Still kickin'...

Oh yeah, now I remember, I have a blog...maybe I should make some new posts from time to time. Let's see, my last post was before Christmas, I do have some news.

December was full of snow, snow and more snow. I am so sick of the stuff. On Christmas eve we risked the roads to get to York, and got snowed in for a couple days. Luckily it's a big house, there were only 5 people, one dog and we never lost power or running water, so compared to others I consider ourselves lucky; although, at the time, all I wanted was to be home. Unfortunately, I did take more than presents home, I also go the flu, which I think everyone in my family had at one point or another. It was the worst flu ever, and I was out of commission through NewYears. Yuck. On New Years Eve we had our first ultrasound, and little KIP was quite the little mover, although at the time I couldn't feel anything. We are still waiting to find out the sex, so as of now your guess is as good as ours.

January was uneventful, and I am totally fine with that. We took some trips to baby stores in Omaha and Lincoln, and finally found and purchased a crib and dresser, so now the heat is on to get the nursery cleaned up and ready to go. We're slated to move in furniture this Saturday, so that also makes this very real. The constant kicking and moving is another eye opener. It's one thing to feel it, another for Erich to feel it, and another another thing to see it. I like to sit and watch my stomach in the evenings, it makes me happy. We've also finalized some names, and none of them, sniff sniff, are Harry Potter related. Ah, maybe I can petition for Bellatrix or Sirius with the second kid or dog...

February...I can't believe we're one month into 2010 already. We've already seen our shadows, celebrated my mom and BIL's birthdays, and seen the premiere of the best show of 2010--Lost. I am a junkie, and it doesn't help that the magazine I subscribe to has nothing but enticing articles about the show...add to that the three to four websites I read, it's a disease really...Speaking of diseases...in late January I had my glucose tolerance test (I should note that generally this is done at 24 weeks, I was assumedly at 23 weeks; after reviewing our ultrasound it turns out I was 21 weeks, however the baby's size was 24 weeks--I should have been worried from that little statement...) so, I failed this test, which 90% of pregnant women do. I went back last week for a 3-hour test, during which I got to read some Steven King, which made me happy in between blood draws. So, anyhoo... I passed that one, barely. I am forced to follow a diabetic diet, and add more activity to my life. Luckily my friend is a dietician and nice enough to help me out, and I'm taking advantage of the gym at work during the day. It's a process I guess; I've never wanted sweets until I got pregnant, and I always want carbs, so I'm working on it. :)

So, the due date, in case you don't do math like me, is now June 4th, which is the original due date I had calculated before it was changed by the dr twice. But, based on baby size, it's unlikely I will go pasy May. I guess it'll be a surprise for all!

The rest of this month should be pretty lowkey; my sister is in town for about a week, we'll be getting the nursery together, Erich is cleaning carpets, I have a dinner party to look forward to, and hopefully another ultrasound towards month end. And I'm getting my hair did in a couple weeks, holla.