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Mishmash Post

So much for posting more than once a month.  I'd like to say we're too busy, but it's more that I usually post at work because our computer at home is slow, and I've been busy at work.  What a concept, huh?

A lot has happened since my last post, as I indicated in my teaser. I'll try to keep this in chronological order, but if I don't, it's not like you can really challenge me.  You don't know!

Harper had her first double ear infection in April (it began when we were in Kearney for Mike's wedding).  Well, she went back to the dr twice for follow ups, and after a month of antibiotics, the fluid was still there, and her ears were still red...so we were referred to an ENT (ear, nose & throat dr).  He said she had fluid, but it wasn't infected, so we had two options.  1. If we were at our wits end, he could do tubes "today", meaning in a week or so, or 2. A month of antibiotics to try and keep the fluid sterile while it drains (to prevent another infection).  We opted for the latter, since this was only her first infection.  So far, so good.  She's had a couple cranky nights, but I think those are due to overstimulation from visitors and travelling and teething.  She goes back June 2nd for another test on the fluid.  Hopefully it's drained! 

The week before Mother's Day, we could tell she was on the cusp of walking. She was already pulling herself to standing on her own, and walking along the edge of furniture.  So, as an early Mother's Day present, she took her first steps the day before!  She still relies on crawling for the majority of her movements, but she will walk between Erich and I, and this weekend she was a major show off with the family.  On Mother's Day Erich got me a nice card, and we tried to go to Hu Hot for lunch.  As it turns out, they really aren't equipt for highchairs, so we opted for DaVincis.  It wasn't Hu Hot, but it was still good.  Then we went to my mom's to visit with her and my sister and fam.  It was a nice little day, which we ended with a shopping trip to Kohls, where I picked out two new purses.  I don't have pictures, but they are cute.

This past weekend my nephew, Cole, graduated from high school.  We made the trip to KC, and have found that Harper is no better a traveler than I am, so Erich will definitely have his work cut out for him with all his dream vacations involving car rides. He couldn't make the trip, so he has fun in store for him the next trip.  We went to the ceremony, which was small and nice--only about 30 kids in his class.  My sister had a nice party for him, then they came down this weekend for his Lincoln party.  It was nice to see her and the kids two weekends in a row.  I miss my seester.  She should move back to Lincoln and be my daycare provider.

While we were in KC we stumbled upon a new nailpolish from OPI called crackle or shatter or something.  Anyhoo, it's a matte polish you put over a base color, and there's something in it that makes it crackle.  I had a hard time with it when we were in KC, but after some blog research, I finally perfected it and love it.  I never paint my nails because I always think it looks like crap and end up taking it off.  The genius of this is that you can't tell if there are flaws or chips because of the way it sets.  Win win!  I recommend picking up a bottle.  It's a little pricey, but worth it. 

So, as I mentioned before, I am reading a series called The Hunger Games (which is currently being casted for a movie, and I am unhealtily obsessed with those updates.  I was over the moon when I saw that it was on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly).  It's a three book series, and I finished the last one last weekend.  SPOILER ALERT:
So, I was underwhelmed.  The whole series is jame packed with fighting and action and omg what's going to happen next.  And then the last third of the final book was, well, lame.  Seriously?  There's an explosion and her sister dies and that ends the war?  WTF? Then everyone is just OK with it.  Dumb. So, hopefully hye movie does at least the first two books justice. 

So, my baby is probably considered a toddler now, and will be one in a couple weeks.  Sigh!  Where did this last year go?  I like going back and rereading the posts from the pregancy and through the first few months.  She is growing and changing every day, it's crazy.  She's definitely got her own personality.  She loves to jabber now, and feed herself--although she doesn't get what a spoon or fork is for.  She's drinking from a cup and she's kind of weaning herself off bottles.  Despite all this, I'm not ready for another one, so don't ask.  She's becoming a handful as it is, I don't need two just yet!

Here are some pictures from the last month, hopefully I'll post before her birthday.

I love putting bows in, she loves removing them

Hanging out with Uncle YoYo

Playing with Aunt Heather's creepy clown toy

Look, I can turn the tv on

Nappy with Grandma Linda

This is a rocker my sister and I both played in as kids

With cousin Hailey

I love her chubby cheeks!

Asleep at the Build-A-Bear shop

Testing the bear for fluffiness

"Washing" it off

J.J. The Bear

Riding a boat.  See the video below, she was less than entertained.

Ethan, Cole & Hailey.  Cheese Turds!

Coley & Harpy

The Nilsens


Look, Brady graduated!

Cole's t-shirt quilt the Grandma's made

Harper eating a devilled egg.  It went about as well as you would imagine.


Sneak Peek

So, I don't really have time for a full post, and don't have new pictures downloaded, so here is a rundown of what's to come when I do get around to posting. 

  • My First Mother's Day
  • Cole Graduated!
  • Crackle Nail Polish
  • Pre Teen Angst, or, Why Harper will be a tomboy, so help me God.
  • First Steps!
  • Harper & long car rides
  • To tube or not to tube, that is the question
  • The Hunger Games
OK, that is all I plan on writing about, maybe tonight! 


May Day

As I predicted, April went by in a flash.  It felt like we were busy going here or there, on top of being sick.  Here's a quick rundown of what you've missed with us since we last chatted...

Kant Wedding: Erich's brother tied the knot!  It was a fun weekend full of old and new friends, lots of family, delicious wedding cake, a trolley ride and a very happy bride & groom.  We didn't have a sitter for the wedding, so I was bummed I missed out on the reception.  As luck? would have it, Harper ended up with a high fever that night, which lasted the next couple days.  Turned out to be a double ear infection, and teething.  She was not a happy kiddo.  But at least she seemed to have fun being the cutest baby of the weekend.

Speaking of being sick, it seems like all of us, sometimes even at the same time, have been sick.  I followed Harper with an ear infection and sinus infection, Erich opted for flu symptoms, and I think on top of all that we're experiencing fun allergies.  Good times all around. 

After the wedding was Erich's birthday, which got lost in the sickness.  He treated himself to some new video games, and my present was a couple afternoons to himself.  Ah, the things we consider a present after having a kid.  My birthday list? A nap!

Easter weekend was pretty low-key.  On Saturday I made what I didn't realize was a 9 pound ham...for three people.  Yikes, that's a lot of ham!  My mom came over for lunch, and we watched Harper munch on a cupcake.  Very cute, but also very messy.  Everyone is determined to give that kid desserts!  On Easter we attempted church service, but were thwarted by the mile walk that was awaiting us.  We opted for church radio, and headed to Crete for Easter with Erich's fam.  We had a nice lunch there, then the kids had an Easter egg hunt.  Harper was pretty confused.  She'd find an egg, and then try to dump all the others out of the basket.  She also got to play with her cousin Max, which is the closest in age to her, and I daresay she will outgrow him in a matter of months. 

This weekend we didn't have to do anything. No travelling, no working, it.was.awesome.  Saturday I spent the day reading my book--I am into The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.  It's a Young Adult series, with three books.  My description doesn't do it justice, so go to bn.com and read their synopsis.  It's a good, quick read.  And I am obsessed with it.  Saturday night we met up with some work friends at the roller derby.  It was actually kind of fun.  Those girls can beat some bitches down!  It was really the people watching that I was looking forward to, and it didn't disappoint.  If you ever get the opportunity, go check it out.  The Lincoln teams play at Pershing Auditorium. 

May is going to be full of travel and graduation parties, and June we a first birthday party to plan.  I can't believe my little baby nephew is 18 and graduating...amd I also can't believe it's almost been a year since my little baby Harper was born.  It seriously has gone by way too fast.