Thanksgiving, Christmas Lights and Locks of Love

We survived hosting our first Thanksgiving. It really wasn't that bad, everyone brought something and helped clean up. And the turkey that I made was awesome, once we found a roaster big enough for the thing! So, Erich and I were talking about the funny things that happened, and they were very random, so I think some bullet points are necessary:
  • The "humping" incident: we were outside a restaurant with my family, and my niece (8) and nephew (6) were doing this hula dance, which for my nephew turned into this forward thrusting dance. He then told us he was humping, which caused us all to turn away to keep him from seeing us laugh, then he told us he humped a girl on the bus. It was too much! That kid is seriously crazy.
  • Abbey mauls the neighbor's daughter: Thanksgiving morning a little white dog showed up in our yard. He was very nice, and I was able to call the number on his collar. I was sitting outside with him, and Abbey got out. They were sniffing around and then were playing--perfectly fine! Then the neighbor and her daughter (about our age) come walking into the yard, and she scooped up the dog. This totally freaked Abbey out, and she lunged for the girl. Didn't hurt her, but our dog is way too protective. She needs some help people. Advice welcomed :)
  • Bobber Elves: my sister have been frequenting the Bass Pro Shop in KC every weekend for their holiday crafts. The weekend of Thanksgiving they were missing out on making Santas out of bobbers, so I suggested we do that. I got to thinking outside the box and made one an elf, which according to my sister was not the point of the project. I think I ruined Christmas for her. But the elf turned out really cute!
  • Erich had a Christmas light "vision". Lights are now up, and while I don't think it's what he wanted, I think they look good. Better than the half assed people next door who put one net light over their bushes. Lame.
  • Locks of Love--decided I wanted to cut my hair, since I haven't done anything with it since the wedding. Apparently it had gotten very long, enough to donate. So I figured, what the heck. So, now I'm sporting a cute, very short, new look. It's taking some getting used to, I've never had it this short. I'll try and post before and after pictures sometime.

I'm sure I'm missing other crazy stuff, but I have to work now.