Pumpkin Time

We have a tradition in our family to carve our pumpkins together. With my sister living in KC now, we weren't sure how it would work. Luckily the kid's school schedule worked out and they were able to come down for a long weekend. We had planned to go to Valas, but with the rainy weather, it didn't seem like a good idea. Then we had a beautiful Saturday, and who gets sick? This guy. I haven't been the happiest person this weekend, as Erich can voucher, but I sucked it up for carving pumpkins. I'd say we had some pretty sweet carvings this year! Enjoy. They're in backwards order, sorry!


Longest Month Ever

I'd say that, in general, October is my favorite month. Fall is here, leaves are changing, it's not scalding hot out! I love going to the pumpkin patch with my family, and then carving our pumpkins with my niece and nephews. So why is it the longest month ever? My sister moved to Kansas City last year, so we have to wait until the end of the month to do most of these things. And we don't get to see them in their costumes, and that's sad! And work is crazy; I joined a new team a couple months ago, and we're working on regulations to be effective 1-1-09; needless to say we have a lot to do a little time to do it in. I am also responsible for some mailings to be done--two next week alone, plus we're waiting for approval on a third. I'll be in on most weekends the rest of the year! It's also a long month because we finally close on the house in early November. I think Erich and I tell each other at least once a day, "I want a house!" "I want to be in our house!". It's very sad. But, it's not like we're packed--which is more fun I guess! Abbey seems to be reacting to the few boxes we do have packed--her previous owners took her to the humane society because they were moving, so we think she thinks we won't be taking her with us. She keeps having accidents inside, and chewing our things, which she hasn't done since we got her (the chewing part anyways). Hopefully she'll chill out when she has a huge yard to run around in.

Speaking of the house, we went and took another look a couple weeks ago; the backyard is going to be my first project while the weather is still nice. There's an out of control rose bush, rotten apples and crab apples all over the back--and there are bees covering them, which is sweet. There will be black walnuts all over the yard by the time we move in. And then there's mint taking over the side yard, so I want to get that out before it snows. Plus we'll likely be raking and that's always fun. I mainly want to get the rotten fruit out of there because Abbey will go crazy and either roll in it or eat it--or more likely, both. That would be a fun night.

We are also trying to decide if we want to paint. I want to for the simple fact that I think once we get in there we won't paint. But, I am very indecisive; I've looked at some browns, I want something rather neutral in most of the rooms. At most some earthy reds or blues. Another issue is that the first floor living room has a huge ceiling--it meets up with the kitchen, so that poses some issues with painting as well. We have a lot of volunteers to help, so I figure we might as well do it. I want to hold off on the spare rooms until we know which one would eventually be converted into a kid's room--the other will be an office. I'll post some pictures over on the side of the blog, and am very open to design ideas. I suck at it!

I am going to start working on my Halloween costume sometime as well. I picked a crappy time for such an involved costume, but I am hoping the hard work pays off. If anything, it may have to wait until next year-sigh...

Speaking of work, I should get to that. Go huskers--they might have a chance! And have a good weekend!


Things I loved about our wedding Part 1

10. Lemons and Limes...from the very beginning I wanted a green wedding. I don't mean environmentally friendly, but green. Dresses, cakes, etc. I suggested the lemons and limes pretty early on, but it really wasn't until about a month before the wedding people were convinced--someone saw it somewhere else. I thought it turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself. Also, note our favors--individual Colby Ridge popcorn. Yum!

9. The rehearsal dinner: we had a pretty low key rehearsal dinner, with delicious Chances R chicken and all the fixings. Then to top it off, we took off with the wedding party and guests to drink beers and bowl the night away! We looked pretty class in our snazzy bowling shoes! And it let everyone get to know each other before the big night.

8. Our flower girl, Andie: this girl cracks me up everytime I talk to her, she has such an awesome personality. She started practicing for this role from the time I asked her to be in the wedding--around November of last year. We discussed everything except how many flowers to throw--it took her about 6 minutes to make it down the aisle, as she was throwing a few petals on each side, per step. Needless to say, I was in tears from laughing as I walked down the aisle--she was a tough act to follow. I give my nephew props for sticking it out with her, even though he later told me he was very embarrassed :)

7. Ou DJ: I opted to go the discount route with our dj and hired this guy through a vendor at work. We met about a month prior to drop off our dinner music--string quartet versions of dave matthews, the killers, pink floyd--it was a huge hit by everyone. Then the party began, and I don't recall the dance floor ever being empty. And despite the technical difficulties--he lost our playlist, but I am now over it--who knew how telling me Meatloaf wouldn't be played could bring out Bridezilla for the first time that day? In any event, I got to dance to islands in the stream, total eclipse of the heart, and saw the first ever congo line to pussy control, especially when it was started by Erich's mom and her friends :)

6. Erich's Grooms Cake: Erich's cousin makes cakes in her spare time, and she was nice enough to replicate one of erich's guitars. It was awesome, and we got a ton of compliaments on it. Our cake was awesome too, but I especially loved this cake!