Seriously, is it really already August?  Where oh where did my summer go?  Oh yeah, surgery, recovery, and more surgery.  I really thought these first couple months would be harder than they were; honestly I think that had I not had the c section and gall bladder removal, it would have been a breeze--and I'd probably be even more bummed about daycare and going back to work.  It hit me tonight and I kind of lost it; one more week with Harper and then I hand her over for 8-9 hours a day to someone I don't know...weird how I'm not entirely OK with this prospect.  But, after budget discussions we just can't afford to be a one income household right now.  Erich is looking into some other jobs, but it would still only be feasible to drop to part-time...sad pandas!

I never thought I'd want to stay home with her, but as it turns out, I actually enjoy listening to Veggie Tales and watching her mobile with her and changing diapers and getting puked on and narrating everything I do to her and pretty much all the little things I never thought would be enjoyable in the slightest.  Now, there is that whole give and take thing; I certainly don't enjoy her cranky times with crying lags and poopy diapers and the puking when it's down by shirt and I'm not wearing a bra and it's, well, gross.  But I really enjoy this time with her.  At my company we have outsourced business to people in Ireland; shortly before I went on maternity leave a gal there had her baby, and I overheard someone say she will be out for at least a year, which is actually shorter than their average maternity leave, but all that their company would cover for Short Term Disability.  WTF?  I only get 6 weeks despite the fact I had the c-section, and still don't know what they're going to allow with the gall bladder surgery.  I suppose it could be worse; a friend who works for the state didn't even get paid maternity leave...but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I'd love to spend the first year with Harper.  Maybe I should look into an extended leave...but let's face it, I'd never want to go back to work if  I did that.  Le sigh...

I have tons of new pictures of Harper, and they're sitting next to my laptop on my camera, just waiting to be uploaded.  Unfortunately I have misplaced the adaptor, so you'll have to wait for new photos.  They're good ones!  I try to do photo shoots with her each day in order to show off all the outfits she's received...even if she's probably on going to get to wear them once.  And in some cases, that's pushing it.  These babies grow too fast! It makes me sad to see the bag of clothes I have in her closet...it just keeps growing with things that no longer fit her.   Erich and I have some ideas for some fun photos with her, but it's a two person job, and he has a cold this weekend, so maybe next weekend.  I won't give anything away, but one of them may be Harry Potter related...that's all I'm saying! 

They Come In Threes...
So, around the time I had Harper, my mom was having some major pain in her foot.  Since she's a nurse and on her feet most of the day, she found this to be a nuisance and went to the dr.  She found out she had broken the middle bone in her foot, and would be in a walking book for at least 6 weeks--and thus not be able to work.  She still has no idea how she broke it...  My sister went on a tubing trip this weekend; my brother in law called me tonight to tell me that they were sitting in the ER--it took them about 10 minutes to convince me it wasn't a prank.  She was cliff diving (which baffles my mind because she is scared of heights) and landed wrong and chipped a bone in her foot and tore a ligament.  She is also in a walking boot, but only for about a week.  I keep waiting to trip down the stairs and break a leg as well.  I told my sister the least she could have done was plan it around my maternity leave so we could hang out. 

Erich and I kind of forgot about our anniversary on Monday; we told each other goodbye that morning, and then I looked at the calendar and saw the word, "anniversary" written on the date.  Oops.  He got a "Happy Anniversary" text.  I expected flowers, to which he said he thought about, but figured a better gift was coming home on time to relieve me...little did he know my mom was there all day.  Oh well!  We treated each other to some Valentinos and then a nice family walk around Southpointe.  I'm still waiting on those flowers Erich! 

We had plans tonight to watch our DVRd shows, then eat dinner, then watch Alice in Wonderland...Someone didn't want to cooperate, so it looks like it's dinner and off to bed...we're not to exciting these days.  Ahh, parenthood!  I long for the days when she's moving and talking...and pooping in a toliet :)


Post Op...

The surgery was done on Friday and it was pretty quick and painless.  I got there around 8:30, they had me prepped within an hour, and here are the few things I remember:
-a nurse asking me if I was nervous for the surgery, to which I said no because I had had a horrible c-section...she kind of rolled her eyes and asked for details, which after telling her I think she felt kind of bad for doubting my definition of a "bad experience".
-Erich coming back to wish me well into surgery; I thought he was there for a few minutes, as it turns out he was there for at least 30. That's what they get for sedating me that early on
-I remember that going into the operating room, Willie Nelson was playing, and both my nurse and I had negative comments about it, and in essence asked for a new cd.
-Coming to, I woke up in a recliner--so I missed out on about 30 minutes recovery time, and being moved to the chair
-I was pretty out of it from there, and really tired, and all they wanted me to do was walk and burp...in an effort to get the gas they pumped into my stomach out.  I tried walking and soda in between my naps.  Finally we just left, and I slept through the car ride and a trip to Target--although I do remember locking the doors of the car so no one would kidnap me. LOL

Erich has been on Harper duty since Friday, and he's doing really well with her.  She's been extra fussy for him, so I feel bad about that.  I think she's confused, as this past week we've had lots of people with her and haven't kept much of a schedule. It probably sounds overzealous, but I think she just wants her mom to hold and feed her, which I can't do right now.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be able to take her kicks to the abdomen.  The pain is way less than the c-section, but since there are four incisions, all in the central ab area, it's a lot easier to get accidentally kicked or poked in one of them.  Pain meds help, but they also zonk me out--sometimes in the sleep mode, sometimes just in the zoned out mode--either way, in no condition to watch Harper successfully. 

I've also been thinking about all the food I've missed, and can't decide what my first good and fatty meal should be...do I go with the McNugget meal and fries, Hu Hot, greasy pizza?  Ahh, the possibilities are endless.  I've been going slow, progressing from jello and saltines to a turkey sandwich to my brave endeavor of a California Pizza kitchen (frozen) and salad, with vanilla ice cream with pb cup for dessert....and no bad reactions, so we'll see what my future holds without a gall bladder! 

Abbey enjoying some Susie time

This was my 40-week pic.  And although I look miserable, I actually miss being pregnant!

Happy 2nd Anniversary tomorrow to my hubby! And a total of 5 years together!



Well, a date for surgery is set for tomorrow morning.  It's an outpatient procedure, and takes about 72 hours for recover,y, so having it on a Friday is a good move.  Problem is that during that time I can't drive, or pick anything up, like say, my daughter.  So, game on for Daddy Erich this weekend.  Luckily he already picks up the slack as needed, so this shouldn't be an issue. 

Took Harper into work for the first time today; she did really well and slept most of the time.  I always said I'd never bring my kids into work, for fear of germs and whatnot, so it's funny that in the "now" I didn't think twice about it. Might as well get that tolerance built up before she heads to daycare, right?

Ahh daycare, something I don't want to even think about, even though it's right around the corner.  I like the place we chose, but am still leery of letting someone else take care of her.  I mean, she'll be spending more time with these people than us, and that's a scary prospect.  Ahh, to be independently wealthy so I could stay home with her.  I don't know how people with multiple kids do it, it's expensive with just one.  I think if we had more than one, I'd definitely weigh the pros and cons of us both working. 

Here are a few more pictures from our daily photo shoots...we do bathtime, then she's in a great mood so we take pictures in cute outfits...enjoy!


It just doesn't end...

A few weeks ago I had what I thought was the worst case of food poisoning of my life. I was literally on the floor writhing in pain, and scaring the crap out of Erich at the same time. I had pain in my abdomnen, upper back, and eventually my chest, and it lasted all night. By morning I was fine (and greatful that Erich stepped up with Harper that night). So, this happened on and off in the evenings over the next week. My nursey cousin said it sounded like my gall bladder, which apparently can be out of whack after pregnancy. So, I had an ultrasound done and lo and behold, I have gallstones. So, surgery is in the works; it's a very simply procedure done with a Laser! Exciting stuff.

My maternity leave (6 weeks) is officially over as of today; technically I should go back to work tomorrow, but decided to take some vacation time to be out 8 weeks with Harper; this whole gall bladder thing may help me out with that, in that I might get some short term disability time...we'll see if the rep ever calls me back :)

This heat is really killing all my plans to do walks with Harper and Abbey while I'm hope; thus far the most walking we've done has been from the kitchen to the bedroom, and repeat :) We did take her to the Farmer's Market and the mall, but I'm thinking the zoo and neighborhood walks, and it's just not happening. Stupid summer heat!

Harper is changing every day. She has starting making noises--more than just cries--and it's so interesting to hear them, and see her facial expressions that accompany them. She is also enjoying her crib more and more, so we'll be out of the basinet in no time.

Abbey is regressing; she was doing so well not licking Harper or chewing on her stuff...right now it's Abbey 2, Pacifiers 0...not happy about that. She has also found that she can pull the blanket off Harper when she's in the swing or bouncer and steal the pacifier that way. She's a sneaky dog! Something else for me to work on over the next couple weeks.

Did you know that Lifetime plays three hours of Greys Anatomy during the afternoon? Yup, guess what we do from 12-3? It's sad, I thought I didn't like that show anymore, and they go and lure me back, bastards!

Erich's mom has graciously offered to babysit for us today, so this afternoon I got some errands ran, and tonight is date night. The crappy side is that I can't really eat much without enraging the gallbladder, so that's a small issue. It's nice to get out just the two of us, I'll admit I've missed our "us" time. Harper is awesome and I don't know what I would do without her, but I can't help but reminisce about our childfree life :) What it was like to leave the house without packing a bag, making a bottle, changing a diaper, etc... It's worth it!

Harper in a dress that was mine as a baby

Tired baby!

We're pretty cute!

Harper in the Kant family baptismal gown--it just fit!


Photo Update!

We made it back home in time to celebrate the 4th with some friends and family. Our A/C is back in business, and it's downright cold in this house! On the plus side, the chilly weather helped me realize that some pre-prego jeans fit me, woot! That made me feel pretty good about myself! Just wanted to post some pictures from the weekend, then need to do some laundry and family time since Erich has the day off!