It feels like so much has happened since my last post.  We survived going back to work and daycare, although I am fairly certain at least one of us has been sick with a cold, flu or both every day since then. Glad to see this warm weather, and hope it will sweep these germs away!

We had Booker's baptism the weekend before I returned to work.  It was nice to see all the family together, and kind of relax before having to return to the real world.  Booker did pretty good during the ceremony; I was nervous and it was hot...bad combination in my tan dress lol.  Erich was nice enough to point out how "hot" I looked.  Made me think of our wedding ceremony, and how I felt the same way.

We had a nice Easter weekend.  We dyed egg with my family and had a mini egg hunt with Harper and her cousins.  Then on Sunday the Easter Bunny came! He was so silly, he hid all the eggs we dyed in the living room.  Harper was very concerned by this (this is a tradition in my family growing up, and I never once thought it odd...). After checking out our loot, we headed to Crete to celebrate with Erich's family at the farm.  Always a nice time, lots of space to hide eggs, fly kites, and run around like crazy to work off the candy. 

Booker is growing like a weed.  We weighed him on Sunday for his 3 month birthday, and he was about 14 pounds! Makes me sad, he's growing just too fast.  He's starting to coo and smile more, and is trying his hardest to roll. And he's a thumb sucker! I know how adorable it is now, but man, I don't think breaking that habit will be as easy as taking away the pacifier...ah well, right now it's cute.  He is doing well at daycare; they do crafts once a week, so its funny to see his feet still stained with paint at night. He doesn't like to nap at daycare, which works for us I guess because then he sleeps well at night. Really, no complaints from this kiddo, he's easy!


For Mother's Day Erich treated Harper and me to pedicures (and my sister and I in turn treated my mom). It was the first time for Harper, and while she was leery at first, it was fun.  And we got cute toes out of it!

Harper also started a dance class last week.  I wasn't sure where to go, so we went with the Y. They had a beginners class for half hour on Saturday mornings.  I was really worried about it being a full class, and how Harper kind of shuts down in crowds.  I was surprised to find it was a class of 3 girls, all about the same age. Harper got into it right away, and I think that helped the other two find their groove lol.  Made me relieved for the good experience, and I think we have a dancer in the making!


We ended the weekend with Booker's first visit to church and then the Children's Zoo! He slept through both, but we found a way to enjoy ourselves anyway.  Harper loves this zoo, and I just fear the day when she outgrows it.  I love our many visits and memories to this place. And it never fails, she's always willing to take a picture with the Otter!