This post is going to be a big photo purge and I don't have a lot to tell.  We've been busy and then sick, and then both! Harper is getting over a ruptured ear drum and ear infection, and I had the flu last week.  Let's hope Erich stays healthy for all our sakes.   Hopefully this weekendeveryone is more cooperative so we can head to the pumpkin patch in Roca.  Luckily we already picked our pumpkins in York last weekend.  Can't really beat free pumpkins and gourds, right?! Come on nice weather and healthy family!

Our haul...well, most of them came home with us.
Hard to believe that October is nearly half gone! It's been a busy month, and no plans to stop. Next week my sister and the kiddos are in town, boo at the zoo starts (I'll admit, I'm wearing my groovy hippie costume as I type this, I'm pretty excited about it) and then Halloween.  Harper says she wants to be a monkey, and it just so happens we have a monkey costume.  Problem is that she refuses to try it on, and when we're in the store she is frozen in front of the Ironman and Spiderman costumes.  So, we'll see what she ends up as. 

We did welcome our new niece, Anna Leigh,  into the world on September 24.  After a week long stay at the hospital, everyone was ready for them to be home and we are so excited she is healthy!

Not a lot more to report.  Just counting down the days to December when Erich and I head to DC for a good friend's wedding, as some sightseeing...let's hope the weather isn't completely awful!  And now, enjoy some pictures.

This pictures freaks me out big time.

Harper meeting Baby Anna

At Chuck E Cheese for LP's Birthday Party

LP and I getting ready for the ticket blaster!