Groundhog's Day

So, welcome to 2013!  January was full of busy-ness in the Kant home, what with potty training in full effect, work being super busy and, well, I'm just really tired.  Plus we moved out office into the basement and let's face it, out of sight, out of mind.  And despite the ipad and iphone within arm's reach, I can't figure out how to post from the damned things, so there you have it. 

Like I said, January went by in a blur, but luckily the groundog (and more importantly, my mom, whose birthday is also today) didn't see their shadows, so yay! 6 weeks until Spring.  Harper has begun potty training (well, has been in panties full time since late December) and is doing great with the potty piece of it.  The pooping? Not so much, and what sucks is that she really couldn't care less when she drops one in her panties...this mom, however, could do without shaking poop out of panties multiple times a week. Our only saving grace is that she goes to the same place each time, so we can at least try and catch it before it ends up an accident; she's a really fast pooper though!

We had a great Christmas with both sides of the family; we hosted at our house on Christmas eve with my family, something we haven't had the opportunity to do in a few years, so that was fun.  We spent Christmas day in York with Erich's family, also a good time as we got to share in baby Anna's first Christmas experience.  The following weekend we visited my Dad and Grandma in Hastings, and Harper had a blast there.  She was definitely spoiled by all her family and friends, and she has so much fun going from room to room playing with all her new toys. 

This month at work will be a doozy, so I wouldn't expect anything more from me until March.  Par for the course I suppose :) Happy Groundhog Day all!

Just for the record, we had a lot of bake days with various people, so that's what these first 50 or so pictures are lol...

Bake night and wine with the girls

Our masterpieces. Don't look too closely...

Annual bake day with the Paynes


Harper and Luke enjoying a pickle break.

Some of our finished items.

Floury hands are fun!

Harper doesn't really like to get her hands dirty lol.

Harper would frost, eat, repeat.

Tea party break with the boys

Payne cousins