I find myself at the end of another month asking, where the heck did it go?  This year is going by in a flash, and before I know it, my baby Harper is going to be 2!  In just a short 10 days, eek!  She is really becoming her own little personality, I love watching her play and figure things out.  But more to come about her in a special birthday post...

I spent a couple days this month getting my garden ready. Day 1 was spent tilling the plot, and expanding into the next section--which, much to Erich's delight-meant he got to cut down part of a tree.  He is always bugging me about the trees in the backyard, and what he wants to take down.  Usually I'm like, no, but I guess the garden might do better with some additional sun.  I planted 6 tomato plants (a little excessive, but four are cherry varieties, which Harper loves to pick, so I wanted to make sure I had enough for everyone), peppers, onions, cucumbers, spinach and carrots.  Last year I only planted tomatoes and cucumbers, so it'll be an interesting journey this season.  I also have potatoes growing in a bucket by the house, and a window box full of cilantro--yum!  Come on tomatoes and onions, we need some salsa! 

I've also been spending a lot of time getting ready for Harper's birthday party, and he daycare party.  Who knew that the daycare one would be more involved?  Thus far, with each birthday at daycare, the parent has become more and more excessive with the gift bags.  What started with a plastic bag with golsfish crackers and a juice box turned into the most recent one; a dog themed giftbag with about 10 items, including a full size candy bar, crayons in the shape of bones, homemade treats, pla-doh.  My competitive spirit, much to Erich's dismay, has gotten the better of me.  Harper is having a Sesame Street themed party, so I ran with it. Her gift bag includes: a sesame street juice box, goldfish crackers, a homemade crayon in the shape of a SS character, a fun twisty straw, a color book, bubbles and stickers.  Plus I made labels which have Harper's name on the Sesame Street sign...I may be out of control.  Oh, and I may have ordered Sesame Street themed cupcakes for the kiddos at snacktime. A little out of control, but you only turn 2 once, right?  Ha, that's going to get old quick.  For her family party, I made her invitations--and they turned out pretty darn cute, if I say so myself.  I also plan on making Monster cookies, and maybe a Cookie Monster cake.  We'll see if it happens. 
The final product

Bag labels

Helping me put them on the bags

She was very excited to help

The crayons.

We spent Memorial Day weekend with my Seester and her family in Independence.  It was a smidge warm, but we still found a way to have fun.  We visited the Build a Bear store where Harper made her birthday monkey, Mimi.  She joins her 1st birthday bear, JJ.  She had fun for a while, then once it was stuffed she lost interest and wanted to go see the carousel. Pretty much went downhill from there.
Picking the perfect monkey

Let the stuffing begin

Making sure it's soft enough

Giving it a hug

Washing it

Aaaand we're done here

Watching the carousel with Ethan

She did come back to help me name it and for a hug

We also enjoyed time around the firepit Saturday night, complete with smores and making fun of my brother in law.  Good times...  Sadly, I didn't take a whole lot of pictures while we were there outside of the mall...

We got home Sunday afternoon and just vegged. And Harper turned into tantrum mode, it was ridiculous.  I laugh at my past self complaining about her "terrible twos" hitting early, because that was nothing compared to these, which stem from absolutely nothing.  I'm also trying to break her of the paci (she calls it the papi) and that's going less than great. Any suggestions from mom's out there? I tried cold turkey last night, and she cried and whined for an hour before going to bed--where  I did cave and give it to her.  Blurg.

Monday we bought a plastic pool at Ace for $10, set it up, and spent out afternoon watching Harper and Abbey enjoy it.  It was a little cold, but it still felt pretty good since it was warm out.  She will definitely have fun in that this summer. We just need to find some Abbey resilient toys...

Erich leaves for Vegas on Sunday, so we're trying to get as much done as possible as far as picking up and cleaning goes, since he gets back Thursday morning, and Harper's party is that Saturday.  We also have a birthday party for a friend's 2 year old this Saturday, so it's going to be a fun and busy weekend.  Luckily we are done shopping for Harper, I just need to wrap some presents.  We did end up giving her her big present early.  A play kitchen!  She was awful about wanting to pull a stool up to the sink and stove while we were making dinner, so we thought a play kitchen might help.  It sits in the dining area of the kitchen which we don't use, so it's a perfect fit.  The only problem is Abbey's food is right there, so now she spends most of her time "cooking" it. Good times indeed!

I'm going to try and post again on her birthday, or maybe the Friday before. We'll see.  So until then!


Emails with Erich

A couple weeks ago I was stuck with the ipod after Erich had loaded it up, so I got to hear some tunes I don't generally chose myself...like Jay Z.  Which leads me into the following email conversations that entertained me fully, and I'm pretty sure drove Erich up the wall.  Enjoy. And I'm sorry maybe you had to be there...

Me: Very important question for you. Was Jay Z on Team Biggie or Team Tupac?

Erich: Neither.  He abstained, but he was close with Biggie, he just never took part in their beef.

Me: Lame.

Erich: You are lame.  What are we doing for dinner tonight?

Me: Read your emails nerd.  I said in the first one spaghetti.

So is jay z friends with diddy?  What about eminem, where did he fit into all this, or was it before his prime?

Erich: As usual, you are correct and spaghetti sounds great.  (NOTE! HE SAID I AM CORRECT, AS USUAL!)

They were neither friends nor enemies.  Jay-z was part of a separate group that stayed out of most of it, but he was definitely part of the East Coast portion of that beef.  Eminem came in after the fact.  The beef was over by that point as Tupac and Biggie were dead.

Me: (and here is where I just start messing with him) Is the Beef a rapper I'm not familiar with?  Or a group like Toni Tony Tone?

Erich: The whole Tupac Biggie thing was part of the East Coast vs. West Coast Rap beef.  Nobody liked each other.  It was Biggie versus Ice Cube, Dre, and Tupac.  Jay-z’s group stayed out of it, but they were East Cost by default.

Beef is another name for conflict in hip hop terminology.

Me: Tell me more Grandpa...

Part 2, later in the day.  I had hit a wall...

Me:  What kind of booze is Brass Monkey.  Do you think it's like a wine cooler?

Erich: If I had to guess, which is what it would be, I would guess a wine cooler.  Either that, or it is some kind of a Funky Cold Medina.

Where are these questions coming from today?

Me: Is Funky Cold Medina a rum?

Erich: I don't know.

Me: I'm just digging a little deeper into the Beastie Boys. And Jay Z. Who knows what other questions will arise today.

Erich: You are weird today. 

I hope you are entering some competition about this stuff.

Me: Yeah. I am. Against you. You lost.

After all the Biggie/Tupac talk I did some more research and found that Erich was wrong, and Jay Z did side with Biggie. There is some interesting stuff about Gangsta drama on wikipedia.


Children's Zoo

I work half days on Thursdays, so I've been trying to get Harper in the afternoons and go do something fun together. We did the museum a couple weeks ago, and last week we hit up the zoo!  She had so much fun running around and seeing all the animals. I think her favorite was the wallaby; she jumped around the rest of the place after seeing him jumping around the area. Oh, and the squirrels...go figure.  We have a busy weekend planned; going to York for a visit, and into Hastings to see my dad and Grandma. Hoping to fit some pool time in there somewhere as well! Loving this weather :) 

This is Harper a year ago at the zoo