Ahh, silence...just finished making some buffalo chicken dip for Erich's food day, while he and Harper are--hopefully--fast asleep.  I fear i may have gotten them both sick :(  I've had what I convinced myself was persistent indigestion this week...really, really bad indigestion. Alas, I think I've had, and still have, the flu.  It hit me early this year, bastard!  Last night was the worst, I was having pains that were reminiscent of my gall bladder attacks...not cool!  Maybe they were phantom pains or something, who knows.  So, hopefully I am on the mend and ready for the weekend.

I took tomorrow off so Harper and I are going to spend the day together.  I want to go to a consignment sale out at the event center, but we'll see if Harper cooperates.  We may end up staying home sleeping the day away...I think I can live with that. 

Busy weekend ahead of us, well, mainly a busy Saturday.  We have friends in town going to the game, and my sorority is hosting a little tailgate.  So, I'm going to try to fit in a tailgate bbq, get to the cucpake shop ontime, then get to the game before kickoff...I've come to terms with the fact that I'm most likely going to miss the tunnel walk...sniff. 

Speaking of the tunnel walk, last Friday my department had an outing--it included a tour of Memorial Stadium--complete with Tom Osborne cameo, then on to Brewsky's for beers.  Good time...good paid time not at work.  I am not a huge football fan, but I highly recommend the tour.  It's nothing like what you did when you first went to UNL or in grade school, it was pretty sweet.  I'm thinking of organizing a tour for my dad and brother in law, but they are rather stingy on when the guided tours take place, especially during football season. 

This is Harper's new friend Truffles.  Truffles was one of the first gifts I talked Erich into getting me Erich gave me of his own accord.  Harper loves how fluffy he is, and once she hits toddler age, he's going to make a great pillow.


Dirty 30 and Harper's 3 Month Birthday!

Well, September 9th was a big day in the Kant household.  I turned 30, and Harper turned 3 months.  To celebrate, I took Thursday through today off...just because, no plans.  It's been nice, but I'm kind of ready to go back to work...especially when my list of things to do today includes mowing and grocery shopping...luckily I knocked the groceries out after I dropped Harper off at daycare...yeah, I'm a bad mom.  But I can't clean the house and do yardwork with a baby and a dog, it just doesn't work.  And she likes daycare...and I don't know why I'm so defensive it's probably not that big of a deal to anyone else.

So, back to my birthday. Erich and I had some dinner and then met up with some friends at Harrahs to rock out to Huey Lewis and the News!  He put on a good show, but like all artists refused to play all the hits that made them what they are today...No Hip to be Square, which is my favorite song by him. Oh well, I guess he didn't realize it was my birthday or something :)
Me and the girls

Erich and Mike

i think he was playing the harmonica or something here

I also took Harper to get her 3 month pictures taken; she didn't smile for a single one! We had about 30 shots total, so it wasn't too difficult to choose the final pics.  We went to to Portrait Innovations, which while it was ridiculously hot in there, the pics were good and the photog wasn't bad. Next time I'll take Erich to make her smile.

I actually just took a break in the blog to go rake and mow--when the moment hits you have to sieze it.  So now I am hot and gross and full of fly bites.  Sounds like a good closing for this week!

New hat from Grandma Cindy! Yay or Nay?

With her new BFF Truffles

Cute outfit from Uncle Mike and Aunt Lindsay

Insert your own caption here :)