister in law Lindsay with recipes and gifts and yummy foods.  The following weekend I leave for Vegas :(  I know, I should be excited and part of me is, but the other part keeps thinking of leaving my baby behind, well, babies...Abbey doesn't do well when one of us is gone (including Harper) so hopefully they can all hold it together for the long weekend.  Erich and the girls will be in York for the weekend at a couples shower for Mike & Lindsay, so at least he won't be completely on his own with our little crankster.   The next weekend Erich has his brother's bachelor party in Omaha--all I know is they're going to the casinos, and that's all I want to know.  The next weekend my sister will be in town for Spring Break/St Paddy's day.  We get a couple weekends off, then we're off to Hildreth for the big wedding!  Erich's birthday is the following week, then we're done for a while!  I already feel tired from the upcoming events! 

Harper has been a tad cranky lately, and I chalk it up to teething.  As I mentioned above, her sleeping habits leave something to be desired, when she wakes up at the butt crack of dawn.  Luckily Erich and I are good about taking turns with her.  On the weekends, one of us gets up early with her and plays until the other wakes up, then person 1 goes back to bed.  I think person 1 has the better deal personally.  During the week it's a little more complicated as neither of us want to get up that darn early, but we do it none the less.  I usually hope for her to wake around 4 or 6.  If she gets up at 4, she'll eat and go back to bed.  At 6, we need to get up and get ready anyway.  When she wakes at 5, she not only doesn't go back to bed, but it usually ready to go and play.  Mom and Dad aren't quite as energetic.  Le sigh, I guess it goes with the territory.

We're up to two teeth (you can kind of see them in this picture on the bottom) and I think she's working on the upper ones now.  She's a pro at crawling, and can beat you to Abbey's food bowl across the house if you aren't careful.  She's also becoming pretty good at feeding herself finger foods and holding the bottle.  She's also discovered what spoons are for, and wants to help with her feedings, which ends up being a mess, and bath schedules have been moved around to accommodate this. 

Since I'm going to Vegas, I decided I needed a little black dress, one fun for that trip, but also modest enough to double for the wedding.  I didn't think it would be such a task, but lo and behold it's two weeks to Vegas and I have no dress.  Any suggestions?  I swear I've been to every clothing store in Lincoln, and I don't have time to venture to Omaha, or to buy something online and risk it not fitting.  Arg, it doesn't help that it's prom season and every store is full of short crazy looking dresses that when I try on end up looking pretty hysterical. My legs resemble pasty white tree trunks, it's hot.  Did I mention I also need to visit good old mystic tan before the trip??? 

I was going to post some pictures, but it would appear I have to create another post for that because the uploader is, as usual, being douche.  Thanks uploader, thanks alot.  Apparently I need to take my cranky self to bed anyway!


Blog Challenge...It's On!

**Just as a prefice to this post, I wrote it on Monday the 7th during my morning break.  I had touched on colds in our house...well, they turned into sinus and ear infections for Harper and I, so we were out of commission for a couple days, and although I was still going to work, I felt like crap. But the show must go on, and the only time Harper acted sick was at night.  Finally, Sunday, we all seem to be almost back to ourselves.  I have a lingering cough that a little 'tussin will take care of.  Onto the post...**

I was giving a friend a hard time about not blogging recently, so she challenged me to a duel of sorts...who can post the most pictures and blog updates in the month of February.  She definitely has the upper hand when it comes to photos, seeing as how she hasn't posted since December and just moved, but I'll give it a shot.

We're all sick with icky colds at the Kant house.  Harper has learned that Kleenex are evil and you can't get anywhere near her face without her crying and flailing her arms at you.  I invested in some Boogie Wipes.  I always scoffed at these, but I tell you what...a kleenex with the saline already in it means I don't have to hold her down to a. squirt the solution in her nose, and then wait a while, then hold her down again to wipe her nose.  I highly recommend them. 

Last week we celebrated a 100th birthday with my mom, who turned 60, and my brother in law, who turned 40.  My sister and I were going to plan a big party, but we kind of dropped the ball so in return I took them to Famous Daves...that's the same thing, right?  It was a nice quiet meal; restaurant was dead due to the weather, so we didn't have a wait and it wasn't wall to wall people.  Harper has been out to dinner three times now; two times to Famous Daves and once to the Red Fox.  She loves to people watch and flirt with the servers.  And she gets royally pissed if you eat and she doesn't have something to snack on.  I've started carrying a container of baby snacks--they look like dried cereal, but dissolve in her mouth.  She loves them; actually, I've yet to find a food she doesn't love.  Hopefully she won't be a picky eater like her parents. 

Harper had an overnight this weekend with Grandma Cindy and King Richard (after spending the day with Aunt Lindsay & Grandma Cindy addressing wedding invites).  I had a minor breakdown after they left with her, but powered through it.  We met up with some friends for a birthday party; has some drinks and bowled my worst game ever.  Then again, I'm pretty sure the last time I bowled was the night before our wedding two years ago.  Good times. 
We're classy!
I'm headed to Vegas for the first time at the beginning of March for a bachelorette party. I'm excited to go because it's Vegas and has to be warmer and more fun than here, but on the flip side I can't take Harper with me :( After my meltdown this weekend I think I need to toughen up a little. Luckily it's only a long weekend, but I know I'm going to miss her and Erich. Having never been, I'm hoping all the new things to see and do will keep be preoccupied during the day, and the booze will help at night...and probably during the day.

Short post but not a lot to report. Should see more from me this month, we'll see how competitive we get...currently I'm losing. Enjoy the pics :)

First bath in the tub, Abbey wanted to join her

New Shoes! They look like running shoes

Stop taking my picture.

Jamming with Daddy

Sunday naptime on the living room floor


Feeding herself snacks

Trying to steal the guitar

Testing out the baby proofing

Sleeping with her butt in the air

Good Morning!