OMG can you believe it?  Two posts a less than a month?  Out of control.  One of my many goals is to post on this thing more, because what's the point of cramming two months worth of stuff into a post?  It's lame, and I realized it ticks me off when I have to wait for my favorite people to post on their blogs.  My other goals you ask?  Ah...just to name a few...lose those last few, um, 30 baby pounds, learn to make healthier yummier meals, make my own baby food, learn to sew, read approximately 30 books which I own but have never read, and finish my wedding scrapbook so I can start on Harper's book.  A lot of goals, but that just means it's more to get done...or more to put off.  We'll go with the first one.

This weekend Harper got her first play date with an older man (sorry Braggs!).  Dexter is 1 1/2 and a fun kid once he warms up to you.  He hasn't exactly gotten that whole sharing thing down though.  When Harper would get too close to something, he'd snatch it up and put it in his lap.  She didn't care, since she just wanted something to chew on.  Then I got out some of her toys (a soft book, a steering wheel rattle, and a cat teether) that's all he wanted.  She started playing the wheel like a tambourine while reading the book.  When I asked him to share with Harper, he threw the book across the room.  It was kind of funny.  Anyway, cut to this morning after I braved the icy terrain to get Harper to daycare (more on this below).  I set her down with a couple other kids, who are playing nicely.  She noticed a toy, then saw another kid crawling towards it.  She but it into high gear, knocked the kid aside, and swiped the toy. Very gracefully...I was like, sorry?  I explained her visit with Dex this weekend, and she laughed it off.  Let's hope for no more take downs, and no blow outs, which were the big issue last week.  We think they're feeding her to much, and cut back her formula this weekend. Voila! No blowouts at home, we'll see how it goes today.  I hate getting bags of poopy clothes, it's the worst. 

So, it's an icy icky wintery day today.  I knew it was bad when a coworker called to tell me to just stay home.  I decided to at least try and get Harper to daycare, then I could go back home and work.  The roads were slick, and traffic was slow going.  I can get to daycare, even with high traffic and bad weather., in about 7 minutes.  Today it took about 20--majority of the wait was turning against traffic into the center.  So, leaving I can't get any traction up the hill on the main road to get to work--my other option is even steeper, so I said screw it and decided to head home.. This trip took almost 45 minutes to go about 5 blocks.  Out of control.  So, now I'm dealing with a slow system but at least getting some stuff done. 

Harper is keeping us busy with crawling like crazy and starting to stand up and walk around furniture.  I was going through a tote of clothes yesterday, and it made me sad to see how small her stuff was when we brought her home.  It's seriously amazing how quick they grow.  She had some cheerios for the first time yesterday.  I cheated and soaked them in milk, I know she isn't supposed to have real dairy until 1 year, but seriously, what did we drink as babies?  She loved them, and it was win win for Abbey because she can't quite get them into her mouth, so half of them ended up on the floor--and in Abbey's mouth.  The problem is that when you're done, she isn't, and she threw her first fit.  It was cute, I wish I had had the camera on her.  There was fish pounding and growling and kicking.  Out of control.  She's going to be handful. 

Sunday Erich was supposed to go to CBus with Harper for his Grandma's bday, but he had a touch of the flu the night before, so they stayed in, and I went and worked at PJ's.  Pretty busy day for the weather, good times.  Better than Erich's; apparently all Harper wanted to do was walk around being held.  She's done that to me before, and it's not fun.  Plus, you can't get anything else done because she cries with real tears, which is so heartbreaking.  Tears are the greatest tool to get your way. Ever.

OK, break time is over.  Have a good week and stay warm; sounds like we're going to get hit again fairly soon.  I am so sick of the snow!


A Year for Firsts...

I knew 2011 would be a year of firsts for us.  Harper getting her first tooth, taking her first step, saying her first word...I put them in the order I'm predicting them, which is kind of cheating because she had her first tooth break through on Wednesday morning.  So, my point being I thought all my firsts would be involving Harper...Lo and behold, I was wrong.  On Thursday morning on my way to work, I was involved in my first car accident.  I've been driving for almost 12 years and not one accident or ticket on my record.  A lady was driving too fast on the private road behind my office; she hit some ice, fish tailed, and hit me head on.  We're all fine, sore, but fine.  She totalled her sporty little car, and removed my bumper.  So it's rental car city until sometime next week.  Let's hope all our other firsts are positive ones!

Like I said, Harper cut her first tooth last week.  She was running temps most of the weekend and into Mon-Tues, so I figured something was up.  She slept through the night on Wednesday, which is unlike her.  I did my daily sweep of her gums, and was shocked to feel something sharp in there.  She won't let us see it (as she assumes we're going to de-boogerfy her, which she hates) so we're playing the waiting game to see the little chomper. 

This weekend I attended a shower for my friend Sara, who is the third in the group of about 10 of us from college/sorority to have a kiddo.  Most of the gals live in Omaha, a couple in Lincoln, and one lonesome soul up in South Dakota.  We get together less often than I'd prefer, so I was excited for the shower.  It was also the first time most of the girls were going to meet Harper.  A few saw her after she was born, but she's changed a bit since then...weird how that happens.  While at the shower, my friend's mom made the comment that she thought that joining the sorority was one of the best things Sara ever did.  It made me stop and think that it was probably one of the best things I ever did as well. 

When I decided to attend UNL, a friend from high school helped me convince my mom to let me live in the dorms.  She also convinced me to rush.  I had every bad stereotype in my head about this, but being the follower I was at the time, I shelled out the $50 and was on my way.  I never expected to join a house.  I really hoped I'd be cut the first day.  Rush was boring and hot and you're with these girls you don't know, for the most part.  Then you get into the houses and listen to their history and listen to some songs, then it's on the next house.  On my final day, I was "invited" back to two houses.  Before I went to KD, I met a girl in the Union named Blayr.  She treated me to ice cream, while we waited to go to the same party at KD.  Her sister was a member, so she was a legacy and guaranteed in.  She started telling me all the stories told from her sister.  It actually sounded kind of fun.  So, long story short, I got into the house...you all have Blayr to thank for me joining KD. 

OK, that's my trip down memory lane for a while.  It was good to see everyone, we need to get together more often.  And I'll try to blog more.  You two (you know who you are) should join facebook already!!!

I'll end, as I normally do, with some pics from January.  I have some good videos but they take too long to load onto here.  I'll figure something else out. 

My babies

Nap time

Sleepy Saturday morning

Who knew ottomans were teethers and climbers?


Snow Day!

Happy 7th Month birthday to Harper!  To celebrate, her daycare decided to close today due to snow, so we got an extra "us" day.  She has been in such fun spirits lately, I love it.  She is also crawling like a madwoman, and pulling herself up on anything that will (or in most cases won't) stay still.  She's also started growling at us; I think she does that more than her normal noises, and it freaks me out.  I think she's maybe possessed, so all those jokes about her stealing souls aren't quite as funny now...

7 months...seriously, where does the time go?!  In 5 short months my baby will be a year old.  In three short months my brother in law will get married to an awesome gal, and in a little under two months I'll embark on my first trip to Vegas, Baby! for a bachelorette. 2011 is going to be busy!   I have to stop using time off for closed daycares though.

Harper was sick most of the Christmas holiday weekend; I think it was a combination of too many people and being in a strange place, with a side of teething.  It lasted about two weeks, and is now her happy go lucky self, minus any teeth.  She just "graduated" into the Firefly room at daycare, which means she has more room to move, gets to play in a ball pit, eat solids, and have a little more structure.  So far she seems to enjoy it, especially the ball pit.  Alas, our dog would eat all the balls, so that is one luxury she'll have to keep at daycare...or grandma's :)

Speaking of Abbey, she has gotten so naughty.  She is stealing toys from the crib bars (as we had to lower the crib as low as it can go since Harper could climb out with ease), she humps her every chance she gets, and is relentless about licking her face.  I've looked online for ideas, but not finding many solutions, and getting rid of her isn't an option.  Any ideas?  She also has a barking problem, that was remedied for a while, but is back in full force. Good times!

Here are some pictures to enjoy. I'll try and get some videos loaded of her crawling and growling...our kid is talented, what can I say?

Napping with King Richard

With Grandpa Hurst

Playing So Big! with Great Grandma Jerry

Yeah, this bib says, "Zombabie". My sister made it and it's awesome!