Pooley's Pumpkin Patch

Stop the presses!  Two posts in a week?!  I know, I know.  I figure I might as well get these pics out here before it's December and no longer relevent.  We visited this nice little patch in Bennington, NE yesterday.  A longer drive than Roca, but I think for Harper it was the perfect place.  They had a few animals--Harper had a death grip on an unsuspecting chick, some bunnies, pigs, goats, sheep and ponies and a corn silo, which she loved.  Daddy vetoed the pony rides, and she was not happy.  Luckily we offered her snacks instead and she got over it fairly quickly.  Enjoy the pics!
Checking out the chicks

Erich explaining why we don't squeeze their necks

Harper trying to pick a pet

Gentle touches was our phrase of the day

Corn Maze!

She led us through about halfway then wanted to be carried


She was giving it a "hug"

Asking strangers to pick up bunnies for her

Weird pig thing

Real piggies!

Feeding the sheep

She did smile, I swear.


Our little pumpkin

She HATED this swing

Pumpkin patches are bor-ring.

Then she was stuck there

Our stylin pink tiger.

Driving the safe looking tractor

I got this Dad.

Erich had to try it out

Throwing corn around


Right before I got corn in my face.  Her way of saying, Stop taking my picture Mom!

Erich's punishment for trying to throw corn down my shirt, and pelting me in the face in the process.

Action shot, hey look at me I'm standing on this ledge!

Hey, I'm over the ledge, look at me!

Hey, hey guys? Hey?  I fell, can someone help me up?

Feeding chickens

This little boy was sharing his corn

Aaaaaaaaaaand, end scene.


I love Fall

So, I guess I need to get on here more often, as it's been more than a month since my last post.  I blame google, it keeps asking for a password and I can never remember this one. And our home computer blows.  Enough with the excuses!

My last post was the day before my 31st birthday, and it was a fun day. I had a half day at work, then spent the afternoon with Harper and Erich. We went to Hu Hot for lunch, then to the park for some play time. Then we went out for dinner and drinks with friends, and let's just say that I had a good time...and was very picture happy.  It was a good time, and I paid for it dearly the next day...

Bnic, Hlogs and the Creeper

Me and Bnic


It's our Birthday! Buy us shots!

The following weekend I celebrated birthdays with the girls from college, and it was, again, a good time.  Luckily for everyone involved I forgot my camera, but don't worry, my phone takes pictures.  Phew.  It's always fun to get together with that group, especially since they all live in Omaha and it takes a birthday or football game or holiday to get us together. And now we're starting to have kids, so that throws another wrench into it.  Ahh well, we make it work when we need to I guess.

September was a big month for birthdays; aside from mine and numerous friends, my dad celebrated his on the 30th, and my Grandma was turning 90 in October (I'm ashamed to say I don't know the exact date!).  My uncle surprised her with a party on Oct. 1. Now, when I told people that we were throwing my Grandma a surprise party for her 90th birthday, I'll admit, I got some odd looks. But trust me, this woman is not your average Grandma, and she certainly doesn't act like she's 90.  She got a kick out of seeing everyone, especially the grandkids and great grandkids.  We need to do that more often!

We also visited a pumpkin patch (in Erich's parent's back lot) and Harper had fun trying to pick up pumpkins (actually I think she was more pissed off because they were too heavy for her).

Let's see, what else has happened...oh yeah, Harper attended her first tailgate!  She got to experience everything around Memorial Stadium, plus she tried Chances R fried chicken for the first time, and she loved it.  It was a warm evening, but overall she had fun.  And then the game started and she lost any interest she may have once had...I guess she's like me when it comes to football lol!

We also went to KC and saw the Foo Fighters for a combined anniversary/birthday present.  It was an amazing concert, I bet they played for at least 3.4-3 hours.  If you're the slightest fan, I recommend trying to catch them live.  Good stuff.  Then we hung out at my sister's the rest of the weekend, which was fun.  Harper had a good time playing with her cousins, and my sister finally got the overnight with Harper that she's been jonesing for. 

Based on the pictures I've uploaded you should be sufficiently caught up.  We have a busy rest of the month; football games, boo at the zoo, halloween and pumpkin patch time, and then we're hitting the holidays.  I am trying to make my own gifts this year, we'll see how that turns out.  Pinterest.com gives me a lot of great ideas, and I've even purchased some of the supplies, so I guess the rest is in my hands...Here are some randoms that I think are cute.  Until next month...year? Maybe.