My ego is prego

Yup, it's official! I am about 9 weeks prego! We found out at the end of August, and have slowly been telling people as we go. I've been feeling good, no morning sickness. I am always tired and hungry, but nothing sound appetizing. Well, except for turkey sandwiches slathered with mayo and tomatoes. Yum.

We've had two appointments, one for my initial test, and another where they took all my blood for testing (well, it felt like it was all my blood anyway). They also found that my heart murmur had gotten worse, so I had an echo done last week. Everything was normal, so we're thankful for that. The tech even tried to find the little fella, but no luck that day.

I also found out I'm Rh Negative, which means that my antibodies will most likely attack the baby's red blood cells upon birth, so I have some shots in the bum to look forward to.

Both of our family's are very excited, and have already started collecting items for baby KIP (I stole this from the Gonzales', Kant In Progress). I'll admit I already had a few items holed away, so it was time to bring those out of their hiding place :)

We go back to the doctornext week and will hopefully get to hear the heartbeat, and get all our other test results back. We're looking forward to a safe and fun pregnancy.

We're due sometime between May 25th and 31st, but with Erich being so tall, the doctor figures I'll likely go earlier. But who knows?!

We're excited and ready for what comes our way these next 7 months!