Thisther Thuthie Thittin' on a Thistle

Gosh oh gee...it's almost Christmas!  This month is going by about a fast as the last 6 months have...that's right, Harper turned 6 months on the 9th!  She is doing great, weighing in at 16 lbs 11 oz, and 26" long.  She can sit by herself, and has been caught trying to stand using the exersaucer, which inevitably results in both tumbling to the floor.  She likes to babble, and we're pretty sure she's trying to say Abbey, she has a lot of "ababab" noises.  Speaking of that, they are fast friends.  Abbey is right there to lend a hand with spit up, and Harper likes to make sure Abbey's ear's are nice and clean...friendship! 

Our tree is up, the presents are purchased, and Christmas cards will be in the mail by Monday; I still need to do some massive wrapping and baking (well, want is the word I should be using).  It doesn't feel like Christmas until there are presents under the tree, and stacks of cookies and goodies on the table.  Let's just say, Harper isn't a fan of baking, so I don't get a lot done.  I have Wednesday afternoons, but between being sick and trying to get shopping completed, they've come and gone....and, of course, watching my dvrd stuff...you know, important things!  I love me some Supernatural and 16 and Pregnant!

Erich and I are so excited for this Christmas.  Harper loves the lights and the tree, so it'll be fun to see how she reacts to shiny paper and ribbons and bows...and lots of strangers!  Our Christmas craziness begins this weekend, as we head to Hastings to visit Grandpa Duane, and Great Grandma Jerry (and stop by Great Gramma's to drop off a tree).  Then Sunday we have our annual Kant gift exchange in Columbus...we have the best gifts this year, just saying.  I have to work next week, but have Friday off...we will then head to York for Christmas with Grandma Cindy and King Richard, then with more of that side on Saturday.  Then Saturday night we have soup and snacks with my family, followed by crazy present time.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, but it's going to be a long two weeks.

Not sure what to expect in 2011.  Erich will hopefully be starting a new job, Harper will be on the move, and maybe Abbey will quit barking at every person who makes a noise in our house without her permission.  As for me, no real resolutions...maybe finish the books I started in 2010?  My big goal this year was to read a list of 100 books; I think this year I'll whiddle it down to 50 and not fence myself into a list of books...maybe I'll start on the ones I bought at the library sale. Le Sigh!

Well, hope everyone stays healthy and warm, and has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Anyone know of something fun going on?  We're looking...or if you want to babysit, that works too :)



I am seriously the worst blogger ever; I just can't seem to find the time to get anything updated.  It doesn't help that my laptop is on loan, and I hate our PC.  Ah well, at least you're getting an update before the new year, right? 

Harper is growing so fast, I can't believe she will be 6 months in a few short weeks!  It feels like just yesterday we were waiting at the hospital the night before she was born, wondering if and when she'd ever get here.  Here are some things she does these days that keep us entertained: 
-Fun noises--she wakes us up cooing, then it turns into raspberries and growls, which is freaking hilarious.  The noises continue throughout the day, and they crack us up.  She will also occasionally give a laugh or two, but generally only when being tickled, or in the bath.
-Bath time--she loves to kick and splash me during her bath, and then she giggles when I screech not to splash me.  She also likes being splashed herself; she gets this surprised look that turns into a smile.  Love it.
-Eating--she has moved in the solid foods world--right now we're sticking with rice cereals, smashed bananas and homemade applesauce.  My mother in law got me a food mill to make my own foods, so I am actually looking forward to that.  Who knew I'd ever be interested in making my own babyfood?  Sidenote: has anyone ever see that movie with Diane Keaton when she inherits the baby and moves to Vermont and starts her own baby food company?  I don't remember the name, but I used to love that movie...
-Moving and grooving--Miss Harper loves to move around, be it on her own on the floor, clawing her way along her blanket, in her crib moving from bumper to bumper, or trying to hitch a ride with Abbey when she gets too close.  We need to get on that whole baby proofing thing sooner than later I think. 
-Abbey--Harper has discovered we have a dog and loves to chew on her, pull on her, try to snatch her eyes.  And Abbey is such a good sport and lets her.  I can tell when she is really annoyed because she looks up at me and sighs, or just walks away.  Which makes me glad, because my biggest worry has been about how they will get along.  I think Abbey realizes that eventually this little person will share food with her, so she should be nice to her. 
-Sleeping--finally, she is sleeping through the night.  I use this term loosely, and perhaps I should rephrase and say she doesn't wake up to eat.  She wakes up for her pacifier or because she's cold or has wedged herself in the corner of the crib.  Luckily she goes right back to sleep after you fix her ailment.  We do have a night here and there where all she wants is food, but in general we're definitely getting more sleep. 

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is this week, and Christmas is right around the corner.  I'm definitely excited for our first "family" holidays.  I'm hosting Thanksgiving again this year; no boobie turkey though.  It was a very flavorful bird, but only if you like lemons.

On an unrelated note, I went and saw the new Harry Potter (and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1) movie today with Erich.  You may recall my rant from the last movie.  I was thoroughly disgusted with how that movie was done in relation to the book.  So many important things left out, I left the theater wanting to cry because I thought it was that terrible.  Well, this movie has redeemed every other movie they've made.  It was perfect.  I had nothing to complain about; every major thing (and even a ton of non-major things) we covered and it a way that made sense to people who haven't read the book.  Now, of course they didn't go into detail of  some things, but overall, A+.  I am excited to go see it a few more times before it leaves town. 

I leave you with pictures from Halloween, Our recent KC trip, and some random snap shots at home and daycare.  Enjoy, and if I don't blog before then, Merry Christmas ;)
My little penguin (who was sick on Halloween)

My witch in the middle--no pattern=pieced together pumpkin

It looks like she's making a scary face

Erich's pile-o-leaves


4 Month update

Harper had her 4 month dr appointment today, and is doing great...even a little above average as far as her behavioral items go.  She was 14 lbs, 24 inches long, (the 75th and 50th percentiles, if you care about that jazz).  She has great eye control, can grab for and hold toys, and rolls over like it's nothing...she also does something we didn't notice until the dr pointed it out...she's trying to get on her knees when on her belly...the dr predicts that while most kids don't walk until 12-15 months, our babe will be walking by 9 months...scary! Let the babyproofing begin!  I also must comment on how well she did with the shots--she received 4 of them, two at a time in each leg, and while she did cry at the initial shots, she calmed down almost immediately upon being picked up.  She even hung in there for a trip to Best Buy and TJ Maxx!  She's definitely our kid.

We've had considerably nice weather for October, too bad we've yet to really take advantage of it.  We did take a family trip to the last Farmer's market of the season, and we attended LP's 2nd birthday bash, where Harper got her first tractor ride, she was very undecided about it, but I think deep down she liked it.  Like her mom, you can't judge our thoughts by our facial expressions :) 
Harper and her first date with LP

Harper has recently discovered her voice, and loves to screech and growl and blow raspberries.  She also loves her new exersaucer--thanks Auntie Heather!  She can now roll from her back to stomach, and back to her back...although she does get rather ticked when it doesn't happen immediately.  She watched Sesame Street for the first time today, and while she was rather disinterested for the most part, she did perk up when Elmo's World came on...she would laugh and smile, then look at me and smile...apparently Elmo is baby crack, who knew?? 

We're looking forward to a nice weekend of football--Go Huskers, some family time with Sister and her kids, and some quality time at the cupcake shop--come visit me anytime from 12-2! 

I leave you with some pictures of Harper, enjoy!



I cannot believe it's October already!  Although, I am digging the fall weather.  I hate it when the seasons decide to go from summer, to a week of fall, and straight into winter and, ugh, snow...Although, I did hear someone at work say snow was predicted for later this month...but then again, what else is new?

We went from the flu to colds.  I was so psyched to have stayed healthy after Erich and Harper got sick, but alas, my multivitamin theory was a bust, as I am sick.  It's currently just an annoying scratchy throat, but I had something similar when I was pregnant last fall, and it turned into the most miserable cold of my life.  Le sigh. 

On Thursday I took a half day from work so my mom and I could attend our public library's annual sale of discontinued books.  it's probably my favorite sale of the year, I love it more than Black Friday.  I mean, it's a room full of books at "cheap" prices, plus they have records and cds and movies, and well, it's just plain awesome.  My problem is that I buy these treasures that I find, and then don't read them.  Case in point, while preparing for this sale, I found the bag of books I bought last year...I maybe read one of them.  Which leads me to my problem.  Hi, my name is Susie, and I am a chronic book buyer and not reader.  I don't get why, but if I see a good deal on a book I am only kinda interested in, it feels wrong not to buy it...I know I'm not the only one out there, and I have gotten better, but it's definitely a problem when it comes to storage of said books. This year I only purchased 7 books, as well as a kids book for Harper, and two VHS tapes of Sesame Street.  All for $9! A steal if you ask me!  But I digress...

So, one of the videos I got is rather sentimental for me, as it's the same one my nephew was addicted to when he was little...my little baby nephew who will be 18 next month.  I cannot believe it, as it seems just like yesterday my sister was going into labor, and I was pissed because I was going to have to walk the 6 blocks to school that morning for choir practice...I was always the loving sister, can't you tell?  The fam is all coming over for dinner tonight, so I'm going to surprise him by playing the tape.  Surprisingly enough, I remembered the words to almost all the songs--here's a link to my favorite one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDJsgtoizj8.

Speaking of family, I am making dinner, and I'm pretty sure I ruined the chili because I added red pepper powder instead of chili powder, and apparently there's a difference.  I got online to find a solution to my hot hot dish and got distracted...go figure.  OK, off to fix my dish!

Our budding musician.



Ahh, silence...just finished making some buffalo chicken dip for Erich's food day, while he and Harper are--hopefully--fast asleep.  I fear i may have gotten them both sick :(  I've had what I convinced myself was persistent indigestion this week...really, really bad indigestion. Alas, I think I've had, and still have, the flu.  It hit me early this year, bastard!  Last night was the worst, I was having pains that were reminiscent of my gall bladder attacks...not cool!  Maybe they were phantom pains or something, who knows.  So, hopefully I am on the mend and ready for the weekend.

I took tomorrow off so Harper and I are going to spend the day together.  I want to go to a consignment sale out at the event center, but we'll see if Harper cooperates.  We may end up staying home sleeping the day away...I think I can live with that. 

Busy weekend ahead of us, well, mainly a busy Saturday.  We have friends in town going to the game, and my sorority is hosting a little tailgate.  So, I'm going to try to fit in a tailgate bbq, get to the cucpake shop ontime, then get to the game before kickoff...I've come to terms with the fact that I'm most likely going to miss the tunnel walk...sniff. 

Speaking of the tunnel walk, last Friday my department had an outing--it included a tour of Memorial Stadium--complete with Tom Osborne cameo, then on to Brewsky's for beers.  Good time...good paid time not at work.  I am not a huge football fan, but I highly recommend the tour.  It's nothing like what you did when you first went to UNL or in grade school, it was pretty sweet.  I'm thinking of organizing a tour for my dad and brother in law, but they are rather stingy on when the guided tours take place, especially during football season. 

This is Harper's new friend Truffles.  Truffles was one of the first gifts I talked Erich into getting me Erich gave me of his own accord.  Harper loves how fluffy he is, and once she hits toddler age, he's going to make a great pillow.


Dirty 30 and Harper's 3 Month Birthday!

Well, September 9th was a big day in the Kant household.  I turned 30, and Harper turned 3 months.  To celebrate, I took Thursday through today off...just because, no plans.  It's been nice, but I'm kind of ready to go back to work...especially when my list of things to do today includes mowing and grocery shopping...luckily I knocked the groceries out after I dropped Harper off at daycare...yeah, I'm a bad mom.  But I can't clean the house and do yardwork with a baby and a dog, it just doesn't work.  And she likes daycare...and I don't know why I'm so defensive it's probably not that big of a deal to anyone else.

So, back to my birthday. Erich and I had some dinner and then met up with some friends at Harrahs to rock out to Huey Lewis and the News!  He put on a good show, but like all artists refused to play all the hits that made them what they are today...No Hip to be Square, which is my favorite song by him. Oh well, I guess he didn't realize it was my birthday or something :)
Me and the girls

Erich and Mike

i think he was playing the harmonica or something here

I also took Harper to get her 3 month pictures taken; she didn't smile for a single one! We had about 30 shots total, so it wasn't too difficult to choose the final pics.  We went to to Portrait Innovations, which while it was ridiculously hot in there, the pics were good and the photog wasn't bad. Next time I'll take Erich to make her smile.

I actually just took a break in the blog to go rake and mow--when the moment hits you have to sieze it.  So now I am hot and gross and full of fly bites.  Sounds like a good closing for this week!

New hat from Grandma Cindy! Yay or Nay?

With her new BFF Truffles

Cute outfit from Uncle Mike and Aunt Lindsay

Insert your own caption here :)



I can't believe Harper is only 11 weeks old; it feels like she should be so much older!  Especially since she's starting to move and "talk" more.  She reaches for toys and can activate their sounds, she jib jabs when she's in good moods, she smiles when we smile, laughs when we laugh, and can mimic sticking her tongue, which is my personal fave.  I just love this happy littlle person she's becoming!

Still keeping busy at work, and am loving my second job at the cupcake shop.  Slowly learning new things, otherwise having a good time chatting with Amanda and helping customers...and purposely giving them wrong information, ha ha Braggs! 

I have never been a coffee drinker, I just don't like the taste...since going back to work I have found that my morning breakfast tea just doesn't do the trick, and am dragging around half asleep all day.  So someone suggested a Starbucks frappuccino, since it's not overly "coffee" tasting.  And now I'm hooked, it's like chocolate milk with a little bit of crack. And it's only 100 calories, so it's not ruining the diet I'm trying to stick to.  Also slowly trying to wean the Kants off of processed chicken patties and nuggets, and into veggie patties and nuggets.  So far I've been the guinea pig, and I gotta say, they aren't half bad.  Stick it on a bun with some pickles, and you can't tell the difference.  The texture looks about the same, since both are processed from other things. Erich will be the true test I guess, since he loves him some chicken patties.  Next step will be moving from french fries to sweet potato fries...Although, they're all fried, so I guess it shouldn't make a difference. 

For Christmas last year we received a home renovation "gift card" from my inlaws, and we've been slow in using it.  The sad thing is, we know we want to get a new sink with it, it's just the pregnancy and addition to our family has made it difficult to go look.  We went this weekend to some showrooms, and damn.  Sinks are pricey, especially when they are trying to sell you new countertops and drawer handles and cabinets...yikes.  I think we'll stick with Lowes for now, where they don't bug you to buy 2 grand worth of stuff.  Although, new countertops would be sweet, I hate ours.  I want granite baby! One thing at a time I guess.  We also need to work on baby proofing our upper level--we have a straight banister that  overlooks the living room, and the spindles are pretty far apart.  Our first idea was to just cover it up with plexiglass, but then on second thought, do I really want to be cleaning dog noses and kid noses and dirty hand prints for the next 5 years?  Probably not.  So, we're on the hunt for new spindles, which we will need to finish and stain and hopefully somewhat match the wood in our house.  Not really looking forward to that project!

Harper is doing really well at daycare, they think she's great and I hope the feeling is mutual.  They especially love her outfits, so I guess that's a compliament for me.  I love dressing her, she's like my little Barbie doll!   And she has more than enough clothing to never wear the same outfit twice for a while.  I did get her a cute winter suit, and some jeans at the consignment shop.  I love that store--Once Upon A Child--but they need to get real with some of their prices.  Just because it came from the Gap or Gymboree does not mean you can charge $13 for a used outfit, I don't care how adorable the dachshund on it is.
I also witnessed the worst reaction to a tantrum in public.  Two year old didn't want to try on some pants, but the mom kept pushing it.  Then he went crazy with screams and cries; the mother held him close and just kept telling him she loved him and he needed to get it out.  Seriously? Does he need to get it out in the middle of the aisle?  How about outside...in your car?  Or better yet, at home?!  Erich says I shouldn't judge, but I've dealt with tantrums with nieces and nephews and daycare kids, and not taking action only tells them they're going to get hugs if they do it.  If Harper ever did that, I'd leave the store and take her home.  I feel like when they're that age, getting to go to the store is a reward, and if you're going to throw a tantrum, you don't get that reward anymore. Ah, can't wait for that!!

My Sister and Nephew at the Zombie Walk
Sleepy Cole and Sleepy Harper
What Abbey does after I get up!
Cute big girl outfit!

Smiles for Dad!

My daddy dressed me!

Ethan finally got to feed her and found it very overrated!

Cupcakes make her smile!



Well, our first week of daycare and work went great!  Harper really seems to enjoy herself there, she eats and sleeps and plays well.  And I've been busy at work so it keeps me from dwelling on her all day.  We had her two month check up on Monday; she weighs 12 lbs 2.5 oz, and is 23 inches long, both in the 75th percentile.  Her head size, which escapes me, was in the 50th percentile.  She has great neck control, and everything else looks good.  She also took all 5 shots like a champ!  She cried some, but I think part of that was hungry cries...we agreed that we've heard her cry worse when her dinner was late!

We spent this past weekend in York for Great Grandpa Kant's 91st birthday.  We had fun swimming at the pool; all the boys end up trying to outdo themselves on the diving board, and then the little girls try to mimick their older cousins, uncles and fathers.  Harper hung out with Great Grandma in the shade, but I think she wanted in the water :)  Then we had cake--delicious cake, reminiscent of our wedding cake--because its the same stuff made by the same person, and we will get to have it at virtually every family gathering on the Kant side...score!

My 30th birthday is slowly approaching next month.  I've decided to celebrate in style...at the concert cove with Huey Lewis and the News!  Some friends from work were going, and it falls on my birthday, so I took a few days off and decided to go.  It'll be my first full night away from Harper, eek!  Then the following Tuesday Erich and I are going to Omaha to see Dave Matthews, and spend the night again at the boats, while Grandma Cindy does an overnight gig...that's another eek! We'll see how I do.

My friend Amanda has her own cupcake shop--the best one in town!  Last week she was featured in the Ground Zero--a supplement to the paper here in Lincoln which reviews movies, restaurants, etc.  It was a great review with ridiculous results; she was virtually sold out all weekend long!  Her shop had a line around the corner when she opened on Friday, and it sounds like the craziness didn't stop until she closed up on Sunday--she also sells at the Lincoln Farmers Market--sold out there too!  So, she's getting busy, and has asked for reinforcements--so I'm going to try my hand at helping out.  I'll be learning all her secrets, so then I can open my own shop and see "gourmet miniature cupcakes"...mwa ha ha!!!  I know you'll read this at some point Braggs! 

Enjoy some pictures from this weekend and earlier this month; I haven't had a ton of photo time with her since I've been back to work :(

in the crib Erich & his brother used, as well as the clown mobile...