38 weeks and it's HOT out!

I've figured out why I've been so comfortable thus far with the pregnancy; it hasn't been hot! The weather has either been bitter cold, or springy. As the thermometer outside slowly inches to 90 degrees, I huddle closer to my fan...even with the air running I'm a sweaty mess. Maybe it's the extra weight around the middle, maybe the dog who won't leave my side...who knows?!

We aren't making much progress on the baby-front. Baby Kant has definitely dropped, and I am probably 100% effaced at this point. No contractions (and thus no dialation) as far as I can tell, and I am hoping I would be able to tell...Next appointment on Wednesday should tell us more. A coworker has the 25-27 earmarked; Erich is banking on Wednesday to get more time off from work, and my in laws are hoping for Thursday, otherwise they'll be in Oklahoma for a wedding and miss all the fun. I'm fine with anything after 10:30 tonight--just let me find out how they end Lost, and you can do whatever you want Kid!

A couple weeks ago my family and I suffered a great loss...my 38-year old cousin Jay passed away due to cardiac arrest caused by a diabetic seizure. Growing up, I really didn't get the chance to get to know him, as he was so much older--me being the baby of the Grandkids, and them living in another state. As I hit my 20s, we found we shared many commonalities: our love of musicals, sarcasm, hot guys, alcohol, dancing at gay bars, etc etc. He was an open and honest person, had a big heart, and and even bigger sense of humor. He had been diagnosed with diabetes years ago, and the seizures had become worse over the past couple years I think. Last January (2009) was the last time we saw him; my sister and I met him in Chicago for a suprise party for his sister. We had one last great hurrah, and also saw the scary side of his diabetes when we experienced two of his seizures. We joked about it, and honestly I'm not sure I'll ever be able to watch Steel Magnolias again...I miss him, but it's hard to mourn someone when you just can't make yourself believe they're gone. I'll drift off sometimes thinking about it, and just can't believe it's real. As we prepare for the birth of this baby, I can't help but hope there is such as thing as reincarnation, or that he'll at least send some of his personality with this baby to us. Depending on what part we get, I may regret saying that...Love you Jay!


So long, old pal...

I am Lost junkie, I really don't know what I'm going to do after the end of this month when it ends. I guess there is that whole baby thing going on to keep me distracted...and a new season of True Blood comes out this summer... le sigh.

Last night, we bid farewell to our first original Losties who came to their demise by the Smoke Monster AKA Man in Black who I affectionately call, Not Locke. Sayid, Sun and Jin. Sayid was already a zombie, so I kind of figured his time was coming soon--although last night he seemed very normal, so maybe he was channeling normal Sayid before making his sacrifice to the group. Now the Kwans, come on! They were just reunited! Jin was going to meet his daughter! But no, water city. Erich did point out that they will be together in the alternate Lost world, but still. Sad pandas.

There is one character I want them to get rid of, and I get the feeling it's not going to happen...Kate. I despise her, she is as annoying on this show as she is in those haircoloring commercials. She got shot last night, but, alas, she will probably survive. If Not Locke could just work his smokey magic on her, I'd be one happy pregnant lady.

Predictions for next week? No freaking clue. My only prediction going forward is that more Losties are going to bite the big one, and maybe they'll eventually get off the island.


Prego Brain!

I've got a case of the Prego Brain, and I've got it bad. The only cure for it is more...chocolate? That's how I felt this weekend. All last week I felt out of it, and it didn't get better. That probably doesn't bode well for the rest of this pregnancy. I have problems remembering words, appointments, trains of thought...and I did that before so now it's like times 10! This weekend my mom and I went to the Farmers Market, something I have been looking forward to since it ended last Fall. I always move some items from my purse to a larger bag, then carry that around with my keys, wallet, etc. For some reason I decided to throw the larger bag into my trunk, and slam the door...all before my mom had time to ask what the heck I was doing. So bummed! She had limited cash on her, and her purse and etc was in the trunk as well. Luckily I had my cell and a change purse in my hand, so Erich came to my rescue. We're going to try again next Saturday, as I was kind of in a crappy mood and didn't enjoy the market a ton...well, I did enjoy my breakfast cupcake from Amanda's stand...yum. I've also made the conscious decision that I won't take a stroller to the market until I absolutely have to, and I will no longer make fun of those backpack harnesses they make for kids...I think they should come standard at a busy market. It'll be slings this summer, and maybe a stroller next year...maybe.

We are into the final stretch--I am 35 weeks pregnant, which I really cannot believe. I thought I'd be more miserable, and have problems sleeping and just in general be a biotch, but I'd like to say I've been rather pleasant this entire pregnancy. There have been moments where I've freaked out on Erich, but overall I'd say he's gotten off rather easy--and he'd agree. I do have problems now with the baby resting what I hope are feet in my ribs while I sleep, so I am awakened to some painful movement. And my only other complaint are the baby's constant hiccups...they are strong and seem to go on for an eternity...even Abbey won't sit by my when they start up! But, I guess that's a sign that the lungs are developing properly, so I shouldn't complain. A friend of mine is having a less than enjoyable pregnancy--she had a bad fall early on which tore her MCL which put her on crutches through winter; now she's on bed rest for preeclampsia; a coworker had contractions for 6 weeks prior to finally delivering her almost 10 pound baby, and is now in the hospital with massive infections...so, I think of those things and remind myself it could be worse, and to suck it up these last 4.5 weeks.

I have two more showers to go, then we can finish off the nursery, sit back and relax. One is with some coworkers, and we get an extended lunch with Jimmy Johns--which is something I've avoided all pregnancy long, and have decided that since I'll be 36.5 weeks at the time of the shower, I will risk lysterial for a turkey tom...yum! Then the following Saturday I have my last family shower that my aunt and sister are planning, so it will be good to see my sister and all our friends and fam making the trek. I had my first shower a couple weeks ago and it was fun, I was glad to see everyone and catch up and, well, open presents...who doesn't like that? We went for drinks after and then dinner, all in all a good day.

We're also trying to finish up some home projects before little Hagrid/Hermione arrives (OK, those might not be the final names, but I can tell you that both front runners start with an H, and they may or may not be Harry Potter related). We finally got our ceiling fan installed, after it's initial purchase last summer. Now we're going to put in a new kitchen sink, and possibly replace some hardware in the bathrooms. Or, at the very least, get a different shower curtain!

We finally picked a daycare--it's a facility near our house, and they come with good reviews so I'm not as freaked out as I was...but talk to me in August. They focus on interraction with infants and do some signing, then as they get older it takes on a more preschooly feel and do scheduled activities, other languages, etc. For now it's OK, but I don't know how much "structure" they need until they're actually in preschool. I don't need two know it alls at my house! :)

I have now done all my maternity leave training at work, so it's a waiting game. I have some things I'm still working on, but trying not to get roped into anything huge just in case. We begin weekly appointments with the dr this week, so that's kind of an eye opener.

Sorry this has been such a random post, like I said, I blame it on the prego brain...it is an actual disease you know? There've been studies! I think...