4 Month update

Harper had her 4 month dr appointment today, and is doing great...even a little above average as far as her behavioral items go.  She was 14 lbs, 24 inches long, (the 75th and 50th percentiles, if you care about that jazz).  She has great eye control, can grab for and hold toys, and rolls over like it's nothing...she also does something we didn't notice until the dr pointed it out...she's trying to get on her knees when on her belly...the dr predicts that while most kids don't walk until 12-15 months, our babe will be walking by 9 months...scary! Let the babyproofing begin!  I also must comment on how well she did with the shots--she received 4 of them, two at a time in each leg, and while she did cry at the initial shots, she calmed down almost immediately upon being picked up.  She even hung in there for a trip to Best Buy and TJ Maxx!  She's definitely our kid.

We've had considerably nice weather for October, too bad we've yet to really take advantage of it.  We did take a family trip to the last Farmer's market of the season, and we attended LP's 2nd birthday bash, where Harper got her first tractor ride, she was very undecided about it, but I think deep down she liked it.  Like her mom, you can't judge our thoughts by our facial expressions :) 
Harper and her first date with LP

Harper has recently discovered her voice, and loves to screech and growl and blow raspberries.  She also loves her new exersaucer--thanks Auntie Heather!  She can now roll from her back to stomach, and back to her back...although she does get rather ticked when it doesn't happen immediately.  She watched Sesame Street for the first time today, and while she was rather disinterested for the most part, she did perk up when Elmo's World came on...she would laugh and smile, then look at me and smile...apparently Elmo is baby crack, who knew?? 

We're looking forward to a nice weekend of football--Go Huskers, some family time with Sister and her kids, and some quality time at the cupcake shop--come visit me anytime from 12-2! 

I leave you with some pictures of Harper, enjoy!



I cannot believe it's October already!  Although, I am digging the fall weather.  I hate it when the seasons decide to go from summer, to a week of fall, and straight into winter and, ugh, snow...Although, I did hear someone at work say snow was predicted for later this month...but then again, what else is new?

We went from the flu to colds.  I was so psyched to have stayed healthy after Erich and Harper got sick, but alas, my multivitamin theory was a bust, as I am sick.  It's currently just an annoying scratchy throat, but I had something similar when I was pregnant last fall, and it turned into the most miserable cold of my life.  Le sigh. 

On Thursday I took a half day from work so my mom and I could attend our public library's annual sale of discontinued books.  it's probably my favorite sale of the year, I love it more than Black Friday.  I mean, it's a room full of books at "cheap" prices, plus they have records and cds and movies, and well, it's just plain awesome.  My problem is that I buy these treasures that I find, and then don't read them.  Case in point, while preparing for this sale, I found the bag of books I bought last year...I maybe read one of them.  Which leads me to my problem.  Hi, my name is Susie, and I am a chronic book buyer and not reader.  I don't get why, but if I see a good deal on a book I am only kinda interested in, it feels wrong not to buy it...I know I'm not the only one out there, and I have gotten better, but it's definitely a problem when it comes to storage of said books. This year I only purchased 7 books, as well as a kids book for Harper, and two VHS tapes of Sesame Street.  All for $9! A steal if you ask me!  But I digress...

So, one of the videos I got is rather sentimental for me, as it's the same one my nephew was addicted to when he was little...my little baby nephew who will be 18 next month.  I cannot believe it, as it seems just like yesterday my sister was going into labor, and I was pissed because I was going to have to walk the 6 blocks to school that morning for choir practice...I was always the loving sister, can't you tell?  The fam is all coming over for dinner tonight, so I'm going to surprise him by playing the tape.  Surprisingly enough, I remembered the words to almost all the songs--here's a link to my favorite one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDJsgtoizj8.

Speaking of family, I am making dinner, and I'm pretty sure I ruined the chili because I added red pepper powder instead of chili powder, and apparently there's a difference.  I got online to find a solution to my hot hot dish and got distracted...go figure.  OK, off to fix my dish!

Our budding musician.