It's so hard to believe that Christmas is seriously 5 days away.  Where did this year go?  Can't say that I'm ready for the big day, but luckily it's only a couple people and I can get it done this weekend, and I don't really need to go shopping to finish...yay for homemade gifts, right?  Erich and I kind of just bought ourselves the things we wanted...for him, a new mandolin.  For me, a new camera.  For us, a new printer.  Then our dishwasher broke last weekend, so add that to the list.  Ahh, the joys of home ownership!!

We spent Thanksgiving with my sister and her family in Missouri, and that was a lot of fun.  Got some good pictures of her with her cousins, and a lot of her with their cat.  They loved each other...Erich was not a fan.  I think Harper's favorite part of the trip was playing dress up with Miss Kitty.  And visiting Santa! We made our kids wear ugly sweaters to go visit him before we left; it turned out pretty good.  And Harper made sure to let him know she had been good, and wants a bicycle.  Which luckily hasn't changed since, so Santa shouldn't have any issues on the 25th :)

December has been full of decorating and baking and playing in the snow.  Luckily very little travel, although that changes this weekend when we head to Columbus on Sunday, then to York on Christmas day, and lastly Hastings on the 29th.  Excited to see family though, and my sister will be back the 27th, yay!  Harper had her school program last weekend, and it was pretty adorable.  She really got into it this year (see the video below) and she really does love to sing and listen to Christmas music, which Erich loves and I tolerate.
Baby Kant is growing and growing...we booked our C-Section for February 18th so that means it's less than 2 months before his arrival!  The nursery is about half-way done.  Still need to get stuff moved out to make room for the crib, and then go through boxes of clothes. Harper is excited for him, but not for the crying after spending the night with friends and their baby...she said she didn't like all his noise :)  She's in for a rude awakening I think!

Harper has been learning how to write her name at daycare and is getting pretty good at those "H"s, or as she calls them, her letter.  We're still working on the other letters.  She also loves to sing her ABCs and draw.  And her imagination is crazy these days.  We brought home a pirate ship for her Little People, and it's so fun to watch how all the different "people" interact together.  At one point, she had the pirates, Santa, her nativity cast and her farmer, all hanging out on the pirate ship.  Today I looked, and her nativity was featuring a pirate with his treasure, as well as Mary, a Farmer and a wise man in a boat.  With an elf and some animals looking on.  Love it!  We got her a Little People Princess castle for Christmas, can't wait to see how they fit into the mix.

Here are some pictures from the past month or so.  Enjoy your Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year!

Miss Kitty sleeping with her

Look at the reflection in the mirror. Meow. 

Fabric I picked up on black Friday for receiving blankets.  Sweet!

Playing with the pirate ship

Enjoying Bass Pro Shop

I was bummed, Santa covered her ugly sweater.

Hiding under her vanity

She loves to hide behind her tree

Our first sugared batch, she was ready to go home. 

Diligently decorating cookies

All the kiddos with the cookies

Before the Christmas program

Wiped out from her program

Best Friends right there.

Ready to put the star on!

Decorating her little tree

7 Months

Oh, it snowed!

Shoveling for Dad

Abbey loves the snow too!

Trying to find the most delicious piece of snow


Telling me to stay where I was so she could bury me in snow