When Wiis go bad or How Erich ended up with stitches in his mouth

So...Exciting weekend. It started tame enough; Erich and I had some dinner and then I settled in to watch cable and check email (since we had been without it all week), while he decided to go to a friend's to play Wii and drink. Fast forward to about 1:30am. I have been in and out of sleep because Abbey doesn't sit still when one of us is gone, especially at night. So, I am cranky because she's barking and I'm tired. Then my phone rings; I see it's Erich and assume he wants a ride. I was half right. Here's the transcription:
Me: Hello?
E: We're you sleeping?
M:(duh) yeah.
E: I've been in an accident and think I need stitches...
M: (I'm thinking accident=car=dui=not good) What?
E: (He begins to repeat what he just said)
M: NO! I mean, what happened!
E: Oh...well, we were playing wii and then I was wrestling with Justin and I hit my mouth on his (wait for it) belt buckle.
M: Groan...OK, I'll be over...

So, I pick him up, and it doesn't look good. He's had ice on it, but it's still gushing pretty bad. So, we go on our way to the ER, with a quick stop at my mom's to verify he does indeed need stitches. She concurred that it was a gash that required mending.
The people at the ER were fairly entertained by his story, and very very nice considering it was 3am, and Erich was telling That's What She Said jokes. Eight or nine stitches later, and we were home in bed.

The rest of the weekend was pretty tame compared to that. We had some friends over for a killer game of trivial pursuit; by 2am we just wanted it to end, it was like a bad game of Monopoly.

Looking forward to seeing family this week, hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving.


Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance...

Just get on the floor and do the New Kids Dance! I think everyone at the Qwest, young and old, was doing just that. I was a huge NKOTB freak; I had an entire wall in my bedroom devoted to them, posters and magazines and whatnot. I even made my friends take their picture in front of it and sent them to the band. My favorite was Danny; I remember once Christmas I was so mad because my grandma had gotten me the Jon doll, not Danny. After seeing Jon performing last night, I'd say the doll had more personality and spunk. He went through the motions of the steps and whatnot, he sang along, but he also spent more time laughing and mocking his bandmates than entertaining the audience. Except I found that entertaining, so I guess he connected with one person.

My 12-year self was in heaven last night; our seats were initially at the very top of hte bowl, but they moved us since a closer section right next to the stage didn't sell out. We had a great view of the front and back of stage--I got to see Donnie making out with one of their Pussycat Dolls backup dancer. Very serious stuff people!

They played all their old hits, and then I think most of their new cd--they played for almost 2 1/2 hours straight, plus had time for Jordan,Joey and Donnie to do some of their solo stuff, which was cool. Except most of us didn't realize they had solo stuff. And they had at least 6 costume changes, which ranged from jackets with hats to Celtics jerseys to all white outfits to sweet silver jackets. And the people watching was in great form; some girls were wearing those huge pins we used to have, and some others made shirts--very fun. My personal favorite was the girl in the toga made from NKOTB sheets--very classy!

Blogger isn't letting me post any photos right now, but hopefully after this weekend I can get some on here.

In other news, we move tomorrow, so that means crunch time tonight to get our painting and packing done. My eye won't quit twitching from the stress, so the concert was a good stress reliever. One more day, one more day... :)


Homeowners at last AKA we're poor like everyone else!

We closed on the house last Friday, and have started making it our own. Painting is nearly complete in the living and dining rooms, and we're almost done with the kitchen and basement. The master bedroom and hallway are done, but I am thinking the master looks weird, so I may redo it. I'll post pictures once we're done, so far there isn't much to see!

We move this Friday, so we're dividing time between the house to paint and clean, and the apartment to pack and clean. And Abbey is losing her mind, she just doesn't get the new house yet--although she was comfortable enough to pee on the carpet already ;)

Just wanted to post an update, it'll probably be another two weeks before I do it again!

I am going to see NKOTB tomorrow night at the Qwest, hopefully I can sneak in my camera and get some sweet shots of that!!