November? What's that?

So I kind of suck at this whole blogging thing. It's not that November was terribly busy, but we've had problems getting Harper to go to bed, and by the time that is done, I'm ready to fall into bed myself...fun times in the Kant household!  So, here is what we've been up to, in no particular order, followed by some pictures :)  Don't hold your breath for another post until January!

-Bye Bye Papi!  That's right, the pacifier is officially gone.  Erich was gone one night and we had been at my mom's all night playing with her cousins.  I realized as we got into the car that I forgot the papi, so I decided to just roll with it.  We got home around 8:30, and by 10 she was asleep, but she was not happy about it.  The next week or so was rough, especially when she won't let Erich help at all with bedtime.  But I'm happy to report we are still papi free, and while she has gone to look for it a couple times when she's really tired, she has stopped asking for it.  Yay! So that leads me to our next goal...

-Potty training! After the papi was gone, it was like there was a switch and she is suddenly all about the potty chair. At daycare she goes once an hour at least, however we are still working on pooping.  She's great at the potty piece of this.  I've recently tried rewarding for poops, but apparently even an m&m isn't worth it.  I wouldn't be so frustrated except for the fact that she waits until a diaper is on, then immediately poops in it. Little stinker. But we are well on our way!

-Vocabulary: Harper has been talking non stop lately, and it's crazy how she pieces words together into full sentences. The most common ones we hear are: I no like that, I no want to, and I want to (insert action here).  She is definitely strong willed and knows what she does and does not want.  Which is good and bad :)  She is awesome at counting (english to 14 and spanish to 5) and does great with shapes.  We go back and forth with colors and letters, but she's definitely working on them.  You can tell she is picking up on a lot at daycare right now.  She is always surprising us with something new!

Santa Claus--Harper is anti Santa right now; she likes the idea of Christmas and presents and whatnot, she does not like him watching her. When we use that phrase she gets this look on her face and says, No he not! I no like him watching me! I guess she figures she's already seen him twice this year, he can watch all he wants.  She visited him at the zoo with her BFF Izzie, and again with Grandma last weekend; I think she is over the hype.  Too bad I will make her go see him a third time at the mall this weekend! I kind of wish someone would dress as the Grinch, she loves that guy and would probably be good for him.

-DC: Erich and I are just getting back from a 6 day trip to DC (and Harper from 6 days with the Grandparents in York).  We all survived!  We went for a wedding that Erich was in, and then stayed on a few extra days to sightsee.  It was such a good time with fun people, and we walked until we dropped.  We also got to see some different areas than our last trip out there, so that was fun.  If you are interested in going, I highly recommend the Hilton Doubletree suites in the Foggy Bottom area.  You are close to a Metro station, which can take you to and from the airport for $5 each way, which is way cheaper than the $30 taxi ride.  It's also close to a lot of food options, and within walking distance of the Lincoln Memorial.  Harper also had great fun with Grandma and Papa, she got to see Santa, go to the York Children's Museum, and probably best of all, have uninterrupted attention from two of her favorite people.  We were all very excited to be home.  (Abbey stayed with Grandma Linda, and also had lots of undivided attention, but she was ready to be home as well). 

-We are very excited for Christmas and seeing family and friends! Like I said, I won't post until January, unless something crazy happens.  So Merry Christmas from The Kants!