I really wish I could say I've been busy with this or that and unable to post, but really, I've just been lazy.  We've had some nice, lazy weekends of movies and laying around and I gotta say, I enjoyed every minute.  We've also been trying to finish the deck (hey, we need 12 more feet of stairs and railings, and we're done!), and now Husker season is upon us, so there's that to keep us busy. 

Harper is obsessed with birthdays, "Happy Day" as she refers to them.  First for my niece's birthday, she was convinced it was truly her birthday. She got pretty mad about the whole thing. We finally just told her sure, it's your Happy Day, because well, she was near tears about the whole thing.  Then by the time my birthday rolled around, she was ok with it. For a day--no more week long celebrations for this girl...now everytime she sees a dessert she asks me if it's her Happy Day?  And she loves if you sing Happy Birthday to her...she's definitely my kid :)

The week before my birthday I was in Chicago for work, and so I treated myself to a new purse from a Coach Outlet in WI.  Happy Birthday to me!  It was nice to go and visit with coworkers I normally just hear via phone call, and our offices out there are pretty nice!  We need to take some tips from them.  Despite the fun times,  I was ready to be home with the fam by the time Thursday rolled around. 

Erich has been hard at work on the deck and as I said above, the stairs are nearly complete.  We are going to add railings to the sides, but most likely in early spring.  The composite decking was a good choice, it looks pretty nice and Harper loves to scoot around on it on her stomach.  Hey, no splinters! Abbey isn't quite used to the stairs yet, and is probably going to break something jumping from the makeshift stairs we've been using. 

Last weekend my sister was in town, so we did group pictures with our kids.  We wanted a nice photo for our mom, and then a Husker photo for the husbands. Well, Harper kind of hates professional shoots, and started crying in the first few frames...so no go on the nice shots.  The Husker ones turned out really cute though, very impressed.  She also brought Harper a train table that she got a steal on from a friend, and Harper loves it. She sits down there and is all, choo choo! All aboard! It's pretty cute. 

My sister in law was due to have our new niece or nephew yesterday (on International Talk Like A Pirate Day) but no dice.  We're hoping to see that baby soon though!  I was pretty disappointed, I was hoping to spoil it with pirate stuff for life!  I guess I still can...

Erich somehow talked me into joining a bowling league with a gal he works with (and her husband).  I said OK, but said it wouldn't only be like once a month.  Our first game was last Sunday...it was 3 games of bowling with people who don't mess around.  Out of 12 lanes, I was by far the worst person there...Second worst? The husband of Erich's coworker. We are awesome. Even with beer, my game didn't improve much.  It was fun, but a long night of bowling for this amateur.  I think maybe we need t-shirts or something to make us more professional. Our team name? The Wesley Crushers...lol.

This weekend Erich and I will be heading to our first game of the season.  Erich tailgated last weekend, and I paid for it...so this weekend it's my turn lol.  Weather sounds perfect for a game, and I gotta admit, there's nothing better than a hotdog at a football game! Looking forward to that, and maybe clearing some shows off our dvr. 

How sad is that face?

I have a dream...that someday, my mom will no longer make me get my picture taken...

Chilling with Daddy

Putting Dad to bed

Meltdown city during the penguin game at the zoo

She won a free ticket for the train!

Choo Choo! All Aboard!

New boots!

I LOVE this picture.

Everyone wants to play trains...even Abbey

Thank you Aunt Heather!

Telling Ethan his business.

Monkey hat for her Halloween costume!

Kitty hat at Target. She loves hats.

Helping Dad pull up grass

We heart Chipotle!

Side view of the deck.