Working for the Weekend

There's really nothing like a slow day at work on a Friday...especially when your workfriend leaves at 12:45. Now I just look forward to 4 for my walk around our track, and then 5 when I get to leave. We have big plans for tonight, going to dinner at Panera, then on to Best Buy to check out TVs, which we totally need right away. I also want to look for an MP3 player, as I may very well be the last person on earth to own one. I take that back, I had one and Erich stole it because his broke. I've been promised one for Christmas, so I want to start window shopping.

We got the final word from the FHA, and the house is a done deal (short of a few signatures and our souls being sold to the bank). It's very exciting to buy a house, especially one that needs so little work. We're very excited to get in there and make it our own. Erich even bought one of those dumb infuser things--it does have a cool container I may reuse though. We've scoped out the local (and not so local) furniture stores and have a good idea of what we want. We've even mapped out the rooms, and I'm pretty sure Erich has some secret spreadsheet somewhere with more information than we need!

Erich talked to his mom last night and she implied that they would be joining us for Thanksgiving (as I will be hosting my immediate family for dinner). It will be interesting to say the least; my brother in law already went one football game without using the f bomb, I'm not sure he has the self restraint for another. Then again, a little f bomb never hurt anyone.

My 6 year old nephew called me yesterday morning to ask if I had my baby yet. He is convinced that when you get married, you are automatically pregnant. I have tried explaining the gists to him, to no avail. So, now I just change the subject, and he keeps calling. It's not like a joke to him either, he honestly thinks one of these days there will be a new baby. This is a photo from the wedding; he loved the limo ride--he got two Mt Dews!


Back to Blogging

A few years ago I blogged quite a bit, and then it tapered off. Maybe it was because I was in a new relationship, and then that turned into the time consuming planning of a wedding. Now it seems I have more time on my hands, so I might as well start up again.

Erich and I were married almost 2 months ago. The big question everyone asks? How does it feel to be married? My answer is always, The Same! We have been living together for more than a year, and unofficially for about a year before that. We know how to live with each other, so the only adjustment issues we're having is finding room for the 20 decorative bowls we received as wedding gifts. Luckily, we're storing majority of the gifts in York until we get a house.

Onto that topic. We started house hunting about a month ago; we knew that that was our next step. We have a dog-Abbey, and want to start getting our stuff organized, and it's hard to do that in an apartment. Plus, Abbey has a bad habit of getting up early to pee, so it would be nice to just let her out into the backyard, instead of one of us having to get dressed, find her collar and leash and poop bag, and then try to get back to sleep for the last 20 minutes before an alarm is going to go off. If anything, she's preparing us for parenting :)

So, back to the house; we found one we both knew was "The One". We have looked at it, and decided to make an offer the following evening--on my birthday :) Unfortunately, someone else made an offer, so we had to act quickly. We ended up bidding more than we wanted to, but won out. So, assuming everything goes according to plan, we'll be moving in sometime in November! Woot. We're both very excited, and can't wait to get out of this apartment.
So, I'm hoping this blog will be a good tool to communicate with our friends we don't get to see nearly as often as we hope. Oh, and we have no plans to get pregnant any time soon :) We've both agreed we want to wait at least a year, but if something were to happen, we're ready for a little one...