Mario Kart, Wedding Cake and a trip to Omaha

Erich & I celebrated our one year anniversary on Sunday. We had a pretty low-key anniversary weekend, compared to what we planned on. I ruined everything by getting sick on Friday, so our plans to go to Omaha Saturday night for dinner and drinks sort of went out the window. Saturday we spent mostly at home, I went to some garage sales with my mom so Erich could sleep in with Abbey. I got home and we then headed out to use our new Sam's Club membership. I swear the jar of cheese balls followed us everywhere, but never quite made it into the cart. That night we watched Gran Torrino, and then I gave Erich his anniversary present early--Mario Kart. Everywhere we have gone he's wanted to buy it, and I've had to convince him each time not to since I had it hidden at home. So, we stayed up way too late playing that. Sunday we went to York for some church, and picked up our leftover wedding cake from Erich's parents. We had so many compliaments on this cake, and both of us didn't really get any, other than our staged first bites. It was pretty tasty, even if it was a year old and not packaged very well :) We both had Monday off so we slept in a little and then headed to Omaha for a zoo trip. We figured it would be pretty slow since it was free admission all weekend. We we're way off. By 10 it was packed; maybe this is the norm for a Monday morning, but I doubt it. We had a good time nonetheless, the animals were pretty sleepy though. Except for the golden headed tamarin who got up close and personal during a picture; they were jumping behind my head and Erich is just laughing. I'm pretty sure I'm eyeing that little guy in the picture. The rain also held off until we left, which was nice. We then went to NFM to look for lamps--funny thing about our house: no overhead lighting in most of the rooms, so we have come to buy lamps whenever they're a good deal. We found a set of 4 that will work, so we were happy with that. All in all, good times. My sister is in town this week, and then we're watching her kids this coming weekend while her and the BIL are going to MO for a canoeing trip. I get the feeling it will be a Mario Kart and delivery pizza weekend. I was planning on Star City Shores, lets hope the weather cooperates.


July, Harry Potter and some randoms

It's hard to believe that this time last year I was checking RSVPs and worrying about spray tans and if my sister's bridesmaid dress would ever arrive?! We've had a very good first year of marriage, if I say so myself. I credit the fact that we lived together first, which really opened my eyes to how messy and gross boys can be :) Luckily, I'm not much better, so we get along great. We're planning a little mini trip to Omaha for our actual anniversary--friends, drinking, the zoo, some good food. Then we're going to Vegas this fall; I've never been so I'm really looking forward to that trip.

Back in January or February, it seemed like July would never get here. So many things going on, mainly I was excited because the latest Harry Potter movie was pushed from November 08 to July 09. I saw this movie today, and...

It left Erich and I feeling underwhelmed. I wanted to cry at the end; not just because Dumbledore died (which was sad) but because the ending was miserable. No big fight! Just the death eaters running off towards Hagrid's hut, set it on fire, then got away. There was some talking between Snape and Harry (enough for Snape to say he's the Half-Blood Prince) and then cut to the typical scene of the three characters reflecting on the past year and what's to come. WTF?! They left so many things out of this book, which is always my complaint, but this time you f-ed up. No Bill and Fleur; Tonks and Lupin are already a couple (which leads me to believe it will be their wedding that holds up the gang before they go a horcrux hunting); it was full of teenage angst, and the gal playing Lavender was pretty good, but still. The pensieve scenes were lacking, you only see two memories, but as Erich says, where the ring comes from doesn't play a part in the next movie, but still, I wanted to see the family Gaunt! As you can tell, I am still irritated. Going to the movie we were so excited, talking about how we'd probably end up seeing it three times. I will go see it once more with my mom, and that is that. Of course, I'm sure if you never read the book, it was great, but from a HP book fan, this was not great. I would rank this as one of my least favorite movies.

OK, enough of that! We've had a good month so far; we had a nice 4th, played wiffle ball and blew up a ham, then enjoyed our neighborhood's semi professional show. Abbey hates fireworks, and they went on until almost midnight. Last weekend we were in Gretna on Friday for a 30th bday party; got to see some of Erich's college friends and drink. Then Saturday back to Omaha for the OFest, a music and food and drinking extravaganza. We got to visit with friends and drink beers, and I almost got Erich to try sushi! Also, if you ever get the change to try a Bloody Mary Martini, take a pass. It was like spaghetti sauce with pepper. Ugh...

This weekend we were supposed to go see Barenaked Ladies at Rib Fest, but we'll be out of town the following weekend, and so we figured Abbey might enjoy us being home a weekend or two. She's not spoiled! So, I figure we'll catch the Farmers Market and be homebodies. Sounds like a good plan to me!