3 Weeks Old

I can't believe Harper is already 3 weeks old; it feels like just yesterday she was born. We're working on geting into a routine, which is difficult because we currently aren'table to stay at our house.

Before Harper was born, we knew there was something "off" about the A/C, but it was cool enough we dealt with it...we should have had someone come out! A repairman visited last Thursday, and informed us that the piece that keeps the coils from freezing was broke, and he had no idea when the piece would be available. He had to shut off the air, and turn on the heat in order to thaw the coils. He then advised us to keep the air off, but we could run the fan if needed (so we did, much to our dismay). So, by Saturday we're in a heat advisory, and sitting in a 90 plus degree house...needless to say we decided a move was in order, so at 10 that night we packed up the fam and made the trip to York to stay with Erich's parents...and we're still there. I used the "we have a new baby card" to get the repairguy to come on Tuesday (yesterday); Erich left work to let him in, and me and my MIL (mom in law) packed up and headed to Lincoln...only to find that running the fan broke the compressor on the outside unit. We found out today that the piece won't be available until Friday at the earliest...I am just ready to be home. It's weird how you just assume things will go a certain way--like the birth of our baby and then maternity leave, and the problems we'd encounter...I never would have dreamt of the things we've gone through!

But, we'll make it through. I don't think my crazy hormones help matters much, as I cry at the drop of a hat, and Erich's parents are really eating up all this extra Harper time...and I'll admit, I'll miss nap time when his mom walks with her when she's fussy. But, I don't want to get used to this pampering! It's going to be like starting over when we finally get home.

Erich got me a new toy as a "Labor Present", an ipod touch. We had yet to enter the ipod world, so we're both like kids at Christmas who are expected to share the new gameboy. It's nice because before I never had a chance to find time to shower, let alone check email. I feel like I'm part of the world again...a little bit anyways!

Erich and I are going to try and go on a date tonight to see Eclipse; we'll see if I have the followthrough to leave Harper for 3 hours. I can be strong! I think Abbey will be more work than Harper anyway; since we've been here she's gotten really protective over her, and extra noisy with every sound she hears. Kind of annoying, since Harper is no longer annoying her, and it's waking her up. Which really irritates a sleep deprived Susie!

Because I'm on Erich's laptop I don't have any new pictures :( I really haven't been taking too many pics, but am going to try and do better going forward. I have some cute ones of Harper and Abbey sharing a bouncy seat :)


One week down

Well, today marks a week that we've been home with Harper, and I've got to say, I think we're doing pretty well. She eats and sleeps good, and really at night were averaging 4-5 hours of sleep. My pain is slowly going away, as is the swelling in my legs. I'm on a weigh restriction for a while yet, and can't carry Harper up or down stairs, which in our house is a problem since it's a tri split level...Luckily we have family to help out, and I can camp out on the upper level now that I can sleep in our bed again. See you later uncomfortable recliner!

Harper is awesome. She makes the best faces, and is such a scowler! She is definitely my kid. This photo was taken of me the day I was born, and I can't believe the resemblance to Harper, especially the hand placement, since that is generally where her little fist is.

Erich goes back to work on Monday, I can't believe how quick this first week went by. At first I thought it was taking forever, but now that it's going to be go time for me on my own (in general) it's a little scary. I wish more companies offered paternity leave for their employees. But, I guess I'm ready for the challenge.

Abbey is becoming more brave around Harper; she got her first few "kisses" in last night while I was feeding her, and again this morning when she was on the floor. She loves to lick her little ears and feet; and we thought our biggest problem would be with her toys :) She's slowly learning that she can't lick the baby, but she still tries to get some in whenever she gets the chance.

Pretty uneventful post after the previous one...I'm sure I'll have better stories over the next 7 weeks!


Harper Jay Kant has arrived!

The wait is over! On June 9th, at 5:40 pm, Harper Jay Kant entered the world, weighing 8 pounds, 10 ounces and measuring 20.5 inches long! I am so happy to have her in my arms, as is Erich. During the pregnancy, I made the comment on multiple occasions that I bed I'd pay for it during labor, and boy did I...and so the story goes:

I began having contractions around noon, but nothing that was progressive or in any order, so we decided to just keep our plan to go in at 7:30 to be induced. I was admitted around 8, and the "ripening" agent was started. I was checked around 12 and had progressed enough to warrant starting the Pitocin (around 1). Contractions began, but I really couldn't feel much; it was a long night and I was too excited to sleep (especially after the nurse commented that with these contractions I could be pushing by 7 that morning...I knew it was too good to be true) so I spent the evening with the Lost crew from Season 2, and waking Erich every hour or so to unplug me for bathroom trips.

Wednesday morning
The dr came in and broke my water around 8. Then the contractions hit me, and any thoughts I had about natural labor went out the window, onto a speeding train, and into Mexico. Seriously, I'm amazed at women who do this drug free...after about two hours into it (and, technically, almost 24 hours of contractions) I opted for the epidural, and was in heaven. I then had solid long contractions the rest of the day, but alas, no progress. I was still stuck at 4cm when my dr came to check me around 445. We decided a C-Section was the best thing to do at this point, because a. I had been running a fever off and on since Sunday, and 2. when they broke my water there was a lot of meconium (baby poop) in it, so the baby was at risk for respiratory issues. They explained the risks of the C Section, how long it would take, etc. and then found a surgeon who was ready to go right away.

The C Section AKA The Big Show
The anesthesiologist (whose name escapes me but was one of my favorite drs I met--and not because of the pain relief) was awesome--more on him later--came in and numbed me up good. They did some other prep work, we met the surgeon, and let our families know what was up. By the time they wheeled me in, both our parents were already laying in wait--around 5:15 or so. I wasn't nervous about the surgery (despite my severe shaking from the drugs) probably because it all happened so quickly, and really, C Sections happen all the time in this country. I joked around with the staff, told them our baby names, talked about the music playing. Erich then came in and we were ready to roll. The surgery was a breeze, and within what felt like minutes, they told me there was a head of hair, a BIG head, shoulders, and then screams from our baby girl. It's a girl was the most wonderful thing anyone had ever said to me. I remember Erich leaning over me saying, "You have a daughter" and I was just bawling. They brought her over, and we immediately named her Harper Jay. We took our pictures, and everything was going great. And then, the room began to spin.

I turned to Erich and told him I felt like I did after a night of doing vodka shots. We alterted my anasth. friend, who peeked over the sheet covering the surgeon, and I guess his face kind of dropped. And then he shouts, we need blood! Apparently when you contract for as long as I had, your uterus can just quit, which is what happened. The surgeon leaned over the sheet and explained that my uterus wasn't clotting like it should, and if they can't get it fixed quickly, I'd need a hysterectomy. I was in shock; Erich and Harper were taken out of the room so they could work on me, and I felt so scared and alone. I closed my eyes from the spinning, and then started feeling sick. I looked up and the anesth. was standing there--he stayed there the entire time making sure I knew what was happening. Once I was OK, explained they were still working on the uterus. I had another nurse holding my hand (after some tech had like 5 failed attempts at inserting a second iv line, since the first was being used for the multiple blood transfusions.) Let me tell you, blood going in hurts. A lot. About an hour later, my uterus was saved--they essentially reformed it, stitched it together, and closed me up. I can still have future children, although I think I would prefer to adopt. Once in recovery, all I wanted was some water, and my husband and baby.

While all this was happening, and while Erich was in the nursery with Harper, our parents had no idea what to think. They knew something had gone wrong, because I was the only person in surgery, and there were nurses running up and down the halls. Erich couldn't go tell them anything, and the drs didn't have anything to tell yet. I felt so bad afterwards for them; I can't imagine knowing someone you care for is in a serious surgery, and not knowing if they're OK. For Erich I think it was even worse, because all he knew was that it was touch and go for me and my uterus. They did update him once I was stable, and again when the uterus was saved, but in the meantime it was all he could do to concentrate on our new daughter. He got to feed her first, and burp her, and let me tell you, those pictures are my favorite of the entire experience. He was a dad for mere minutes, his wife's life was hanging in limbo, and he was able to be a great dad to her. It still makes my heart melt.

Eventually I made it to recovery, and Erich was able to see me. I was out of it, and just kept telling him I was fine. I think I hadn't realized the severity of the situation, and he was pale as a ghost. It made us both realize how much we needed each other, and while it was a scary experience, it was one I was glad to have with him. This was also the moment it hit me that my daughter was almost two hours old, and I hadn't held her. I was taken to a recovery room, cleaned up, and finally got to hold her around 8:00. Our very patient parents and family members were brought in around 8:30 to see her and me, and everyone was just thankful to have me OK, and Harper out OK. Probably the scariest thing I will every go through--I hope.

So, the rest of the stay was pretty normal--I became a legend to my nurses and the surgeons and drs were shocked at how well I was feeling the days following--I still have incision pain, but otherwise doing good. We came home Saturday night, and are still trying to find our groove. Abbey isn't too sure about this thing, and why she gets special food from my chest. And anytime Harper coos, Abbey mimics it, it's cute. Erich is great with her, and she has him wrapped around her tiny little finger. He changes diapers, gets up with her, and does me tons of favors like bringing me nipple cream and water and helping me to the bathroom. He really is the best husband and father and friend ever.

I'm looking forward to document this little person's life, and will try to be more diligent about posts. I make no promises! Enjoy these pictures in the meantime!


40 weeks and 4 days...

I think that Baby Kant is picking up his/her parent's bad habits already...Erich's laziness and my procrastination "skills"...in any event, still no baby! I am scheduled to begin the inducing process tonight at 7:30, and am still holding out for natural labor. I've had contractions here and there since last week, but nothing to get this party started...le sigh!

We spent the weekend trying to induce labor, and all that activity did was give me some major hip and leg pain, so now just walking is painful. I did get one last visit to the Farmer's Market before Baby Kant arrives, and got a cute onesie, and scored some cupcakes from a friend. Yum.

I officially started my Maternit Leave yesterday, because I was done with work, and by that I mean I had everything done I needed, and have nothing else to do. I probably could have gone in yesterday (maybe even today) but I wouldn't have gotten anything done. So, yesterday I spent most of the day watching the second season of True Blood while cuddling with Abbey. No idea what today holds; Erich has a half day, so we're going to get our bags packed up (or repacked might be more accurate, since they've been sitting in our room packed for the last month or so), spend some QT with Abbey, and do some light housework. And nap, can't forget that!

I'm not sure how Abbey is going to react to her new sibling; I can tell she knows something is amiss, especially when she can't sit close enough to me, and follows me around, and lays across my belly. We initially thought about kenneling her while we're gone, but I think we've decided to let her stay home (she is 42 in doggie years after all) and have people check in on her, play some ball, etc. I think the transition might be easier this way. Or not, I reallt don't know what to expect, other than her being her normal freak self when we get home. I told Erich I think we could totally sneak her into the hospital as a focal point, but I lost that one pretty quick.

When we found out we were pregnant, four other friends/aquaintances also found out, and we had due dates around the same time. Ours was the second in, and we're the last delivering, which makes me really jealous of all of those who have their babies and are getting to know them. Not knowing the sex is driving me crazy now, but I've waited this long, I can wait another 24-36 hours.

Well, this will be the last post while prego, it's been fun, but I'm definitely ready to be done! Ciao!