Father's Day

We had a nice, relaxing Father's Day weekend. We slept in on Saturday and then headed to York for some pool time. You would think because I say we slept in it was a nice, restful sleep. Uh, no. Harper is still teething, so it was fun, fitful sleep. So we all needed to sleep in.  As a result, I missed out on a shower for a friend, but her gift in nearly ready for the mail. Can you hardly stand it Alison? Can you? 

We got to York a little later than expected, but Harper had also napped longer than usual, so we decided to go straight into pool time.  Last year Harper was not a big fan of the pool, but she warmed up to it and her own floaty pretty quick. She had fun going from person to person, playing with some pool toys, and drinking the pool water. Yes, it really is just like a big bathtub. Gross.  We had a nice dinner outside, then we were all pooped.  Harper got to sleep on her new big girl bed at Grandma and Papa's house, Abbey liked it too. Shh.  Then we had some family time learning to play Canasta. I think it drove Erich nuts, but I liked it...very similar to Rummy, and I love me some Rummy.  So now I make Erich play that in the evenings. We are cool. 

So, on Father's Day we went to church, had some Chances R chicken, and then, well, more pool time of course!  Harper and Grandma left a little early for a nap, but about 10 minutes later we see them come back. Harper decided she wanted to walk back to the pool, with or without Grandma; she left her getting the shower ready and out she snuck through the back door.  She's a sneaky little minx sometimes. Now we have to lock all the doors!  So Harper then cried through a shower, and was asleep in my arms before I even had her downstairs to bed.  She had a long day!  But it was fun weekend.  We stayed on for dinner, then took the Highway home, since apparently I80 going East is the worst right now.  We saw a llama farm and counted windmills and basically enjoyed a scenic drive home. 

Harper's daycare had a field trip to the local zoo on Thursday, so I volunteered to go along (as did like 7 other moms) with 15 toddlers, plus two teachers. It was definitely an interesting experience. Harper is clearly the leader of the group; she was jabbering and motioning the whole time, and always at the front of the pack. She was totally against holding anyone's hand (including mine and her BFF's) so that caused some drama here and there. It also started getting kind of warm towards the end, so we were in and out of meltdown city. By noon we were ready to get some food and a nap. She was asleep before we were even half way home, and napped until almost 3! I'd say it was a successful trip, and it was fun to see how she interracts with other kids her age. She definitely takes after her dad!

Harper and her BFF Izzie

This past weekend we had no plans, which I think was a first (and last for a while). Saturday we planned on getting up early and heading to the Farmer's Market, but the tsunami-like weather delayed that a bit.  We were back on track around 9:30.  After a cupcake visit and a few other stops, we were back on the road to Home Depot for a few items, then lunched at McDonalds (we had a dirty diaper situation that was not going to make it home).  Harper had been pretty sullen and quiet all morning; apparently all we needed to do was feed her apple slices and french fries and voila! She was like a completely different kid...not so great when you want nap time to happen. As a result, she didn't go down until around 2. Which worked out because Gma and Pa were in town, and a late nap worked great with the evening.

Sunday we had plans with some friends for dinner, so we cleaned house and did yard work. Harper took a nap at a normal time, and it was a really good day. It was fun to catch up with friends, and Harper liked playing with their son LP. And, she proved to LP's dad that she can both smile and talk. Suck it Bragg.
I'm taking her to Walmart!

Here are just some random shots from playing outside.  Harper loves her new wagon.  She also loves to pick apples, so we made apple crisp last week with them--not too bad!  We'll see if they make good applesauce or not! 


Harper's 2nd Birthday

I suppose I ought to tell you about this special day before the details get away from me.  The week leading up to Harper's birthday was rough.  Erich was out of town on a man-cation in Vegas, and Harper was teething pretty hard core and I ended up with a 24 hour bug...but we powered through and had a fun time with the family. 

The theme was Sesame Street, in case you don't pick up on that from the pictures.  Harper loved all the decorations and snacks we picked out.  The party was at 3:00, in hopes that she would be well rested from a nap. Backfire!  As family arrived for the party, she was still pretty sleepy from naptime, and stayed rather quiet for the majority of the day.  But, I could see her little smile peek through from time to time, so I think she enjoyed herself. 

Playing with the poms!

Each flower had a picture of Harper, and then some were "factoids" about her 2nd year

Can you believe we didn't get any pictures of her in front of this thing?

Yes, I made this cake...

And this one too. The awesome cupcakes were from PJ's! (Daycare enjoyed them on Friday)

Let the festivities begin!

With Aunt Heather & Cousin Hailey

This streamer came from the clearance bin at Dollar Tree. Dealio!

We did the cake at the very end after supper...ugh, we were so tired and full!

She found a way to eat a few bites anyway!