Where did January go?

Here's Abbey maxing and relaxing in her winter sweater. It's a shock that she wasn't eating it.

Seriously, it's almost February people! Work has been hectic, so maybe that's why it felt like it sped by. Not that I'm complaining, I'm ready for this winter weather to hit the road. I have Wednesday afternoons off, and usually I have somewhere to go; today I am to home waiting for the refigerator repair guy. I tried to clean my bathrooms and the nozzle came off the bleach based cleaner and totally soaked/ruined my pants. Score one for the dirty bathrooms. Now my house is clean, but it smells like the local swimming pool locker room. Yum.

Baby fever is upon us again; this time last year almost all of Erich's college friends were expecting (well, their wives were). Now it's a new year and a new group of babies are due. Does this give me baby fever? Yes, of course it does. If it were up to me, we'd be expecting right along with them. But there's that whole money thing and job security. Responsibilities I believe they're called :)

Speaking of job security, Erich and I appear to be fine through 2009; his company has frozen all pay increases and are trying to be more green. My company has decreased the percentage for pay increases, and are trying to decrease expenses by 15-20%. My suggestion is that the people who work in IL don't need to fly out to NE, and vice versa--we have a phone system and net meetings people. We are actually required to attend a meeting today--the subject is very secretive, so I'm on pins and needles...not really. The way I look at it is that I like my job, but if I were let go, it would open some doors to try new things I otherwise wouldn't because of my job security.

The doorbell is ringing, and I'm about to go pay some guy $75 to tell me there's nothing wrong. I bet you $5.


Back from break...

Apparently I decided to take a month off; we haven't been overly busy, but our time at home has been spent either painting, cleaning or watching our dvrd shows :) I'll give a recap of what's gone on since November...
Christmas came way too fast. I spent the days leading up to it cleaning and baking, both things totally out of my nature. I made my first ever homemade sugar cookies, and they were awesome. I also made some sweet gingerbread peeps, there are some photos posted below. We also had our first long-term house guests--my sister and her three kids, well four if you count their lab--stayed here for about a week. It was nice to get to spend the time with them, since we never see them as they live in KC. Yay for visitors. Boo for dogs who pee on the floor (ours included). We also had another humping incident, although this time it involved Abbey (our miniature dachshund) humping Brady (my sister's lab). Our dog was horny over Christmas, and it was funny.
We celebrated the new year with a few friends, a sweet group rendition of Every Rose Has It's Thorn, and some pink champagne. We're crazy.
I started the new year with a trip to Antioch, IL to surprise my cousin for her 40th birthday. It was my sister's first flight ever, and I think she did pretty well. It was fun to see everyone, and especially fun to see my cousin's face when she realized how many people had flown in just for her. Her husband is very sneaky.
Work for me is busy and for Erich it's slow. But, at least we're gainfully employed; while I get frustrated from time to time, I'm grateful to have that paycheck!
The house is pretty much done! No more painting! Although, when we pulled out the fridge we found significant water damage, but hopefully the warranty will cover it. And hopefully they will fix it soon because I'm sick of my fridge being in the middle of the kitchen! We figure a few more pieces of art and some furniture, and we're ready for some partying. We'll keep you in the loop.