Harper's 2 Year Photos

Taken by our friend Megan.  She owns Crow's Nest Photography and is really reasonable-located in Lincoln.  If anyone is ever interested, I can give you her number.  On to the pictures!  These were taken in a wooded area by our house, and the backyard. 


I've got the fever...

and I've got it bad...and it really doesn't help that all these people around me keep having kiddos.  And I'm also not helping myself when I go on pinterest and just look for cute baby stuff...le sigh.
Erich has the fever, see!

In other news, we've been kind of lazy lately, and are definitely looking forward to September where the only thing we have planned in a new baby niece or nephew around 9/19 (international talk like a pirate day mateys). Oh, and my birthday, of course.  We had a "surprise" shower in York last weekend for my sister in law, and had a nice weekend with Kant family kiddos. It could have been sunnier, but really, I didn't mind the shade...it was a nice change of pace. 

Harper started swimming lessons at Lifestrokes here in Lincoln last week, and she loved it.  It's small groups of mom/dads and the child, and they start with small things, like getting wet, holding their breath, floating with mom/dad.  I dropped the ball, (kind of, I still don't think this is my fault) this week.  They changed the class time to 1/2 hour earlier, and I didn't get the voicemail.  Well, I got it, but my gd phone doesn't always alert me of missed calls or messages, particualarly when the battery is low, which is always...so, long story short Wednesday night we left there in tears (Harper because she was disappointed to not get to swim, me because I was mad because my kid was not going to swim and because of the schedule change, don't judge)...so we went home and filled up her pool, and she was happy as a clam.  So now we know for next week at least.

Harper also got her first official haircut. I cheated on the fantastic gal that does my hair, mainly because it was kind of last minute and I had a coupon...risky. But she did a nice job, and now she can see out from under her bangs!

This weekend we're going to bbq with some friends, then go see a baseball game in Omaha. Going to be a nice night--it's farm night, and the first 2000 people get a cow bell.  Maybe that will cure my fever...
Harper and Erich on the deck...

Don't be fooled, it's not done...

Our cowgirl...Yee Haw!



I don't have a ton to report, even if it has been a month since I posted last.  We've been busy working on a new deck (and let's just say if it could go wrong, it did...which is why it currently has three posts, and I have to jump down into my yard...), we celebrated our 4 year anniversary with a child free weekend, that included hanging with some friends, seeing the new Batman movie, going to dinner, and seeing Weezer at the concert cove in Council Bluffs.  It was a fun weekend, but we were ready to see Harper...who ended up with a staph infection, so I got an extra day off with her last week.  It was a very small infection that we caught early, so no worries!  Harper is talking more and more, and we are often surprised by the growing vocabulary. Here are some of her catch phrases:
"Ew, gross. Yuck"  this can be anything from food, to a movie, to bedtime, to daddy...
"Thank You Mommy/Daddy" she has become so polite! She says it in a really quiet voice, it's so sweet.  She even thanks me when she gets into trouble...kinda makes me feel bad :) You're welcome for telling you no??
"Zoo! Goats! Peacock! Penguins! Horse! Camel!Choo Choo!" basically she names off everything at the zoo in a high pitched squeal.  She LOVES the zoo (children's zoo in Lincoln).  It's small, and only takes about 45-60 minutes to get through.  That pass was the best investment of the year! And man, she owns the place...
She is also getting really good at counting, and can get to 5, and if you prompt her she'll continue to 10. Craziness! Where did my little baby Harper go?? 

This past weekend we had a family fun extravaganza.  We started with a trip to the Lancaster County Super Fair! She loved it.  They had a petting zoo with goats, pony rides, livestock--she loved the cows and rabbits. And she even went on a couple rides.  I don't think she knew what to expect, but she was determined to get on them...and I must saw, she was very brave, even though we could tell she was freaked out.  Definitely not her mother's child, I don't think I rode rides until I was 10! 

This weekend we have a baby shower for my sister in law, and a family pool party in York, then Sunday we're going to try and get to Hastings to visit my Dad and Grandma...this summer has gone by too fast and we've yet to visit them. Bad daughter! Who wants to drive in 100 degree heat? Not this girl...

We're looking forward to a cool month, and then in September we have birthdays galore and the birth of our new niece or nephew.  Harper is sure it's a girl :)