Thanksgiving, Christmas Lights and Locks of Love

We survived hosting our first Thanksgiving. It really wasn't that bad, everyone brought something and helped clean up. And the turkey that I made was awesome, once we found a roaster big enough for the thing! So, Erich and I were talking about the funny things that happened, and they were very random, so I think some bullet points are necessary:
  • The "humping" incident: we were outside a restaurant with my family, and my niece (8) and nephew (6) were doing this hula dance, which for my nephew turned into this forward thrusting dance. He then told us he was humping, which caused us all to turn away to keep him from seeing us laugh, then he told us he humped a girl on the bus. It was too much! That kid is seriously crazy.
  • Abbey mauls the neighbor's daughter: Thanksgiving morning a little white dog showed up in our yard. He was very nice, and I was able to call the number on his collar. I was sitting outside with him, and Abbey got out. They were sniffing around and then were playing--perfectly fine! Then the neighbor and her daughter (about our age) come walking into the yard, and she scooped up the dog. This totally freaked Abbey out, and she lunged for the girl. Didn't hurt her, but our dog is way too protective. She needs some help people. Advice welcomed :)
  • Bobber Elves: my sister have been frequenting the Bass Pro Shop in KC every weekend for their holiday crafts. The weekend of Thanksgiving they were missing out on making Santas out of bobbers, so I suggested we do that. I got to thinking outside the box and made one an elf, which according to my sister was not the point of the project. I think I ruined Christmas for her. But the elf turned out really cute!
  • Erich had a Christmas light "vision". Lights are now up, and while I don't think it's what he wanted, I think they look good. Better than the half assed people next door who put one net light over their bushes. Lame.
  • Locks of Love--decided I wanted to cut my hair, since I haven't done anything with it since the wedding. Apparently it had gotten very long, enough to donate. So I figured, what the heck. So, now I'm sporting a cute, very short, new look. It's taking some getting used to, I've never had it this short. I'll try and post before and after pictures sometime.

I'm sure I'm missing other crazy stuff, but I have to work now.


When Wiis go bad or How Erich ended up with stitches in his mouth

So...Exciting weekend. It started tame enough; Erich and I had some dinner and then I settled in to watch cable and check email (since we had been without it all week), while he decided to go to a friend's to play Wii and drink. Fast forward to about 1:30am. I have been in and out of sleep because Abbey doesn't sit still when one of us is gone, especially at night. So, I am cranky because she's barking and I'm tired. Then my phone rings; I see it's Erich and assume he wants a ride. I was half right. Here's the transcription:
Me: Hello?
E: We're you sleeping?
M:(duh) yeah.
E: I've been in an accident and think I need stitches...
M: (I'm thinking accident=car=dui=not good) What?
E: (He begins to repeat what he just said)
M: NO! I mean, what happened!
E: Oh...well, we were playing wii and then I was wrestling with Justin and I hit my mouth on his (wait for it) belt buckle.
M: Groan...OK, I'll be over...

So, I pick him up, and it doesn't look good. He's had ice on it, but it's still gushing pretty bad. So, we go on our way to the ER, with a quick stop at my mom's to verify he does indeed need stitches. She concurred that it was a gash that required mending.
The people at the ER were fairly entertained by his story, and very very nice considering it was 3am, and Erich was telling That's What She Said jokes. Eight or nine stitches later, and we were home in bed.

The rest of the weekend was pretty tame compared to that. We had some friends over for a killer game of trivial pursuit; by 2am we just wanted it to end, it was like a bad game of Monopoly.

Looking forward to seeing family this week, hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving.


Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance...

Just get on the floor and do the New Kids Dance! I think everyone at the Qwest, young and old, was doing just that. I was a huge NKOTB freak; I had an entire wall in my bedroom devoted to them, posters and magazines and whatnot. I even made my friends take their picture in front of it and sent them to the band. My favorite was Danny; I remember once Christmas I was so mad because my grandma had gotten me the Jon doll, not Danny. After seeing Jon performing last night, I'd say the doll had more personality and spunk. He went through the motions of the steps and whatnot, he sang along, but he also spent more time laughing and mocking his bandmates than entertaining the audience. Except I found that entertaining, so I guess he connected with one person.

My 12-year self was in heaven last night; our seats were initially at the very top of hte bowl, but they moved us since a closer section right next to the stage didn't sell out. We had a great view of the front and back of stage--I got to see Donnie making out with one of their Pussycat Dolls backup dancer. Very serious stuff people!

They played all their old hits, and then I think most of their new cd--they played for almost 2 1/2 hours straight, plus had time for Jordan,Joey and Donnie to do some of their solo stuff, which was cool. Except most of us didn't realize they had solo stuff. And they had at least 6 costume changes, which ranged from jackets with hats to Celtics jerseys to all white outfits to sweet silver jackets. And the people watching was in great form; some girls were wearing those huge pins we used to have, and some others made shirts--very fun. My personal favorite was the girl in the toga made from NKOTB sheets--very classy!

Blogger isn't letting me post any photos right now, but hopefully after this weekend I can get some on here.

In other news, we move tomorrow, so that means crunch time tonight to get our painting and packing done. My eye won't quit twitching from the stress, so the concert was a good stress reliever. One more day, one more day... :)


Homeowners at last AKA we're poor like everyone else!

We closed on the house last Friday, and have started making it our own. Painting is nearly complete in the living and dining rooms, and we're almost done with the kitchen and basement. The master bedroom and hallway are done, but I am thinking the master looks weird, so I may redo it. I'll post pictures once we're done, so far there isn't much to see!

We move this Friday, so we're dividing time between the house to paint and clean, and the apartment to pack and clean. And Abbey is losing her mind, she just doesn't get the new house yet--although she was comfortable enough to pee on the carpet already ;)

Just wanted to post an update, it'll probably be another two weeks before I do it again!

I am going to see NKOTB tomorrow night at the Qwest, hopefully I can sneak in my camera and get some sweet shots of that!!


Pumpkin Time

We have a tradition in our family to carve our pumpkins together. With my sister living in KC now, we weren't sure how it would work. Luckily the kid's school schedule worked out and they were able to come down for a long weekend. We had planned to go to Valas, but with the rainy weather, it didn't seem like a good idea. Then we had a beautiful Saturday, and who gets sick? This guy. I haven't been the happiest person this weekend, as Erich can voucher, but I sucked it up for carving pumpkins. I'd say we had some pretty sweet carvings this year! Enjoy. They're in backwards order, sorry!


Longest Month Ever

I'd say that, in general, October is my favorite month. Fall is here, leaves are changing, it's not scalding hot out! I love going to the pumpkin patch with my family, and then carving our pumpkins with my niece and nephews. So why is it the longest month ever? My sister moved to Kansas City last year, so we have to wait until the end of the month to do most of these things. And we don't get to see them in their costumes, and that's sad! And work is crazy; I joined a new team a couple months ago, and we're working on regulations to be effective 1-1-09; needless to say we have a lot to do a little time to do it in. I am also responsible for some mailings to be done--two next week alone, plus we're waiting for approval on a third. I'll be in on most weekends the rest of the year! It's also a long month because we finally close on the house in early November. I think Erich and I tell each other at least once a day, "I want a house!" "I want to be in our house!". It's very sad. But, it's not like we're packed--which is more fun I guess! Abbey seems to be reacting to the few boxes we do have packed--her previous owners took her to the humane society because they were moving, so we think she thinks we won't be taking her with us. She keeps having accidents inside, and chewing our things, which she hasn't done since we got her (the chewing part anyways). Hopefully she'll chill out when she has a huge yard to run around in.

Speaking of the house, we went and took another look a couple weeks ago; the backyard is going to be my first project while the weather is still nice. There's an out of control rose bush, rotten apples and crab apples all over the back--and there are bees covering them, which is sweet. There will be black walnuts all over the yard by the time we move in. And then there's mint taking over the side yard, so I want to get that out before it snows. Plus we'll likely be raking and that's always fun. I mainly want to get the rotten fruit out of there because Abbey will go crazy and either roll in it or eat it--or more likely, both. That would be a fun night.

We are also trying to decide if we want to paint. I want to for the simple fact that I think once we get in there we won't paint. But, I am very indecisive; I've looked at some browns, I want something rather neutral in most of the rooms. At most some earthy reds or blues. Another issue is that the first floor living room has a huge ceiling--it meets up with the kitchen, so that poses some issues with painting as well. We have a lot of volunteers to help, so I figure we might as well do it. I want to hold off on the spare rooms until we know which one would eventually be converted into a kid's room--the other will be an office. I'll post some pictures over on the side of the blog, and am very open to design ideas. I suck at it!

I am going to start working on my Halloween costume sometime as well. I picked a crappy time for such an involved costume, but I am hoping the hard work pays off. If anything, it may have to wait until next year-sigh...

Speaking of work, I should get to that. Go huskers--they might have a chance! And have a good weekend!


Things I loved about our wedding Part 1

10. Lemons and Limes...from the very beginning I wanted a green wedding. I don't mean environmentally friendly, but green. Dresses, cakes, etc. I suggested the lemons and limes pretty early on, but it really wasn't until about a month before the wedding people were convinced--someone saw it somewhere else. I thought it turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself. Also, note our favors--individual Colby Ridge popcorn. Yum!

9. The rehearsal dinner: we had a pretty low key rehearsal dinner, with delicious Chances R chicken and all the fixings. Then to top it off, we took off with the wedding party and guests to drink beers and bowl the night away! We looked pretty class in our snazzy bowling shoes! And it let everyone get to know each other before the big night.

8. Our flower girl, Andie: this girl cracks me up everytime I talk to her, she has such an awesome personality. She started practicing for this role from the time I asked her to be in the wedding--around November of last year. We discussed everything except how many flowers to throw--it took her about 6 minutes to make it down the aisle, as she was throwing a few petals on each side, per step. Needless to say, I was in tears from laughing as I walked down the aisle--she was a tough act to follow. I give my nephew props for sticking it out with her, even though he later told me he was very embarrassed :)

7. Ou DJ: I opted to go the discount route with our dj and hired this guy through a vendor at work. We met about a month prior to drop off our dinner music--string quartet versions of dave matthews, the killers, pink floyd--it was a huge hit by everyone. Then the party began, and I don't recall the dance floor ever being empty. And despite the technical difficulties--he lost our playlist, but I am now over it--who knew how telling me Meatloaf wouldn't be played could bring out Bridezilla for the first time that day? In any event, I got to dance to islands in the stream, total eclipse of the heart, and saw the first ever congo line to pussy control, especially when it was started by Erich's mom and her friends :)

6. Erich's Grooms Cake: Erich's cousin makes cakes in her spare time, and she was nice enough to replicate one of erich's guitars. It was awesome, and we got a ton of compliaments on it. Our cake was awesome too, but I especially loved this cake!


Working for the Weekend

There's really nothing like a slow day at work on a Friday...especially when your workfriend leaves at 12:45. Now I just look forward to 4 for my walk around our track, and then 5 when I get to leave. We have big plans for tonight, going to dinner at Panera, then on to Best Buy to check out TVs, which we totally need right away. I also want to look for an MP3 player, as I may very well be the last person on earth to own one. I take that back, I had one and Erich stole it because his broke. I've been promised one for Christmas, so I want to start window shopping.

We got the final word from the FHA, and the house is a done deal (short of a few signatures and our souls being sold to the bank). It's very exciting to buy a house, especially one that needs so little work. We're very excited to get in there and make it our own. Erich even bought one of those dumb infuser things--it does have a cool container I may reuse though. We've scoped out the local (and not so local) furniture stores and have a good idea of what we want. We've even mapped out the rooms, and I'm pretty sure Erich has some secret spreadsheet somewhere with more information than we need!

Erich talked to his mom last night and she implied that they would be joining us for Thanksgiving (as I will be hosting my immediate family for dinner). It will be interesting to say the least; my brother in law already went one football game without using the f bomb, I'm not sure he has the self restraint for another. Then again, a little f bomb never hurt anyone.

My 6 year old nephew called me yesterday morning to ask if I had my baby yet. He is convinced that when you get married, you are automatically pregnant. I have tried explaining the gists to him, to no avail. So, now I just change the subject, and he keeps calling. It's not like a joke to him either, he honestly thinks one of these days there will be a new baby. This is a photo from the wedding; he loved the limo ride--he got two Mt Dews!


Back to Blogging

A few years ago I blogged quite a bit, and then it tapered off. Maybe it was because I was in a new relationship, and then that turned into the time consuming planning of a wedding. Now it seems I have more time on my hands, so I might as well start up again.

Erich and I were married almost 2 months ago. The big question everyone asks? How does it feel to be married? My answer is always, The Same! We have been living together for more than a year, and unofficially for about a year before that. We know how to live with each other, so the only adjustment issues we're having is finding room for the 20 decorative bowls we received as wedding gifts. Luckily, we're storing majority of the gifts in York until we get a house.

Onto that topic. We started house hunting about a month ago; we knew that that was our next step. We have a dog-Abbey, and want to start getting our stuff organized, and it's hard to do that in an apartment. Plus, Abbey has a bad habit of getting up early to pee, so it would be nice to just let her out into the backyard, instead of one of us having to get dressed, find her collar and leash and poop bag, and then try to get back to sleep for the last 20 minutes before an alarm is going to go off. If anything, she's preparing us for parenting :)

So, back to the house; we found one we both knew was "The One". We have looked at it, and decided to make an offer the following evening--on my birthday :) Unfortunately, someone else made an offer, so we had to act quickly. We ended up bidding more than we wanted to, but won out. So, assuming everything goes according to plan, we'll be moving in sometime in November! Woot. We're both very excited, and can't wait to get out of this apartment.
So, I'm hoping this blog will be a good tool to communicate with our friends we don't get to see nearly as often as we hope. Oh, and we have no plans to get pregnant any time soon :) We've both agreed we want to wait at least a year, but if something were to happen, we're ready for a little one...