Best Day Ever (in a while)

Note: I started this last week and got distracted in a big way I guess....

I just wanted to make sure I document this momentous occasion...Harper pooped...on the toilet...of her own accord! Hallelujah!  We have been struggling so much with potty training (and the regression of it) that we have just been at our wits end.  I hit my breaking point when she peed on the floor at Wal-Mart...after we had visited the bathroom.  I'm an convinced our picture will make it onto some people of Wal-Mart website one of these days...But maybe, just maybe, things are back on track.  She had an accident free weekend, so keep your fingers crossed that I didn't just jinx us. Update: I did jinx us; while she has pooped on the toilet a few times, she is having more accidents than not.  Le sigh.

I think part of her problem has also been that she is now the oldest kiddo in her daycare room, and won't move into the Penguin room until she turns 3.  I think when she doesn't see anyone else willingly going, she is like, what?  That's an option...so hopefully when she becomes a Penguin that will help too.  Maybe Penguins are better listeners than Monkeys...Yes, I realize how I sound.

Her birthday is just around the corner, so we at the Kant house have some chores to finish up before her party on the 8th.  We hope to have the deck completed, swing set built, and garden plantedUpdate: the deck stairs are complete, which is good enough for me, the garden is planted, and the main playset structure is up...we just need to add all the fun stuff like stairs and slide and swings...the rain is not very conducive to this work! 

We are excited for her first birthday party with friends, which is being held at a gymnastics facility in town.  She attended a similar place for a birthday party last weekend and had a blast, so we're definitely looking forward to it.  She also wants me to make her a tiger cake...in fact if you ask her what she wants, that's all she'll say.  She is really into everything right now, from Princesses to Iron Man to Dollies.  She's versatile, I'll give her that!

Memorial Day weekend was a nice break.  We took Friday off and visited the zoo, then Harper went to stay the night in York while we did some yard work.  That night we had a fun date to see a band-Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers...never heard of them?  Remember the Refreshments from the 90s? Same thing, slightly different group.  Great show!  Then we woke up Saturday to rain...and again on Sunday. We got a few things done and enjoyed a bbq with friends on Sunday.  Monday I finally said whatever mud and hand tilled my garden and got all my tomato plants (9 cherry tomatoes!), two rows of beans, and a lot of flowers to edge it. I am still sore, and after all the rain we've gotten since everything is flooded...who knows how that garden will hold up. 

In June Harper will be starting on a soccer league for ages 3-5...she is on the Hippos team and they have hour scrimmages on Sundays.  She has great hand-eye coordination...definitely didn't get that from me, so it should be a fun time watching her and the other little ones "play".  Her little shin guards are pretty darned cute lol. 

Erich and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary in July, so we decided to take a vacation in July...to Key West!  We found a nice little inn that is adults only (and as this is the common question I've gotten after saying that, No I don't think it's a nude beach!) Looking forward to get away and just relax for a week on the beach. Found a nice excursion that takes you snorkeling in the am and then margaritas in the pm.  Sold!  Hopefully we miss any storms or hurricanes that week...

Until then we will deal with the rain here and count down the days....

First trip to the zoo in 2013!

Feeding Leo the Lion all by herself (this is big people!)

Snow in April....

Reading with Papa Duane

Wet Willy!