The other night Erich was all, hey, you haven't blogged in a month and I'm all, nuh uh, it was like, oh wait, um, yeah, that's probably about right. Time flies when your kid is attached to you pretty much 24/7 when at home lol.  Yes, we are still going through an "I only want mom to do any and everything for me" phase. She has gotten better in the mornings so Erich can at least get her ready and out to daycare in a tantrum free environment...thank heavens for small favors.  Luckily she is in good spirits unless she's hungry, so I really shouldn't complain about my only alone time being when I'm at work, hiding under my desk, playing on my phone.  OK, only one of those things is true lol.

We have been enjoying the beautiful early spring weather, and I love it.  I loved how we actually got fall last year, and apparently we get spring too.  I fear what summer has in store for us though, as I'm already sweating when we go outside...can't be a good sign.  Harper loves to play outside, particularly in the dirt pile by our gate...good times.  It's too bad we have no other toys for her to play with outside. She also loves bubbles, and playing with the basketball.  Mainly yelling at Erich while he plays. Cute stuff.

Let's see, what else have we been up to?  Saw the Hunger Games last week.  It was good, and I don't have a lot of complaints about the movement from book to movie.  I can say thing one thing and not spoil the movie--they weren't dirty enough.  The main character comes from a poor, coal mining town, and ends up in a two week long fight to the death.  You wouldn't look that fresh! Your nails would be dirty! OK, that's my biggest irk about it.  I also think if you haven't read the book, you will enjoy the movie more, but that's probably always the case. 

Erich and I broke down and bought a king sized bed...I finally won an argument that resulted in a prize!  Yay me.  So in preparation we are cleaning carpets this weekend, and the bed arrives on Monday.  The Harper is spending the weekend in York with Gma and Papa, and I am sure were a distant memory by the time they get to the highway. We got the prep work of moving furniture and vaccuming done before dinner last night, and the living room, dining room and our bedroom complete before we went to bed. Now I'm just waiting for the sun to shine in to see if we need round 2 before moving more furniture to clean Harper's room.

Harper is going to be 2 in a few short months, and thanks to pinterest.com I've already gotten some good ideas, assuming she is still into Sesame Street by the time June rolls around.  She has kind of taken a mini hiatus to watch Shaun the Sheep, which is a claymation cartoon about a farmer, his dog, and their sheep. Shaun is their leader of sorts.  There is no dialogue, which is part of the appeal.  They get into hijinks and have funny sound effects, and she loves it.  Her favorite part is in between episodes Shaun will sometime dance, and he ends with the splits...she mimics the whole thing, and it's so stinking cute.  Need to get that on video. 

We ended up finding some pieces to make her crib into a toddler bed, and once we added a guard rail so she'd stop rolling out of bed, she is doing great.  I am the only one who can do bedtime, which is probably for the best since she wants me to sit in bed with her.  We read the same books every night, and end with a Curious George book. I asked my mom if she ever felt the same way since I am certain this was one of my favorites when I was little.

She also did well at her haircut, although we really didn't cut much.  My mom went along to help and Harper ended up with painted nails once we were all done.  Good trip! 

So plans for today are to finish up carpets, put rooms back together (ugh, I am dreading the reloading of my hutch, I have too much crap!) going suit shopping for Erich, and maybe convincing Erich to go to the Mother of all Garage sales taking place today at the event center. I have been aching for garage sale season to begin!  And tonight joining some friends for dinner and drinks to celebrate a birthday.  Good times!  I leave you with some random shots, mostly from my phone because a. it is readily available when cute stuff happens and b. I think it takes better pics than our camera.  Kants Out!

 The below videos are cute.  That is all.  Oh, and the second one is long. TWSS.


March 1st

It's already March and that blows my mind. Where did the first two months of 2012 go??  We spent most of February sick. After the flu (which I ended up with) then Erich and Harper both had colds. Coughing, sneezing, runny noses...I somehow stayed healthy until last week, when they took me down! I finally decided to take Harper to the dr for her cough, and found that her left ear has lost it tube, and was infected :( She seems to think that if we give it some time, as she grows the ear canal will begin to drain on it's own, but we'll see how many more infections we go through before that happens.  On the plus side, we learned that oral antibiotics are way cheaper than ear drops. Particularly important when your new insurance plan is HSA only, no copays, and prescriptions are full price. Just saying. 

So, now we all see to be healthy as we enter March.  And luckily, we really don't have much planned, but I'm sure that will change. Erich is travelling to Knoxville TN next week for work, so Harper and I will be having some one on one time. I am working a flex schedule to accomodate morning and evening routines, so hopefully that will be helpful.  I don't forsee any problems, as she is currently a big time Mama's girl, and very rarely lets Erich help her do stuff anyway. But, it's nice to have that second parent to give you break, whether she likes it or not. I think we'll both miss him; luckily it's only 3 days! 

Harper's vocabulary is constantly expanding, I am always surprised by what comes out of her mouth. My favorite thing here lately is when you are playing and she stops, then puts her hand out to you as if to say stop. Then she rambles off something, which we think is basically, I am going to go do something else, but you need to stay here. Stay! Too cute. She also is big about putting her hands out and saying, Where'd ____go?  We created a list of all the words she can say, and it was pretty impressive. We've been working on identifying animals, as she usually calls them by the noise they make, except for dogs and cats, which are all "Abbey". 

Harper has always had issues with her crib, and has never enjoyed going to bed. In January we finally decided that she was old enough to fall asleep in her room, so we began out night time ritual. Around 7:30 we either do a bath or get changed into pjs, then move on to her room for reading books. I love to read to her, so I'll admit, she suckers me into at least 10 books, sometimes more. Note: when the book takes me 2 minutes to read, I think this is more than acceptable. Then she was put into her bed where she cried herself to sleep--usually not more than 5-10 minutes. This was nightly unless she fell asleep while we were reading to her. So, about a week ago we decided to try just putting her mattress on the floor; it worked like a charm. She lays on it, goes to sleep, and by some grace of god stays asleep all night. And when she wakes up, she stays in her room, usually on her bed, until one of us goes in there to get her. So, now the heat is on to find a toddler bed, since we don't have a convertable crib. Note to potential parents out there: get a convertible crib, it's a good idea in the long run.  I'm on a hunt for some at local consignment shops today, and then will probably wait until at least next month for the spring take 2 sale is in town. Good times.

Erich and I went to a local dog expo last weekend in hopes of talking to someone about Abbey's behavioral issues (mainly her barking and chewing of toys). Lo and behold, they had just about everything but that. I was quite disappointed; however we started talking with a couple who reminded me of people who could have been in the cast of Best In Show. They were so nice and friendly, and they had a product they thought could help stop her bad behaviors. It is a small aerosol can that when sprayed makes a noise like a hissing goose. Apparently dogs are instinctually alarmed by this noise, so when they hear it they stop the behavior. Then you reward them. We are suckers and will try anything...and much to our surprise it has worked! While she does still bark and try to get the toys, you need one spray, sometimes you just need to show her the can, and she stops. I highly recommend this item. It is called Pet Corrector. http://www.thedogbedstore.com/product/PETCORRECTOR

We found out a couple weeks ago (and can now officially announce it) that Harper is going to get a new cousin in September!  Erich's brother and sister in law are expecting, due on September 19 (International Talk Like a Pirate Day!). We are all very excited, and maybe this will calm my baby fever for a while lol.  It doesn't help that it feels like everyone around me is getting prego or having babies. But, it will have to wait until after a girls trip in May, otherwise I'd never hear the end of it from a good friend who planned the trip.  Also, Erich and I want to try and take a trip in November/December (either for a friend's wedding, if they ever set a date) to DC or Orlando--um, hello Harry Potter World!! Yes, we may actually go!! So, being with child would make those trips a little less fun. 

Today I am taking Harper to get her first haircut, and I am beyond nervous.  I trust the person doing it, but I keep wondering if it's too soon, or if I'll regret it the minute the first baby tendril hits the floor. Her hair just isn't growing in the back, so I'm hoping that age old adage of cutting your hair so it will grow will come into play here. I also need to get rid of her mullet look she's been rocking. :)

We had a playdate with a some friends a couple weeks ago, and Harper had a blast.  She got to play with Stella, who is a week older than her, and Emily, who will be turning 1 this weekend!  Happy Birthday Emily!  These are about the only new pictures I've taken, so enjoy.  I'll be posting some of her haircut, assuming I go through with it. 

Harper & Stella

Emily & Stella

Dance party!

Hiding in the tent

Emily in the ball pit

Playing in the most awesome play kitchen

Emily cooking

The girls

Harper, Uncle Yo Yo and the alligator head

Where'd it go? (This is her big thing lately)