September is here!

Well, it's practically here. Where did August go? Where did the summer weather go? I don't care, it's Fall weather here in Nebraska and I hope it's going to stay well into November. Ahh, September, it's my favorite month...and not just because it's my birthday month 29 on the 9th, it's kind of a golden birthday-9/9/09, so that means extra gifts, right? Right.

We are very busy this month. This weekend is the first Husker game of the season, so my mom and I are getting out of dodge to visit my sister (I am displeased to learn that my brother in law is renting the game, I can't escape it!). We're going to a pirate festival, and a carnival, and to this awesome little kitchen store in downtown Independence. So excited for family fun. My nephew told me I can sleep in his bed, but only if I wear underwear...um, deal? Erich has many options that weekend, we have an engagement party in York, going to the game, watching the game...who knows how crazy he'll get while I'm gone?!

The following weekend is another doubler...Erich's uncle is having a birthday party at a bar that I have been told I must experience in person, but our friends the Gonzales' are having a husker party the same day in Omaha...decisions, decisions....I've left it up to Erich because I can do that.

The next weekend is one of my close friend's bdays, International Talk Like A Pirate Day, a husker game, and a housewarming/birthday party for another friend in Omaha. Talk about busy. We're definitely doing the housewarming, and am hoping to meet the other friend for coffee at the market in the am. And I can talk like a pirate no matter where I am! Just need to find a pirate themed dish to take to the tailgate!

The weekend of the 26th is up in the air, but if all goes according to plan we'll be cheering Abbey on at the Weinerdog Races in Grand Island! If anything, I want to go and check it out, I think it sounds hilarious, and the videos I've seen on youtube back that theory up.

We also have stuff in between the weekends. The 11th is our friend Justin's 31st birthday, and we are having a "31 is the new 21" party down town, which will include a Kris Lager Band viewing at the Bourbon Theatre. We'll be in attendance there again on the 29th to see Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. I am very excited for that show, I love them!

I'm already tired and the month hasn't even begun!


Second Change

Erich, my mom and I went and saw HP again last night (thank you $5 movie club). And, I would like to say that I am glad we gave it a second chance. Going into it with zero expectations really did help, and we were able to focus on what was happening, as opposed to what wasn't. Still annoyed by the teen angst, but who isn't?
Busy busy month thus far. Last weekend I helped out at the Farmers Market Saturday am, then had great ambitions of doing some garage sales, but instead went home and finished my delicious cheesecake dip.

Yum! I enjoyed it with some friends at a dinner party in Omaha. Yummy foods and drinks and a rousing game of Apples to Apples. It was zanny! Woke up bright and early to come back to Lincoln to clean house in preparation for my niece's 10th birthday party. It was hard to stay chipper with the on and off rain, but somehow it cleared up in time. We played pin the kiss on the Jonas Brother, broke a pinata and ate delicious cupcakes made by my pal Amanda. Seriously, if you have an event you need delicious treats for, check her out.

The rest of this week was spent partially at work and with family-my sister, my cousin and their kids were in town, so we had fun catching up. It was a long work week though, and am glad to see the weekend is practically here. I have plans to finally catch up on True Blood, finish Good Omens by Neil Gaiman, and visit with some friends in town. Good times!


A busy weekend

This past weekend was pretty chaotic, but fun. My sister and BIL went on a river canoeing trip (we couldn't get the time off work, but we're game for next year) so we offered to watch their three kids for the weekend. Cole is 16, Hailey is 9 going on 16 and Ethan is 6 and Uncle Erich is his favorite person. Ever.

Erich picked the kids up on Friday and we got the HyVee Chinese Family Deal, it was a heck of a deal. Four entrees, two pints of rice, 4 crab rangoons and 4 eggrolls all for $13! Thats sheer robbery I tell ya, and their chinese isn't half bad. Erich had a bbq with some friends that night, so I played games with Hailey and Ethan--a monopoly based game I bought that centers around pirates and has activities to earn booty, very fun but a little complicated and was missing pieces! I also got my full of Teen Disney. I couldn't tell you the difference between Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato, but they are both cute in their respective shows. Especially the one in Wizards of Waverly Place, but I also like that show because it has vampires and wizards, hells yeah! Cole had stayed up until about 5am the night before, so he fell asleep around 7 and woke up when Erich got home around 1030, so of course he was wired all night again. Ah, to be 16 again...Oh wait, no, nononononono.

Saturday we had big plans--The Farmers Market to get some cupcakes from Amanda, and some veggies. Once we got there I realized Erich's mom had given me a ton of cucumbers and beans, I had bought taters and tomatoes at the store, my mom has peppers coming out of her ears, and a nice neighbor gave us a bag of sweet corn, so I actually didn't need veggies. Oh well, the market is fun regardless. We had lots of delicious treats instead. Then we got home, and headed to the park with our picnic lunch, tennis rackets, and dog in tow.

Let me preface the rest of the story with this little tidbit about Abbey: she loves loves loves tennis balls. After reading the Dog Whisperers website, I am convinced she is obsessed with them. OK, cue story... We decided after lunch to teach the kids to play tennis, but we got there and realized they had taken the net down from the court. So, we figured we can take turns hitting the balls around, doing some basic skill stuff. I figured since it was fenced in, I would take Abbey off her leash and let her chase the rogue balls. She went nuts, and was exhausted after chasing them for at least 30 minutes. Everyone is pooped and sunburnt-oops- so we decide to walk back home. Abbey is really lagging at this point, which I chalk up to the fact that she was going crazy with the balls. Then I notice that she isn't even carrying her ball anymore--her staple for most outings. So, I decide to pick her up and carry her home. Erich and the boys were ahead of me and Hailey, so he waited back and took Abbey. It was here in the handoff we realized that she had worn the skin off the pads of her feet to the point that they were shredded. It was so bad. No wonder the poor dog couldn't walk. We tried some neosporin on them, but she licked it off. So I went with a high dose of doggie aspirin and she was pretty sleepy the rest of the weekend. She is doing way better now, but I keep finding dried pieces of dog skin all over, it's nasty.

That night my mom came over for dinner, and we had a pretty low key of watching TV and putting together Legos. Sunday we ran some errands, got some $5 Footlongs, and vegged. Erich and I tried to do some cleaning but it was really pointless since the kids were still there. (I've been cleaning ever since here and there). It was a good time, but by that second day I think Erich was done being fun Uncle Erich and turned into crankypants McGee ;) I think everyone had actually. Erich made the comment that if we can handle three kids, a baby will be a breeze. Yeah, except these kids sleep through the night...then again, a baby doesn't immediately tease their sister or be a sullen teen or get offended at everything...