That was the shortest weekend ever.  I tried blogging last night and had a huge post, then I accidentally deleted it, and in restrospect decided it was for the better.  Did you need to hear all the details about me being sick, and in turn getting my sister and her family sick, probably not?  Look, just did it in one sentence, yay me.  Had a nice visit with them prior to the sickness at least :)  Other than that, pretty laid back weekend.  Saturday we watched basketball and napped, can't complain about that.  Sunday I rocked the cupcake shop and then tackled Walmart on a Sunday...my least favorite day to go.  Le sigh.

I got a new phone a couple weeks ago, so this week's pictures are courtesy of that.  I think it takes better pictures than our regular camera; if only I could figure out how to zoom :)


The Much Anticipated Vegas Post!

Sorry it has taken such a long time to post something on the trip...or in general.  None of us are taking this whole time change thing well, so since I have tomorrow off I figured I can stay up a little later than usual and get this thing knocked out! 

Vegas was fun, and I am really glad that I made myself go on the trip, I definitely would have regretted not going.  I'll share the highlights and some pictures, and leave it at that.  After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  I hate that slogan...

Friday we arrived in Vegas around 1:30, a few hours before the 15 or so other gals.  Since we couldn't check in, we immediately began to soak in Vegas with a little sight seeing, and some drinks.  Well, drink.  Me and a friend of mine don't travel well, and we hit some bumps along the way, so suffice it to say we weren't on the drinking train just yet...but we couldn't pass up 2 for 1 margaritas!  Winning! (Although I'm sure it got old, this was a key word on the trip anytime we were having fun...ahh, Charlie Sheen, good times.)  

Rief & I

Bellagio before the Fountain Show

Freaky rabbit in the Bellagio Gardens

We got back to the hotel, and hit a few snags...delayed flights, long lines, failure to check in, zippers ripping out of dresses, etc etc.  But eventually we were all whored up and ready to hit the town.  We started with dinner at a little Italian place by the Flamingo whose name is escapes me.  The food was OK, the free wine and bread were great!  After that, we loaded up on drinks for our two hour tour of Vegas.  We hit up Fremont Street, saw the Vegas sign, mistaked the emergency exit in the limo bus for a sunroof, danced to some ODB and finally made our way to The Rio for a Chippendales show. 

Katie & me at the restaurant

Drinks for the limo

Stay classy Vegas

Bride to be

Sara on her own

Fremont Street

Limo Ride!

I'll admit it; I scoffed at the idea of spending money on a Chippendales show.  I was ready for some gawdy, tacky, ridiculous spectacle...and that's exactly what we got, and it was hilarious.  I could easily say it was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  The guys were fun, both our brides and one of their aunts got pulled on stage and embarassed, I mean, what more could you ask for? And yeah, they were hot.  Gay, but hot.

This was my sexy face I guess

This is the view from the Voo Doo Lounge, the club we went to after the show

Our Drink Service at the club, completed with a VIP area, body guard and waitress.

The next shots are random from Saturday, when we did some sight seeing on the strip.  I went off on my own to see the Venetian and Wynn (as we went the other direction as a group, then my group got tired).  After my sightseeing, I popped a $20 into a slot, and won $175.  Woo hoo!  That night, we had dinner at Toby Keith's bar, and then spent the rest of the night at a Piano Bar, which was either dueling twin sisters, or two fellas, one of which caught the eye of many of lady in our group.  It was a fun night, although none of us were looking forward to the day of travel the next day.  I was definitely ready to see my babies!

Large cupcake at the Sygar Factory (Kim Kardashian was visiting that day, and we just missed her!)(and yes, I was seriously bummed, I love those crazy Kardashians!)

HUGE Red Velvets

Treasure Island
Our brides dancing at the piano bar