Children's Museum

I wanted to get a quick post in today to show the pictures from Harper's first visit to the Children's Museum.  We had so much fun exploring, and didn't even make it to the top floor!  Next time!  Enjoy the photos and have a good weekend!  We have friends in town, and a wedding, going to be a fun time!


Easter, belated

Easter was a couple weeks ago, I know, I am a slacker. I've also been busy at work and then when I get home the last thing I want to do is hop back on the computer after staring at one all day. Ironically when I get to work, I'd rather facebook and pinterest and blog. Maybe I need to change my hours lol. Anyhoo, here's what's been going on with us...

Erich and I spent the last weekend of March cleaning carpets and reorganizing rooms while Harper hung out with Gma and Pa in York. It was a nice weekend to hang out, and we each got a night out with friends.  Then Sunday we found out that Erich's grandpa passed away.  We knew it was getting close, but was still sad as it was the week before Easter.  The funeral was on the following Thursday in Columbus.  It started out a little chilly, but turned into a beautiful day to do yard work, play with bubbles, and bask in the sun, which we think that's what Charlie would have wanted us to do. Particularly the yard work piece. 

That week went by in a blur, as I was out Monday already, and then out Thursday and Friday. I could get used to two day weeks, but only when they don't involve travel and housework.  Saturday morning we took Harper to get Easter pictures taken...let's just say that it will be a long time before I talk Erich into doing that again.  She started out OK for about 5 minutes, and then it was over.  No smiles, and by the end she just crumpled to the floor with a bickering mom and dad.  I did get some cute shots though; I just can't resist her face when she scrunches it up and says, Cheese! I'll scan them in after I pick them up Thursday. 
Later on my family came over to dye easter eggs and then we did a mini easter egg hunt.  She did pretty good with both.  She called every color Yellow, and wanted to dye Erich's hand and a stuffed chick more than the eggs.  She was also a little slow to warm up to the egg hunt, but when she realized there was candy and prizes inside, she was all about it...to the point where we were rehiding the same eggs. Ah, I wish that little trick would work every year! 
The gangs all here!


What a big girl!

Before the chicky was dyed

With Grandma Linda

Our masterpieces

Running for the loot

Ring pops with Cousin Cole

Sunday we met up with Erich's brother to attend church...it was packed!  Then afterwards we headed out to Erich's aunt's place in Crete for lunch and another easter egg hunt.  There were lots of cosuins there, and she had fun chasing them around, and playing on the swingset.  It was windy, but fun!
After church

Haning with Cousin Max

All the kiddos

Hey, that's what I look like!

Breaking open her easter pinata.

Flying a kite with Dad and Uncle Mike

Grandpa gives me fun things to play with!

Finally opening her easter basket after Crete