Thank Goodness for Pedialyte, Picasa and PTO days!

Note: this was written about August, it's taken me this long to get it posted!!
It has been a long month.  Harper has been sick with either teething or some mysterious virus on and off since the first week of August, and it has been trying, to say the least.  Lucky for all of us, she remains in good spirits most of the time, so it hasn't been too bad.  And we have two molars in, so only two more to go.  This virus though, we're stuck on a no dairy/juice diet, and lay off the red meats.  Um, that's all she gets at daycare! So, we replace milk/juice with pedialyte, and are inventive with foods at home.  At daycare I don't know what to do, so we're letting them feed her the scheduled meal and we'll see where the poop lies. Gross, I know. 

We had a busy month as well; my good friend Erin got married, the wedding was beautiful and fun and it was a Harper free weekend, which was good and bad.  It was nice to be around adults, but by Saturday night I was missing my baby.  We spent Sunday in York (I even bailed on a shower for another good friend, I was that Harper-sick) and picked veggies and brought home literally a box full of taters, tomatoes, cucumbers and beans.  Yum!  Sadly most are gone now, after I pickled and shared with family.  I had my own garden as well, and have pickled most of the cucumbers, and eaten most of the mini tomatoes.  I've given up on the larger variety, I only have a couple and they are still green. 

We went to the Lancaster County SUPER fair.  The only thing super about it was it's lameness.  Apparently we lucked out because most of the rides didn't show up until the day we went, which was a week into the fair.  Most of the animal exibits were done, but we did see some chickens, chicks, pigs and a couple cows.  There was also a petting zoo, and it was just depressing.  There was a rabbit and a hare together-how clever; a zebra and camel, who were both so done with people; two varieties of goats, which were probably the best thing there; a huge bull; a porcupine; a monkey who never got close; and a rather emeciated looking kangaroo, who just laid there.  So. sad.  And there are these kids shoving food in their faces pretty much 24/7.  Harper liked the goats, and they liked eating her stroller, so win-win?  I guess so.  In any event, we decided to stick with the York County Fair in future years.  Also, no fried cheese on a stick?  How dare you?!

Harper was sick with this viral thing all last week, and was out of daycare Friday.  She was feeling pretty good so her and I had a mama/Harper day and went to the zoo.  She loves to feed the goats and run around.  We also rode the train for the first time, but she was pretty unimpressed, as was I.  You see more construction and backs of buildings than anything else.  I guess it's the experience of riding of train more than the scenery.  I would show you some pictures I took, but somehow when I was editing on Picasa I deleted all of my Harper folders.  Every.Last.One.  I cried for about an hour before I realized that they were backed up both online and on my laptop.  But still, I lost the memories from that afternoon, as well as the rest of August. I did find a few on my work computer, and I guess there will also be more trips to the zoo.  Le sigh. 

We had one last wedding to attend, Erich's cousin got married.  Very beautiful ceremony, and the reception was fun, but Harper decided it would be an early night, so we trekked back to the hotel, and were up early for a swim. Ah, parenthood.  I guess this is why babysitters were invented :)

The last weekend of the month we celebrated Erich's Grandpa's birthday in York with a pool party--all the grandkids swim while Charlie and Leona watch, good times.  It was a little overcast, but the water was warm, so it turned into a perfect swim day.  Harper is becoming more and more comfortable in the water, which is a relief since she'll be spending many summers to come with her Grandparents at the neighborhood pool in the summers. 

This past weekend-Labor Day-my sister and the kids were in town, so Harper got some much needed bonding time with her cousins, who love her to pieces, it's so stinking adorable.  It was also good to see sister, and play some crazy games of Scattergories.  Otherwise it was a pretty low key weekend, very nice and relaxed...we even got to sleep in one day. 

Tomorrow is my birthday, so tonight my mom and I did some pre celebrating by seeing The Help.  Wow, for not being a traditionally sad movie, it was a tear jerker.  I even found myself crying on the way home just thinking about certain parts...go see it.  Now I need to read the book, told Erich to get it for my bday :)  Not too much planned for the big 3-1, we're doing dinner down in the Haymarket with some friends, then some drinks.  Uncle Mike is babysitting so we can't get too crazy, as we will have a kiddo waking up bright and early Saturday.

OK, finally getting this beast of a post out there.  Enjoy the photos! 

Eating treats off the hotel floor...yuck.

First time with painted toes!

Kissing the girl in the mirror

Fish face!  It's the only way to get kisses out of her

Ready to swim Mom!

Touching the bison's nose with Gma and pa


Fun times in the Old Market

Botched self family portrait

Candy corn hat my cousin made Harper

Her new "face"

Getting ready to brave the tornado slide with Daddy

With Uncle Zac at the market

Too much coffee!

In her dachund dress from Grandma

After eating her first ice cream cone

Mowing the yard...eating an apple...the usual.

With Hailey and Ethan in her "new" ride

This is so fun!

Asleep with Uncle Yoyo

Cole is so fun!

In her other dachshund dress mom got for a buck!

I love her face!