Happy November

I'm always happy and sad to see November come.  Sad because Halloween, my most favorite holiday, is over.  Happy because Black Friday is only 24 days away.  Sad because snow is now unevitable.  Happy because we Fall back, and I love me some extra sleep.  Sad because I have to drive to work in the snow...wait, did I mention that already?  I hate the snow, especially after last year's accident. 

October went by in a flash, and we had some good times.  This last week I volunteered with PJ's Babycakes' booth at Boo at the Zoo.  Welcome to Hogwarts!  I was Harry Potter, and I gotta say, it was pretty dead on.  I just need to work on my more maculine voice for next year. 

One of my favorite things about Halloween is handing out candy and seeing all the costumes.  Hey, doing this, I pretty much saw every costume in Lincoln, good times.  Here were some of my faves: all of the pirates, vampires and Harry Potter's of course, a homemade beatbox, and the best one: a girl was wearing black and white striped tights with ruby red shoes, and on top was a house.  Get it?  Wicked witch with a house dropped on her.  Very creative, however it didn't appear to be very user friendly...but then again, aren't the best costumes? 

Harper dressed as a cute little bee.  She had some concerns with it at first, but once she realized that she was getting candy out of the deal, she jumped on board.  Here are a few pictures from Halloween, and some randoms from the month as well. 

My nephew's hands were full of goo from the pumpkins

Enjoying a win on Saturday!

Creepy mustachio--aka Ron Swanson

Front of the house

Getting ready to trick or treat

At Aunt Sandy's house

Going through her loot

Abbey kept stealing candy

Those are mice and cockroaches exiting my pumpkin.