Thisther Thuthie Thittin' on a Thistle

Gosh oh gee...it's almost Christmas!  This month is going by about a fast as the last 6 months have...that's right, Harper turned 6 months on the 9th!  She is doing great, weighing in at 16 lbs 11 oz, and 26" long.  She can sit by herself, and has been caught trying to stand using the exersaucer, which inevitably results in both tumbling to the floor.  She likes to babble, and we're pretty sure she's trying to say Abbey, she has a lot of "ababab" noises.  Speaking of that, they are fast friends.  Abbey is right there to lend a hand with spit up, and Harper likes to make sure Abbey's ear's are nice and clean...friendship! 

Our tree is up, the presents are purchased, and Christmas cards will be in the mail by Monday; I still need to do some massive wrapping and baking (well, want is the word I should be using).  It doesn't feel like Christmas until there are presents under the tree, and stacks of cookies and goodies on the table.  Let's just say, Harper isn't a fan of baking, so I don't get a lot done.  I have Wednesday afternoons, but between being sick and trying to get shopping completed, they've come and gone....and, of course, watching my dvrd stuff...you know, important things!  I love me some Supernatural and 16 and Pregnant!

Erich and I are so excited for this Christmas.  Harper loves the lights and the tree, so it'll be fun to see how she reacts to shiny paper and ribbons and bows...and lots of strangers!  Our Christmas craziness begins this weekend, as we head to Hastings to visit Grandpa Duane, and Great Grandma Jerry (and stop by Great Gramma's to drop off a tree).  Then Sunday we have our annual Kant gift exchange in Columbus...we have the best gifts this year, just saying.  I have to work next week, but have Friday off...we will then head to York for Christmas with Grandma Cindy and King Richard, then with more of that side on Saturday.  Then Saturday night we have soup and snacks with my family, followed by crazy present time.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, but it's going to be a long two weeks.

Not sure what to expect in 2011.  Erich will hopefully be starting a new job, Harper will be on the move, and maybe Abbey will quit barking at every person who makes a noise in our house without her permission.  As for me, no real resolutions...maybe finish the books I started in 2010?  My big goal this year was to read a list of 100 books; I think this year I'll whiddle it down to 50 and not fence myself into a list of books...maybe I'll start on the ones I bought at the library sale. Le Sigh!

Well, hope everyone stays healthy and warm, and has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Anyone know of something fun going on?  We're looking...or if you want to babysit, that works too :)