Erich and Susie go to Florida!

Erich and I decided to celebrate our 5th anniversary in Key West.  It was a very relaxing time, and if not for Harper and Abbey, I may not have come home!  We stayed in a renovated mansion by the ocean, and it was nice and quiet.  I could spend all my mornings reading a good book in a hammock! I would recommend it for a couple, but I don't think it's a great place to take kids.  Most of the parents there looked pretty miserable lol. 


Harper's 3rd Birthday

Harper turned 3 in June...I really have a hard time believing it's been that long since she came into our lives!  She is definitely growing into her own little person with opinions and she isn't afraid to express them.  She is also very sensitive, always the first to feel bad or sad for someone or something.  She loves "Abs"  (Abbey) and is so sweet with her.  She makes sure she has tucked her in before leaving each day, and loves to play with her outside.  She is still quite the mommy's girl, but she does let dad help here and there...we're definitely working on that! She also loves books, whether looking on her own or being read to, it's definitely one of her favorite pasttimes, just like her parents :)  We are so very happy to have this girl in our lives, and can't wait for what she has to bring in the future. 

For her birthday, we visited the Farmer's market in the morning, then after lunch we went to a local gymnastics facility to play with friends.  She had a blast!  Everyone definitely wore themselves out running and jumping and just being kind of crazy!  We enjoyed some cake and ice cream, then invited family and some friends over for a bbq at our place.  She got to show off her new playset that dad built, and just had fun playing with cousins until way past bedtime.  On her actual birthday, which was Sunday, she had her first soccer game...it was definitely interesting...pretty much what you would expect with a group of 3 year olds and a soccer ball...chaos! Then her Birthday fun ended on Monday with a family trip to the zoo...we were exhausted but man it was fun!

Here are some pictures from that weekend.