Spring is here, sorta.

As with all seasons in Nebraska, you never know what to expect.  It could look bright and sunny out, but be 30 degrees and coooold.  This weekend was a nice mix of warm and cold I guess.  We spent much of Saturday outside watching Erich do yard work.  Harper wasn't too sure about that whole grass thing, but it wasn't long before she was crawling along, eating grass as she went.

We did her 9 month pictures on Saturday am, and they turned out really nice.  I'm excited to share those in a couple weeks.  We also went and visited the Ballous, and met their new baby Emily.  Harper wasn't too sure about her at first, but by the time we left she was more than comfortable getting in her face, stealing her socks, giving hi fives!  Ah, future BFFS, I can see it now.  We already decided they're going to run away from home to be hippy groupies of jam bands, but to their fathers' dismay...

This weekend we head to Hildreth for the big wedding!  While I'm not looking forward to the drive, I love a good wedding, and it will be fun to catch up with everyone over drinks and cake :)  I'm also looking forward to all the pictures I'm sure I'll take. 

Speaking of, here are some from this weekend.  Enjoy!

Look closely and you can see teeth!

Emily Dawn is sooo big!

Obama four more years!


April Fools!

April is going to be one busy month, so this may very well be my only post for the month.  Let's hope it's not as busy as I'm expecting.  This weekend we're doing Harper's 9 month/Easter photos on Saturday, then on to Omaha on Sunday to meet Miss Emily Ballou, who was born on March 3rd.  So excited to meet her!  And I'm excited to see her parents as well I guess :)  The following weekend is Erich's brother's wedding in Hildreth (near Kearney).  We leave Friday for the rehearsal dinner, so we're making a pitstop in Hastings to visit my Dad and Grandma.  The following Monday is Erich's birthday, and I think we plan on a nice lunch, then he's going to golf, and I'll likely nap...Harper?  Probably at daycare.  Don't judge.  The rest of the weekends involve a golf tournament in Kearney (just Erich and some Pikes), Easter, family visits, and getting our house ready for my nephew's graduation party.  Ugh, I'm tired just reading this.

Harper has been having some sleep issues recently, she just can't seem to get into a routine and is up at random times.  Some days it's 5-6, some nights it's 1230/1.  Then sometimes she goes back to sleep immediately, others she's up for good.  It's starting to take a toll on all of us I think.  It could be due to teething, or an upset stomach, or too small pjs, who knows!?  I may regret saying this later on, but I'm ready for her to talk!  I should just quit complaining, everyone else's kids are sick and getting tubes and constant infections; I can deal with a little sleep issue I guess.

I ordered some pictures of Harper the other day; I hadn't done so since November, so I wasn't surprised to find a huge box when I picked them up...I guess 200+ photos don't fit in the regular envelopes.  I just have such a hard time choosing pictures, so I order them all!  I got a steal from Walgreens on them, so no worries.  However, my failure to choose pictures is the reason Erich will be accompanying us to JC Penneys tomorrow for Harper's pictures.  I may be a little more decisive with someone other than the sales clerk giving me their opinions.  Now will I take it?  Who knows...

I haven't uploaded any March photos yet, so I'll have to leave another post with just photos.  I forgot I had uploaded some videos from when she was teeny tiny, so here's a link to one (and will lead you to my account, and other videos).  More to come there :)