Good Bye First Trimester!

I can't believe that I will be 12 weeks prego next week, it has gone by so fast. It's hellped that I haven't have any sickness, which I am very grateful for. I've kind of have the opposite; I am hungry but nothing sounds appetizing, so as a result I've lost weight. I got a nice little lecture from my dr last week, so I've been trying to eat more, and I think after this weekend, I have to have put on at least 10 pounds! Friday night we had Applebees where we polished off mozzarella sticks, I had a steak and potatoes and veggies, all so tasty! Then today we had Hu Hot for lunch, and just had McDonalds for dinner. I didn't say it was healthy, but it was definitely fattening!
I seem to be getting my energy back, there for a while all I wanted to do was sleep. I could still sleep all day, but today I noticed I wanted to do some chores, so I guess that's an improvement. I've also had some lower back pain, which seems to be worse when I sit, which makes work interesting since I do sit most of the day. Maybe I should bring in an exercise ball and use that instead. Get lots of use out of that.
I've been teasing Erich that I'm going to only pick Harry Potter names for the baby. I told him that if we end up with twin boys I'm naming them Sirius and Regulus; how awesome would that be? I also like Bellatrix for a girl, which he also dislikes. I told him it wasn't like her middle name would be LeStrange or anything! He's no fun. Maybe he's punishing me for vetoing Luke & Leia :)