Harper Update

The procedure went better than I think either of us hoped.  We were at the center by 6, and home by 7:45.  I think Erich was thinking it would be like my gallbladder procedure, where he waited for about 3 hours, and recovery time was close to another 3.  They had her prepped and ready by the time the dr arrive.  He likened it to the Runza drive thru, in reference to time spent there.  And boy, he wasn't kidding.  By the time they were done, all I had time to do was check facebook and leave an update, maybe 7 minutes, tops.  She was pretty upset when we got back there, which we expected.  I gave her a bottle and she was still pretty ticked off.  I finally got her to sleep and the nurse came in and it started all over again.  I felt bad for a guy who was also in recovery, as he was surrounded by three crying kids.  I'd have asked for a different recovery space.  We got home and she took a very short nap.  However, she woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to play and talk and laugh.  She was in a great mood all day.  Erich had to go into work at noon, so Harper, Abbey and I had a nice lazy afternoon in the living room.  We played, watched movies, and most importantly, napped.  It. was. great.  I can't remember the last time I did that, and it was long overdue. 

Today I am also off with her, and had plans to either go to garage sales this morning, or visit the zoo.  Both were reconsidered when she woke up at 5:45.  I finally got her back to sleep after a bottle, but that only lasted until 7:30 or so.  She finally went back down around 11:30, so I got a quick shower and some food in before she's back up.  Maybe an afternoon trip somewhere is in order.  Have a good weekend all! Here are some pictures of her and Abbey helping Erich fix the deck steps.


Birthday Party!

We celebrated Harper's birthday this past Saturday with a small party,  pretty much just immediate family.  It was about 15 people, which was a pretty good size for her.  She didn't really know what to think at first, but she warmed up to the people pretty quick.  We grilled burgers and had lots of yummy sides.  Then we moved on to presents.  Harper loved them at first, then she made it her mission to collect all the bows.  This made opening presents last about twice as long as necessary, but it was fun watching her as she saw each new thing.  I think her favorite was a life sized dachshund toy, which was identical to Abbey...it was Abbey's favorite too.  She got some fun new toys, a bubble mower, popcorn popper, lounge chair, some music toys, and a swingset from mommy and daddy.  We've probably screwed ourselves here, because really, we have nowhere to go but up, and what's up from a swingset? Luckily our yard is probably big enough for a pony or two lol.  We finished everything up with Harper eating her cake I made her.  She had no qualms about digging right in, she loved it (and we loved watching her).  All in all, a great day.  She did pretty good considering she only had one nap in the morning, and went to bed a little later than usual.  The following morning we had a friend over to take her one year photos.  It was a fun time, and Harper did hold up most of the time.  We saw the proofs today and they are so awesome!  I can't wait to share them. 

Tomorrow we have to be at the surgery center by 6am for the tube procedure...not looking forward to that one bit.  I know they say it's a minimal procedure and all, but I still am a worry wart.  Wish us luck!

I leave you with pictures from the party.  Enjoy!
All the yummy snacks!

Her cake I made.  I am very proud of this badboy!

The kids checking out the swingset

Walking up the slide with Ethan

Her birthday shirt

Getting ready to open gifts

Hmmm, what's in this one?


Lots of bows!

Each of us has a doxey

In her sweet crocodile chair


Uncle Mike putting the bubble mower together

Happy Birthday to Harper!


I love this one!

Isn't she talented?  Can you do this?

Birthday banner-from birthday to one year

more banner

One Year Old!

See?  It looks just like Abbey!


Happy First Birthday!

In about 45 minutes, Harper will be officially 1.  It was about this time last year we were being prepped for a c-section, and had no idea of the speedbumps we'd encounter over the next few hours.  Of course, as they say, it was worth it!  Harper is definitely developing her own personality, walking everywhere and jib jabbing about this or that.  My favorite thing (today) is her little chompers.  She has these two vampire fangs on top, and nothing else.  Love this!  I finally captured a picture of it last night, so need to get it uploaded sometime. 

We are celebrating tonight with soup and sammys, and then playing on her sweet new swing and slide set.  The big party is this weekend, and we're all excited to see family on Saturday.  I still can't believe she's One! This past year has truly flown by, and it has been awesome.  Looking forward to year two!

Stealing balls!

First trip to the park--she loved it!

Trying out the rocks



You can see one fang on the right side (her left).



I can't believe it's June 1st, and my baby will be a year old next week.  She is walking, talking (well, she can say some words, and sounds that could be words), has 6 teeth (still only the canines on top, my little vampire girl) prefers to growl over speak and has an attitude that could only belong to my child.  She is pretty much the most awesome kid ever. 

We decided that since her birthday is on a Thursday, she should just go to daycare and treat the day as usual.  Then we both took Friday off and have plans to go to the Henry Doorly Zoo.  It's her first visit, and I honestly can't remember the last time Erich and I were there.  Then the next day is her party--see invitation in the below post (I was more than happy to advertise that bad boy, and in return got a $10 giftcard to shutterfly).  Just family at the party, she gets pretty crazy when a lot of people are around, and then all she does is cling to me, so hopefully she'll be a little more playful.  We got her the most awesome present.  It's a swing and slide castle--it stands maybe 2 feet tall, but I'm pretty stoked about the deal I got on it.  I'll post pictures after we put it together.   Then on Sunday a friend is coming over to take her 1 year photos.  It'll be a fun and busy weekend. 

Harper goes back to the ENT tomorrow for a follow up appointment, so hopefully all is well, fluid is drained, and talk of tubes are a thing of the past.  Fingers crossed!  She really hasn't fussed much with her ears, so I am thinking positive thoughts. 

My nephew is staying in Lincoln the first few weeks of June, and was nice enough to babysit Harper tonight, so we had a nice date night.  We had dinner at Panera, then went and saw The Hangover II.  Funny stuff; not as funny as the original (really, would I expect that?) and I would say way more man parts than I needed to see in one sitting, but overall, it was good.  Now I just have to wait on HP, which comes out next month!  Can't hardly wait!  But I am sad to bid adieu to Mr. Potter and his friends.  sniff. 

My pal Val and I are freaks for the Hunger Games movie casting, and I have, as a co worker phrased it, brought others over to the dark side.  I can't help it, these are such good books!  I know, the plot sounds depressing (and it is) but it's an addictive depressing.  And unlike another popular teen saga, it's no drama, no whining, no teen angst.  I'm pretty excited for that movie as well, Lenny Kravitz and Donald Sutherland in the same movie? Like! 

What else?  I planted my garden this past weekend.  I've been putting it off, so a couple weeks ago I weeded the heck out of the area, and then this Sunday when Harper went down for a nap, I went to work.  I have 8 tomato plants (4 big, and 4 mini varieties) four cucumber plants (minis for pickling) and then a smattering of bean and carrot seeds, so we'll see what comes of those.  It's my second attempt after the great potato fiasco of 2010, which was thwarted by an unfortunate series of events (c-section, broken air conditioner, gall bladder attacks, etc).  So, potatoes we're goners.  I think I harvested a couple, and the rest rotted or went to the animals.  So, here's to better luck this year.

Here are a few outdoor shots I took of Harper this past weekend.  She loves to go outside, whether on walks or playing in the backyard.  I guess I'm just going to have to suck it up and deal with my hatred of being outside in the summer heat.