15 Weeks Down, 25 To Go...

We had our 15 week appt yesterday, and everything is looking good. My weight stayed the same, so as long as I don't lose any she is fine with that. The baby's heartbeat was 160 bpm, to which the doctor commented that the baby was excited; at our last appt it was 185, so go figure. I told her it was because Christmas was on it's way, who isn't either excited or agitated, both things to raise your heart rate.

Thanksgiving came and left Erich with a miserable cold I am struggling to avoid. It's a nice hacking cough, so as long as I keep chugging the OJ and using the hand sanitizer like crazy, I think I may actually avoid it.

Tomorrow is a day I have been looking forward to since, oh, maybe August when I bought the tickets. Some girlfriends and I are going to see Avenue Q at the Lied. It's this great musical that stars puppets; dirty puppets that sing about porn and masturbation and how it sucks to be them. Very uplifting stuff! But, it's an awesome show, so we are all very excited to see it. We're doing dinner and then the show. It will be hard to get through today and tomorrow!

I cannot believe it's already December! December! As I drove into work today, "Mother Goose was pecking her gander" as my grandma would have said...meaning it's snowing those light little flakes you can hardly see. This is a running joke for my family, since the first time she said it to me I looked outside expecting to see some geese. Ha ha, I like jokes at my expense. Ah, good times.

We are busy almost every weekend in December, as I'm sure is everyone else. I just hope to get my shopping done within the next few weeks and then not have to do anything last minute...which is always my game plan and always fails. I will succeed this year, I can feel it!

I've been getting these horrible headaches which I chalked up to a sinus infection, so yesterday I mentioned it to the doctor. She said my shoulders and neck were really tight, so all I needed was a good massage. Ah, any excuse for some pampering. As luck would have it, Target had a great deal on a Shiatsu heated neck massager...Gift from above, and the best $25 I've spent in a looong time. I relaxed with my neck massager, dog sleeping on my lap, and Edward and Bella being whiny on the tv. Good afternoon for me!

Well, probably the last post before Xmas, so have a good one. Hope Santa is nice to everyone and stay healthy!!!