I am seriously the worst blogger ever; I just can't seem to find the time to get anything updated.  It doesn't help that my laptop is on loan, and I hate our PC.  Ah well, at least you're getting an update before the new year, right? 

Harper is growing so fast, I can't believe she will be 6 months in a few short weeks!  It feels like just yesterday we were waiting at the hospital the night before she was born, wondering if and when she'd ever get here.  Here are some things she does these days that keep us entertained: 
-Fun noises--she wakes us up cooing, then it turns into raspberries and growls, which is freaking hilarious.  The noises continue throughout the day, and they crack us up.  She will also occasionally give a laugh or two, but generally only when being tickled, or in the bath.
-Bath time--she loves to kick and splash me during her bath, and then she giggles when I screech not to splash me.  She also likes being splashed herself; she gets this surprised look that turns into a smile.  Love it.
-Eating--she has moved in the solid foods world--right now we're sticking with rice cereals, smashed bananas and homemade applesauce.  My mother in law got me a food mill to make my own foods, so I am actually looking forward to that.  Who knew I'd ever be interested in making my own babyfood?  Sidenote: has anyone ever see that movie with Diane Keaton when she inherits the baby and moves to Vermont and starts her own baby food company?  I don't remember the name, but I used to love that movie...
-Moving and grooving--Miss Harper loves to move around, be it on her own on the floor, clawing her way along her blanket, in her crib moving from bumper to bumper, or trying to hitch a ride with Abbey when she gets too close.  We need to get on that whole baby proofing thing sooner than later I think. 
-Abbey--Harper has discovered we have a dog and loves to chew on her, pull on her, try to snatch her eyes.  And Abbey is such a good sport and lets her.  I can tell when she is really annoyed because she looks up at me and sighs, or just walks away.  Which makes me glad, because my biggest worry has been about how they will get along.  I think Abbey realizes that eventually this little person will share food with her, so she should be nice to her. 
-Sleeping--finally, she is sleeping through the night.  I use this term loosely, and perhaps I should rephrase and say she doesn't wake up to eat.  She wakes up for her pacifier or because she's cold or has wedged herself in the corner of the crib.  Luckily she goes right back to sleep after you fix her ailment.  We do have a night here and there where all she wants is food, but in general we're definitely getting more sleep. 

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is this week, and Christmas is right around the corner.  I'm definitely excited for our first "family" holidays.  I'm hosting Thanksgiving again this year; no boobie turkey though.  It was a very flavorful bird, but only if you like lemons.

On an unrelated note, I went and saw the new Harry Potter (and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1) movie today with Erich.  You may recall my rant from the last movie.  I was thoroughly disgusted with how that movie was done in relation to the book.  So many important things left out, I left the theater wanting to cry because I thought it was that terrible.  Well, this movie has redeemed every other movie they've made.  It was perfect.  I had nothing to complain about; every major thing (and even a ton of non-major things) we covered and it a way that made sense to people who haven't read the book.  Now, of course they didn't go into detail of  some things, but overall, A+.  I am excited to go see it a few more times before it leaves town. 

I leave you with pictures from Halloween, Our recent KC trip, and some random snap shots at home and daycare.  Enjoy, and if I don't blog before then, Merry Christmas ;)
My little penguin (who was sick on Halloween)

My witch in the middle--no pattern=pieced together pumpkin

It looks like she's making a scary face

Erich's pile-o-leaves